My Studio Tour!

This is a little bit of a surprise for you; I didn’t even know I was going to do it when I realized that my room was probably the cleanest it will ever be. (Ha! I never said I was very neat…) I posted the video in two parts (ten minutes each), so grab a cup of coffee and enjoy! Please ask questions if you have any about the things I use to organize my supplies. Below the video are still pictures for more detail. Sorry about the shaky hand! I’m not used to not using a tripod. Hopefully I don’t make you too nauseated. Haha.

The view from the door of my room.

My beloved Expedit cabinet from Ikea.

My top and most-used cubby of my bookshelf with my MS Scoreboard, my paper trimmer, my colored pencils, and other fun things.

My second favorite cubby- my pretty cardstock. :)

My clip-it-up inspired clear stamps holder made with this and thesefrom Ikea.

My rolling card that holds my blending foams and washi tape, my punches, some more photos, and buttons and alphas. On top is the fabric bin that holds my wood stamps, clings, PTI stamps, and dryer sheets.

For kicks and giggles… A word of advice- don’t keep a pumpkin full of candy next to your bed. It’s such a bad idea! And I still haven’t moved it… oh well. ;)

Hope you enjoyed the tour! I also took some pictures of the many layouts I’ve been working on this week, so I’ll be posting those over the next couple days. Hope you have a fab day! Lots of love from the MPLS. :)



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3 Responses to My Studio Tour!

  1. Hi Brit! Great videos! It’s so fun to see where you craft and I loved hearing your voice again! Hugs to you! :)

  2. Hey there. Great video! I am messy too, but I’ve got my stuff spread out among 3 different rooms, and it’s NOT working well for me. I tried using an accordion folder for storing my scraps, but found that I didn’t think to look in it when I needed a piece of CS. Now I use a basket that I keep on my desk all the time. I copied Jessica Witty’s approach and set aside one day a week where I only reach for CS or patterned papers from that basket. The only new thing I use is the card base itself. I also put scraps of ribbon, twine, punch-outs and diecuts that I don’t use in it too. So far, it works great at keeping my scrap basket from overflowing! :)

  3. Hey Brit! Thanks so much for the video! I love seeing where people create. Your space is so unique to you, which I love! The spashes of fuschia really pop.

    And WOW! I love your handmade version of the clip it up! What a brilliant idea!

    Thanks for showing us around your space!

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