A Few of my Favorite Things.

This is just a random collection of thoughts that I’ve wanted to share in the last week in no particular order. It’s time to clear my brain out! Ha.

1. Here’s a video I shot yesterday with an update on my scrappy space. I talk about my scrap paper storage, video recording setup, and stamp storage. My distress Ink storage is in the works, but I still need to go pick up the correct brackets for mounting my shelves. Anyways, here’s the video (watch on YouTube & subscribe to my channel):

1b. Here’s the pdf I said I would share in the video: Large Distress Ink inker storage PDF I attached regular velcro with glossy accents and secured it with a stapler and brads (on the ones that the stapler couldn’t reach). It works like magic!

2. My friend Christy asked me the other day in a comment that she left about how I shoot my videos and wondered if I had any tips for her. I don’t consider myself an expert by any means, but here are some tips that I have for those that are thinking about starting to do videos:

  • Look through the camera onto your work surface (I use a small gorilla tripod wrapped around a long ruler that extends over my desk) and mark off the areas that go out of frame with pieces of tape. I usually put tape at the top, bottom, and each side just so I know not to go outside of that. It’s okay if you are a little off center- you can always crop the video down in editing. I use iMovie, and if you have a mac, that’s the way to go (since it comes with the computer). If you have a PC, well, I’m no help there. Ha.
  • It’s totally okay to just let the camera run and create and not worry about talking. That’s how I did pretty much my first 18-20 videos, and they’re super easy to edit down because all you do is add the voiceover later right before you export. The only thing to remember is to try to do one step completely at a time. So, if you’re adhering something to the card, don’t stop halfway through and do something else. That makes editing a pain in the butt.
  • I just started talking while I was creating and like how it turns out a little better, but it’s a lot harder to create a cohesive tutorial. I’m a talker, so I always cut out a LOT of what I say. Oops. HA! I usually start out with about 40 minutes of video and then edit it down to 8 to 15.
  • Tag your videos with a TON of tags when you upload it to youtube. It helps it get more search results. :)
  • My camera can hold 8 gb of video (about two hours), and I find that that’s a good size for me. I have a Flip HD, but honestly if I was going to buy another camera right now, I would buy one with removable memory. It bugs me to have to connect my entire camera to the computer when I want to import a video.

3. Papertrey Ink is gearing up for their 4th annual birthday bash, and the stamp sets that they’re releasing are SO tempting already. Not only that, but they have 5 days of announcements before the sneak days begin. I can’t wait to see what they have up their sleeves. PTI never ceases to amaze me. Anyways, last night, Nichol Heady posted about the DT’s favorite projects from the last year and encouraged the rest of us to post ours. In return, she’s giving away ALL of the products that the DT used in their favorite project. Um, that’s amazing! Here’s my favorite project using Papertrey Ink from the last year:

Really, my favorite project is this entire set of cards that I made for Christmas presents, but this one is my favorite out of the five designs. It incorporates so many PTI things I love: gorgeous colors, satin ribbon, and mat stack dies and stamps. I just looooove that stamp set. I can’t wait for the Mat Stack 4 set that comes out this month!

4. The new Hero Arts + Basic Grey stamps. This site seems to have most of the images that were announced at CHA last week, and I’m dying to get my hands on quite a few of the images. Here are my top three:

CG309 Sweet Threads Set (4)

CG313 Word & Script Dots

CG315 Flower Bursts Pattern

Not to mention the fabulous new buttons (48 for a price of about 3.50, too!) and new Hero Hues patterned papers. I’m in love.

5. Speaking of falling in love with new stamps, I’m super excited about the upcoming Lawn Fawn releases. The polaroid? The cute baby stamps? The forest critters? I die! It’ll be a little while before they’re officially released, but I think all of these are totally worth the wait. I’m so excited for this set:

Lawn Fawn Stamps

Photo taken by the amazing Christine Urias at the Lawn Fawn booth at CHA. If you are looking for CHA pictures, check out her photo stream. It’s impressive!

6. Diana is having a super amazing Studio Calico stamp giveaway at her blog. I’m entering, but I want to share the love, too. :)

7. This card by Jill literally blew my socks off. Run over to her blog to check it out. She is always inspiring me. Always.

8. I can’t stop looking at these new stamps by Anita Be Stampin’. Seriously… those cows are so me. And I need them.

9. I just discovered My Cute Stamps. I know I’ve come across them before, but I didn’t become obsessed until I saw pictures from their booth at CHA. I just knew I needed to order. I have an order on its way to me. Seriously, how amazing are these?

10. This Thai Honey Peanut Chicken looks sooooo good. I need to make it soon.

11. Rounded corners are one of my true loves. These business cards are so inspiring and all have rounded corners. Now who wants to make wooden business cards for me? Hehe.

12. I’m kind of obsessed about this article about logo design trends from 2010. So many cool effects and things for me to keep in mind as I start designing a logo and an identity for a company (for class) next week. Also, if you want to see what I’ve been doing in my design classes lately, I keep up this design process blog with my latest projects. I hope to keep it running up through the rest of the semester as well.

13. The fact that I just finished a huge paper that was weighing me down for the past few weeks. It’s so nice to have that off my chest! Tonight is a night to stamp and scrapbook and drink Skinny Girl Margaritas to celebrate. :)

Okay, that’s enough of my blabbing for now. Thanks for letting me unload my brain, and hopefully you’ll come away just as inspired as I am. What’s inspiring you today? Thank you so much for stopping by!




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6 Responses to A Few of my Favorite Things.

  1. Lynsey

    The Thai Honey Peanut Chicken is amazing! We tried it a couple weeks ago. I think we put scallions or cilantro in white rice for a side dish with it.

  2. Thanks so much for the video! It was so helpful to see your set up! I love how you have everything organized near your desk where you work. Because my office is also the spare bedroom, I have to stash stuff all over the place and get up to do each different thing. But hey, I’m not complaining! At least I have my own space to work, and not a kitchen table and zero storage like when I started last year! All three of my boys moved into one room (thank God for bunk beds) so that I could have a space all my own to work. So it’s more than fine. But I love watching videos like yours because someday when we move I’ll want to design a space made for creating and I’ll remember all these little tips like keeping everything you use often within reach. Plus I just love seeing everyone’s creative space!

    Thanks also for all the great links you shared! I’m SO excited for all the new Lawn Fawn stamp sets as well, but especially for the woodland critters! Oh my gosh, I sent Kelly Marie an email a long while ago telling her I was wishing for a woodland critters stamp set and specifically mentioned a pine tree, a raccoon, and a fox. She told me that I would be very happy around CHA so it must have already been in the works! So I’ve been waiting for this set for a very long time, and I’m so excited that it’s almost here. (I’m guessing March?) It’s everything I wished for and more!

    Off to check out the rest of your links. Have a great day!

  3. Ruth S

    What a great bunch of links – thanks! I’m going nuts for those Lawn Fawn critters already – can’t wait to get my inky paws on those babies!!
    I love My Cute Stamps too. Their Elegant Birdies set with the birdcages is one of my fave stamps sets.
    Will be sure to take a look at your video in a mo – I’m always on the lookout for tips to improve how I organise my stash! Thanks for sharing ;)

  4. If you ever feel like organising, please feel free to visit me, I could really do with an organised desk! :)

  5. Love those Hero arts stamps. They look like fun to use. Thanks for the inspiration.

  6. Nice – I like the Ikea stamp storage on the wall. I like the idea of those Clip it Ups, but they are pretty expensive. I think Ikea is a more cost-effective alternative.

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