No-Stress Distress Inks #2

Hey all! I have another day of No-Stress Distress Inks to share with you. I’m having a blast coming up with projects for this series, and you’ll get to see “real” projects starting next Tuesday. Today’s another day of introduction: getting started. This is what works for me and how I started out. Here’s the video for today! (Watch on YouTube & make sure to subscribe to my channel.)

Here are some links to go along with the class:

Hope you enjoyed today’s video! Glad you stopped by to join in the fun. I’ll be back tomorrow with a cute card :)




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  1. Ruby

    Tks for the video, I totally agree with you about the first colors to get. I have all the colors, but I use the same ones you mentioned more than the rest. A great place to get the inks is at they are priced quite reasonable. Tks again, looking forward to the rest of your information.

  2. Ruby

    sorry…I messed up the name its…

  3. I really like your suggestion. The colors you suggested are perfect in my opinion. My only question is about re-inkers. Do I need to get them along with the ink pads? Since I will be getting them delivered to the indian sub-continent..ordering again and again will not be an option for me. How long does an inkpad last before you really have to re-ink it?
    Since it will be my first time to use it, I don’t think I’m going to use it like crazy..
    And what kind of cardstock works best with distress inks? At the moment the only good quality CS I get in India are Fabriano Academia sheets..
    I generally rely on my aunt to do my shopping for me in the I have to tell her exactly what to pick for me.

    Thanks so much in advance.

    • I’ll think about your questions and have them in next Tuesday’s post! Short answers: I don’t buy the re-inkers with the pads and I actually only own one reinker. Should I own more? Probably. But there’s no specific point where you “need” to re-ink. It’s a gradual thing. Re-inkers are on my list of things to buy, but it’s hard to allow the money when there are so many other pretty things. Ha!

      Paper- I use Papertrey Ink cardstock and regular watercolor paper (that comes in a pad that’s 9 by 12). Any smooth cardstock will work for distress ink techniques, so use whatever you can find. If you’re happy with the cardstock that you have now, I say keep using it! I use the watercolor paper for when I do water techniques; the colors stay more vibrant that way.

      Okay, so those weren’t very short. Ha! Hope that helps. :) I’ll address these things next week for sure in the class! Thanks so much for asking!

  4. Ruth S

    Thanks for the video – it’s great to get tips on starting my distress ink collection! ;)

  5. Dude, I’m jealous of all your Distress Inks. After trying a few different types of inks, I think Distress Inks are my favorite. I just need to get more colors. Heh.

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  8. Sandra.S

    Great video! btw Im very happy to have stumbled upon your video’s because there just great! Also I felt kinda alone in my age group for crafting ,because I don’t know many ppl in there twenties who share a mutal love of crafting so it’s nice not to feel like i’m the only one.


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