Papertrey Ink – Making your First Order

I’ve gotten a lot of questions over the past few months about Papertrey Ink. If you read my blog or watch my videos (hopefully both!), you know that I love the things that Papertrey Ink releases and love to share what I buy and how I use it all. The problem is, since there are so many pretty things to choose from, a lot of people get lost when trying to figure out what to order for their first order. I’ve put together a video and PDF guide for you and anyone else who is looking to purchase from PTI. I talk about a ton of things in the video, including products, why I like them, cardstock comparisons and even answering questions asked by my bloggy friends. So watch the video first and then continue reading this post. :)

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Here’s the PDF that I mention several times on the video. I’m embedding it below, but in case that doesn’t show up in your browser or reader, here’s the link to the document.

Here’s the mock first order that I put together with a price break-down as well so you can see how I made the system work:

P: Cardstock Sampler, Aqua Mist, Simply Chartreuse, Spring Moss and Harvest Gold Cardstock – $21
E: Aqua Mist and Simply Chartreuse satin ribbon, Aqua Mist and Spring Moss buttons, rustic button twine and 1/4” silk ribbon – $22
S: Background Basics : Newsprint, Mat Stack 4 Collection, Fillable Frames #1, Tag-its #1 and Signature Series: Butterfly – $54
D: Mat Stack 4, Signature Series: Butterfly and Edgers #1 – $22
Total: $119 for a full sampling of Papertrey Ink Products

So I hope this helps you out a lot! I answer a ton of questions in the video, so make sure to watch that! If you have further questions, please post them in the comments here and I will reply back with the answer (to the best of my abilities) so that others can see the question and answer. Chances are that if you are wondering about something, lots others are wondering the same thing too!

One more thing. Papertrey Ink’s April release happens at midnight EST tomorrow night (the night of the 14th going into the morning of the 15th). They are usually very good about having everything in stock the day of release, so if you’re planning on making an order, the best time is today or tomorrow (this is also their busiest time of the month). At midnight when the new products are released, a few products are apt to sell out and not be restocked for a couple weeks. So if you really want some basics, make an order before release and then go back for more of the release stuff when it’s release time. This will save you many headaches! You get free shipping on an order of $60 or more. Shop away!

Looking forward to see your hauls of PTI and the amazing things you do with them. Don’t be afraid to just jump in and have fun. See you tomorrow with another fun creation. :)




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13 Responses to Papertrey Ink – Making your First Order

  1. Great video ;) It’s interesting to see your recommendations!
    I recently placed my first PTI order – after many years of putting it off. I always drool over their releases but the shipping to the UK is painful, so I can’t really justify too many orders per year! And not for cardstock/ ribbon etc (sadly!) as I can get those products – non-PTI – over here of course.
    I think when it comes to my next order (maybe over the summer if I can save up enough!) then I’ll be putting some of your ideas on my list ;)
    Hugs, Ruth S

  2. Hi Britta :) Thank you for posting this. I really liked what you use for ink choices. I was able to get a few of the cubes so I’ll have to start collecting the JB inks and your cute PTI to JB ink chart is cute.

    If you get a chance check out my blog. I posted using some supplies from my 1st big order from PTI. I was really pleased with how my card turned out.

    Thank you for all the inspiration you provide and I’m so glad I found your blog (((HUGS)))

  3. Lou

    lol I don;t need any extra help with shopping PTI but I enjoyed the video and love to see what other people use :)

  4. Jillian

    Great video, I have been looking (okay drooling) over the Papertrey site and I follow alot of crafters who use there stuff. But the task of choosing just what to order was daunting. This is super helpful, I like the idea of coordinating, and I think I am going to order my first order sometime here in April.

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. Kelley

    Great video, Brit. I enjoyed seeing what you recommend.

  6. Thanks so much…loved seeing your stash of PTI supplies..I think I have most of my order finalized…one more q..what would you recommend about sentiment sets? have you got any?

    • I use a lot of the mini stamp sets for sentiments as well as Mat Stack #1 and #4. I don’t own any of their just sentiment stamp sets, but I add Signature Phrases by Dawn McVey to my cart almost every time I place and order and end up taking it out of the cart. There are a lot of great choices, but I tend to stick to the sentiments I already have in image sets and ones I have from other companies (mainly Hero Arts and Lawn Fawn). Hope that helps! Can’t wait to see what you order!

  7. Maddie

    Thank you so, so, so, so much for posting this! It will definitely help with my PTI order. I’m sorry to ask for more, but would it be possible to take pictures of all the cardstock colors, so the difference between the greens, blues, yellows, pinks, etc. are more apparent? I’m not sure if that makes sense or not. I hope it does!

    Thank you again for the video, I’m not as overwhelmed anymore! =) Keep up the great work!
    Maddie =)

    • Actually, that would be a cool reference chart. I’ll bring out my trusty square punch and see what I can come up with tonight. ;) And you’re certainly welcome! I’m glad you enjoyed it.

  8. Debbie

    Thanks for the video.. I made my 1st order tonight!

  9. Great video! This would help all those PTI newbies! Love to see what you bought!

    (OH and you were close on the paper….PTI is 110lb!) :)

    Hope all is well with you!

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