All About Stamping Lesson 2: Inks and Coloring

It’s time for lesson two of my All About Stamping series! This is the last introductory video before I start start-to-finish cards for the rest of the series, and this one is about inks and coloring mediums that I use often. Here’s the video for today:

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Here’s the free pdf for today’s class with information from the video in an easy-to-digest, printable format:

Hope you enjoy today’s lesson! I’m back at the hotel this morning to a little rest away from the family while they’re at Magic Kingdom. Yesterday after a delicious dinner, something went wrong with my camera (a mechanical malfunction) that sent me into a really bad mood. Thankfully,’s customer service is awesome and another one is on its way to me this morning, but I needed to take a breather and step back from vacation for a second to get my head on straight. This morning has been good for me, and I’m ready to get all pretty and go back to the parks tonight. So hopefully, I’ll get some pretty pictures with my parents’ cameras and feel a little better knowing that my new camera is on my way to me.

Hmm… I think now would be a good time to go out to the pool and get some sun. I’m liking this Florida thing. ;)



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9 Responses to All About Stamping Lesson 2: Inks and Coloring

  1. Just wanted to leave a comment and say that you are awesome!

    It is so great to see someone close to my age who loves paper crafting, stamping, etc. as much as I do! After reading all of your archives in one night, (I’m totally not a stalker) I had to tell you that your work is phenomenal. Keep it up!

    • Thank you so much for your sweet comment, Jess. This made me smile! I love meeting other young crafters who share the same passion that I do even though it’s definitely not the norm of our age group. I think that rocks! Make sure to stay in touch. :)

  2. Holly Saveur

    Great video again look forward to the next!

  3. Jeannie L

    Thanks for all these information! Truly appreciate the effort you put in for these tutorials.

    Can’t wait to catch the next.

  4. elaine

    Hi, I have just discovered your blog and am amazed at your knowledge and energy at putting together all your videos and photos and ideas – keep up the good work. I shall be visiting every day!

  5. Thanks Britta, this was very helpful. I am still pretty new at stamping and paper crafting and is awesome to be learning lots from wonderful people like you that are willing to share their knoledge. I am experimenting with coloring (water coloring and pencil coloring with prismas) so it was nice to learn more about inks. Now I know which ink will work depending on what I am going to color with. Thank you SO much.

  6. Linda

    Great video, tfs!!!

  7. Eleni Nikolina

    Dear Britta,

    thanks so much for this really informative video. I haven’t been able to get an idea of what kind of ink I should perchase and so simply haven’t! Not the best way to go about it either :-)
    But your video has been very helpful. I’ll be starting to get myself a few ink pads at last. Am looking forward to your next videos! Enjoy your holidays!

    • If you haven’t started out with any ink pads yet, I really recommend starting out with the Jenni Bowlin Studios ink pads. They’re great dye inks (great for coloring) that come in 12 awesome colors. I use them all the time and love, love, love them. Let me know if you have any questions!

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