New Camera and a Painting.

Today was a beautiful day. I walked around the almost-empty but still happy campus, got a lot done at work and just had an all around great day. It was the little things.

Like that picture? Yeah, me too. I took that on my way into work today with my new camera. That’s my office building.

I finished this painting last night. It’s 30″ by 20″ and matches the colors of my room. I think it’s done now. Well, I’m not sure if it’s done yet… that’s why it’s just sitting here on my belt rack for the time being. Maybe I’ll add something else. Who knows? But I like it. And in the process of looking for my white paint, I ended up completely disassembling my closest. I found a whole bunch of stuff that I had been looking for. Also cool. :)

I leave for Florida in less than 36 hours. Our dryer is still broken (has been for two weeks… thanks maintenance man), I don’t know what I want to pack and I have no clean clothes. Oh well. I’m sure I’ll figure it out.

So my new camera. It’s the Canon ELPH 300 HS. And you know what? It was absolutely, completely the right choice for me.

The reasons I chose it: (1) It had the widest lens out of all of the cameras I looked at, (2) it shoots video in 1080p with stereo mics for voice recording and (3) all of the reviews I read were absolutely glowing.

I don’t really know why, but I felt like I needed to get all of my cameras together in one place to celebrate this addition. We have my Lomo Fisheye camera, my Flip HD, Nikon D90, Fuji Instax 7s Mini in pink, my Canon A590IS (my old Point and Shoot), and my phone- an LG Rumor. (My new camera took this one… look how wide that angle is? The next picture was taken further back and still doesn’t have as big of a frame.)

There are my babies all together. Oh lovlies, you make my life complete.

I must go now. I’m working away on the new video series that starts tomorrow! I want to have everything ready to go for tomorrow + the next couple lessons while I’m on vacation. So yeah, I’m going to go do that. Hope your week is going amazingly well. Sending good weather and creative vibes your way!



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3 Responses to New Camera and a Painting.

  1. Hi Brit,
    Glad you got and love your new camera! You sound like me about my iPhone :)
    Love. It.!
    Ru excited about the new Lawn Fawn releases? I can’t wait to get my hands on some!
    Oooh enjoy Florida, REALLY not long, now! x

  2. Have fun on your trip, say Hi to Mickey! :)
    Thanks for sharing the camera info, I’m due for a new point and shoot myself actually. Mine is 4 years old and the new ones are so much better. I let Matt take all the honeymoon pics with his because it is newer and nicer…it’s a Canon too! looks a lot like your new one.
    Have a good trip!

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