On Vacation: Day Two.

Hi there! I’m here with some more pictures from my vacation so far (these are from yesterday). It’s so lovely here, and I’m being good and relaxing a bit. This is a cool exercise though; it’ll be nice to have all of my favorite pictures edited and ready for printing when I get home. So really, I’m just multitasking. Hehe.

First of all, I wanted to say THANK YOU for all of the wonderful comments, tweets and e-mails about the podcast that I posted about yesterday. You’re all making me blush. :) I’m really honored to be featured and can’t wait to see where this lifestyle takes me. I love papercrafting and hope to someday make it my real job. That would be so amazing. And hello to new blog readers! I hope you like it here; thanks so much for stopping by today.

Secondly, I wanted to thank Heather Pulvirenti for picking me as part of the top 5 from her most recent Totally Hues Challenge! I can’t wait to play along with the new color combo and am so honored and thrilled that she liked my card. You can check out the wonderful Heather’s blog here… she’s amazing!

Lastly, Video Tutorial Monday will be up tomorrow as usual, so make sure to come back for that. It’s one of my most favorite cards that I’ve made in a long time. I hope you like it. :)

Enough chatter… here are some shots from yesterday. And yes, these were all taken with my new camera. I didn’t even bring my Nikon D90 with me because I didn’t want the bulk. It was definitely worth the trade-off for me. This camera is so light and tiny and still takes some pretty decent pictures.

To start out the day, we headed back to Epcot for some serious business: the best rides. We went on Test Track and got passes for Soarin’ (my mom’s favorite ride in all of Disney World) and then just kind of doodled around going to a Finding Nemo thing, eating pretzel m&ms and checking out the shops.

This is the building that Soarin’ is in and where we ate lunch. I had a half-chicken that was fire-roasted; it was delicious for just a counter service meal. I love that even though everything is super expensive here, Disney really tries to make it worth your money. A 12 dollar lunch should taste like you spent at least 12 dollars on it, and Disney is good at that.

Part of the trip is us kids waiting outside for our parents at the bathrooms. They have to pee a lot. We get dehydrated easily. This results in us sitting on lots of benches and making funny faces. Yeah, it’s weird getting along. Trust me, it’s not all the time. Ha.

After riding Soarin’ (and taking to the most adorable little girls in line and telling them cool things about the ride), we headed out of the part to avoid the hottest part of the day. We burned our butts on the leather seats of the rental car. Noted. Then we napped… for several hours. Haha.

Then back to the parks we went! This time, it was Hollywood Studios (which I still call MGM Studios all the time and get annoyingly corrected by everyyyyone). My parents went to pick up some sort of dining club pass (they’re the best as figuring out deals and stuff like that) and us kids went in the shops down the boulevard and played with the Star Wars toys. Hey, someone had to! Another thing- we always look at the pressed coin machines. My dad collects the pressed images, and the boys always get to press the buttons. Here, Jorgen was pulling out one that I wanted: Mickey drawing. :)

Here’s the sorcerer Mickey Hat. I love how each park has a symbol to represent it.

Then we traveled by boat to the Beach Club resort (our favorite resort to stay in on Disney property) for a delicious all-you-can-eat dinner at Cape May Café. My favorite part is the mac and cheese. I have always said and will always say that Disney World has the absolute best mac and cheese. I have dreams of this stuff.

The desserts weren’t bad either. The chocolate one looks pretty, but I’m quite partial to the strawberry cheesecake myself.

My goofy family. After we were pretty much done eating, we all drew all over the table with the crayons provided. This included writing random things about one another with arrows pointing to the person, me trying to demonstrate figure drawing to my brothers (unsuccessfully) and, of course, my mom taking the chance to brief us about the next day. She’s constantly pulling out charts, schedules and stats about whichever park we are going to or in. She’s kind of crazy about it… but that’s one of the reasons why we love her.

This was the view of the harbor and Boardwalk from the Beach Club after dinner. Isn’t it gorgeous?

Then we went back to Hollywood Studios. We were parked there, and even though we were tired and stuffed beyond reason with food, we felt the need to explore the shops down the right side of the street for a while.

One of the shops had this outside… I like it.

Here are some pictures of things I liked over the day. Everything around here is so awesome through a designer’s perspective… I’m constantly seeing color choices, font choices and different graphic styles and thinking about why Disney chose one thing over another. The colors are intoxicating here. I love it. Oh, and I’m totally going back to pick up that awesome colored Mickey. It totally will match my room.

Eek! I wish I had all my crafting stuff here and could create things inspired by what I’m seeing. I love it. Thanks for coming along on my journey with me today.



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  1. Such fun photos, another day of pure bliss, looks like! You and your brothers are too funny! I hope to visit Florida someday!

  2. Looks like you are having tons of fun… as you should be!!!! And OMG I forgot, I should have told you this a couple weeks ago but when we went to Disney last year I read a book about all the hidden magic at Disney (there was a chapter on each park). It is called The Hidden Magic of Walt Disney World. It was very interesting. I should have taken the book to the parks with me because I forgot some of the stuff I read by the time we got there, but you should check it out before your next trip if you haven’t already. It was so much fun to have new things to look for, you know Disney, every detail is thought out. Anyway, don’t get sunburned, stay cool, and hydrated. Ready to see your next blog post about vacation! :)

  3. So much fun! Thanks for taking us along!

  4. So glad you’re having such a fun time on vacation! Thanks for sharing it with us through pictures. And congrats on the podcast! Wow! I’m excited to take a listen! And I’ll be back for VTM tomorrow. Can’t wait. Safe travels, Brit!

  5. I sure am having fun traveling around Disney World with you! Fab photos, today, Brit! More tomorrow, I hope. . .can’t wait to see your awesome card!

  6. lisa

    wow!! awesome start to your vacay!! enjoy your time!! thanks for sharing!!!

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