A look back on my favorite Video Tutorial Mondays

It’s finally the weekend and I’m having a great time relaxing after my insanely hectic week. Although I still have a lot to do, something about the weekend makes everything feel better. Awesome! I wanted to stop in today and share my top 5 favorite Video Tutorial Mondays from the past 40 weeks. Does anyone out there remember my first few videos? Hehe! We’ve come a long way since then. :) By the way, you can watch the entire playlist of the VTMs here on YouTube. Without further ado, here are my top 5 favorite videos from the last 40 lessons:

VTM #3 – Embossing Distress (original blog post)
Watch here | Watch on YouTube | Subscribe to My Channel


VTM #14 – Using Thin Steel Dies (original blog post)
(Holy cow the audio is really quiet on this one. Oy! Sorry about that.)
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VTM #18 – Using Sketches (original blog post)
(My first video without a voiceover and in HD. Yay!)
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VTM #22 – Tags and Circle Dies (original blog post)
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VTM #28 – Using New Stamps (original blog post)
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Man, that was kind of hard to narrow it down! It’s funny to look back and see how my videos have gotten so much better over time. It really is a practice thing… the first ones I had so much trouble staying frame! Hehe. Do you remember a favorite VTM of mine? I think it would be cool to see which ones you remember the most.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this look back on everything! It’s nice and dark and rainy here today, and I feel like curling up with a good book under my covers. I  love that feeling. I have lots to do today, but that means more to share with you later! Oh, and there’s a very special announcement coming Tuesday (I know, like you need more surprises from me?! lol). I’ll be back tomorrow with a quick card share and then I’ll be posting at least three videos this next week. Woohoo!



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5 Responses to A look back on my favorite Video Tutorial Mondays

  1. Thanks Britta! It’s good took stop and take a look back once in awhile :)

  2. I love these videos! Your Hero Arts fox card is uber awesome!

  3. I love the one when your kitty was playing and making noise in the background…soooo cute and funny!!!

  4. Holly Saveur

    Great video’s thanks for sharing…I only subscribed/knew about your blog since you were on the PTI radio so its great to see some earlier video’s……. love your cards!

  5. Love to revisit some of those vid’s Britta! Your cards are always lovely to be reminded of ;)
    I tried making my first video a few weeks ago and it was *not* good! I filmed it ok and finally managed to edit it ok, but then synching a voiceover was the pits.
    So I filmed it again trying to do ‘live’ voice… it is totally not as easy as you make it look. Big respect to you!!!!!
    My video skills are back in the bin until I am feeling braver!

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