Brought to You By the Letter “C”

I miss the Sesame Street days. They were much simpler. :) Lately it seems like a lot of the things in my life have been revolving around the letter c– I’ve met more people in the last week with names that start with c than not, and this week has definitely been Crazy. (It deserves a capital c, definitely.)

Firstly, thank you all SO much for your words of encouragement and love the past few days. Last night when I couldn’t fall asleep, I spent a lot of time thinking about things and being really upset. Then I had a revelation: I can’t control how other people act, but I can control how I think about it. So I took all of the bad things and started thinking about them differently. Even with just 4 hours of sleep, I woke up feeling refreshed and ready to go. I played loud music (current favorite song: Ugly by Christina Grimmie), left for work early and every light on my way was green.

This is where things turn around.

So thank you for being here, for reading and for being awesome. Amen. So I wanted to share 3 c things with you today.

1. Card. I found this sitting on my desk the other day and realized I forgot to share it. I made it when I first picked up the Collage Press/Pink Paislee Hometown Summer collection with some of my favorite Lawn Fawn stamps.

I colored the whale with Broken China Distress Ink to have it match everything else. It seemed more sea-like that way. :)















2. Cat. I found this pictures from last week on my computer and had to share. Look at the mess I found Trixie in:

Who? Me? Why are you looking at me? Yeah, that’s my cat. She’s a little brat. :)

3. Clay. This is basically my life right now. I spent 4 hours in the studio outside of class yesterday trying to throw 6″ tall cylinders on the wheel. Goodness, I haven’t done anything this hard in a while. It requires your mind, your muscles and intuition to all work together at once. I’m learning, but it’s a slow process that you can only learn with experience and a good teacher. Today I’ll try to remember to take a picture of my work station after I’m done with it. You would not believe how messy this is! You can tell by the floor in the picture below. This is my work station before I started yesterday:

I’ll share more pictures soon. My class is mostly art and design majors, so they understand people random pictures (on some level). It’s nice to be around like-minded people. :)

4. Blog hop. (Not a c, but I’m running on 4 hours of sleep here so give me a break… hehe.) Marie and I posted this video on our YouTube channels today to remind our video friends to sign up. Have you signed up for the blog hop yet? You should! Sign up ends on Monday.

Watch Here | Watch on YouTube | Watch in HD | Subscribe to My Channel

That’s all for me today. I had planned to post another All About Stamping lesson, but life kind of exploded in the way. You know how it goes. ;) Happy almost weekend!



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6 Responses to Brought to You By the Letter “C”

  1. I am so glad you are doing better. Best medicine for me? Bailey and Toby — like I’m betting Trixie is for you. :-)

  2. I LOVE your card Britta! It is adorable! Thanks for more pics of Trixie! She is so cute!

  3. Holly Saveur

    Hi Britta
    A good thing you could change your mind about the way off thinking…keep up the good spirit!
    Have been seeing nearly all the distress ink video’s ..thank you so much Britta they are so much fun to watch and so much to learn.
    Hugs Holly.

  4. Cute card, Curious cat, Courageous clay making, Can’t wait any longer to sign up for blog hop! I’m such a dork.

  5. DianetheLibrarian

    So glad you’re feeling better! Thanks for the reminder for the rest of us! Trixie is sooooo cute! What a beautiful colored kitty!

  6. Victoria h

    Love this card and i am now thinking of buying this set of stamps! Keep up the positive thinking x

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