Quick and Pretty.

I wanted to stop in and share a card I made this morning. I got in a big order of wonderful DeNami Design stamps yesterday, and I was super excited to play! Here’s what I came up with:

I used what may be two of my favorite new stamps, G116 Spring Butterfly and J78 Fancy Butterfly and stamped them with black ink and simply colored them in with copics. Quick, easy and pretty. :)

Supplies used on this card:


















Oh, and here’s a picture of Trixie from the other day just for good measure. :)

Eeek! Such a cute little bugger. Thanks so much for stopping by today and taking the time to leave such thoughtful comments always. They mean so much to me! Happy almost weekend!



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13 Responses to Quick and Pretty.

  1. upside down kitty head is the best thing in the WORLD! your card’s pretty cute too LOL

  2. Loving this card, Britta! You did a fab job with your shading!

  3. Very pretty card, love your coloring job! Funny kitty picture too :)

  4. Hi Britt! Boy is Trixie ever getting big! So cute too! Love your sweet, simple card! Those butterflies are beautiful!

  5. Beautiful card, adorable kitty! Nothing better! :)

  6. Your card is adorable! I love the butterflies. And the line of pearls all the way over on both sides of the congratulations looks so gorgeous! I need to look on the DeNami site more. I haven’t bought their stamps in years. When I first started stamping in early 1996, DeNami was one of the most popular stamp companies. They would have a booth at the Puyallup stamp show (Heirloom Productions) and Nami and her husband had their girls helping at the booth too. They were REALLY little then! So cute, putting my stamps I was buying in a little bag and handing to me. I really remember that distinctly! I live in the Seattle area too so they were always popular out here. And look at that cute Trixie, all curled up sleeping! Not all hanging out with the feet in odd positions! LOL! Thanks for putting the pic of her in your post too! You know I love your Trixie!

  7. Sometimes those quick and easy cards are just what we need to create. I love the pearls and butterflies!

  8. Love this elegant and simply stunning card you’ve created, my friend! And your kitty? ADORABLE!

  9. Hi britta,
    I stumbled upon your blog a few weeks ago and have become a HUGE fan. I wanted to say thank you for your wonderful videos (loved the cat stealing the ribbon)… and your techniques that you share. I wanted to say thanks for all you do. I’m starting to get back to using stamps rather than my cricut… (although I still am a cricut user)…. and it’s all due to you!
    thank you. have a great weekend, week of class.

  10. Nan

    Britta, thanks so much for sharing your cards and your little girl! I found your site about a month ago and just fell in love with it and thrilled to see someone who also loves kitties! We have two girls — life doesn’t get any better when you have a hobby you love and a sweet kitty helping!

  11. Love this card – simple elegance in design, and the pearls are so lovely ;)
    Trixie’s such a sweetie too. TFS!

  12. Debbie

    As always a cute card.. and there’s nothing as sweet as a sleeping kitty.. just makes you want to reach out and scratch that belly!

  13. Aawwwwww,,,,,Trixie….. Kitties are the best inspiration. =)

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