About My Growing Copic Collection.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I’ve been quite obsessed with my Copics lately. They’re one of my favorite ways to color in stamped images (as well as change the color of pearls and gemstones!), and I love that I can grab a few markers and my stamped image and sit out in the livingroom with my friends while I color. Basically anytime you see a card that required a lot of coloring, cutting or stitching from me, I probably saved it for when I wanted to watch tv with my roommates. I love spending time with them + getting things done at the same time.

Ever since I posted in November about my collection, I’ve been collecting a lot more markers. Especially now that I’m on the Simon Says Stamp Challenge design team and I get a discount on orders from Simon Says, it seems that new markers seem to keep making it on to my desk. I’m at the point where my collection is definitely significant enough to color just about any type of image at 53 markers. Of course, I would love to have the entire Copic collection, but that’s a very long time down the road. So here is my rundown of the markers I have, what I would do differently, what markers I’m dying to pick up, and other random thoughts I have about my markers.

First of all, you may wonder where to buy Copics yourself. There are tons of online places that sell them, but my favorite is Simon Says Stamp because of their really good prices and shipping rates. You can check out their copic collection here. (Note: I’m an affiliate with Simon Says, so every time you make a purchase at Simon Says after clicking over from a link on my blog, I get a small portion of the sale as commission. This goes to help me pay for this website as well as keep coming up with new and exciting things for you to see. I only link to products and companies that I love and trust, so you can be assured that Simon Says is an awesome place to shop from!) The problem is, as far as I know, American and Canadian online stores can only ship Copic products within our two countries. So international crafters will have to order Copics from an international source.

So here’s my Copic collection. I have at least three markers of most color categories that all blend together. I try to buy in sets of three and then build out to darker and lighter colors from there. I’ve found a really helpful resource to be copiccolor.com, a website set up by Copic to help you keep track of what markers you have and what you want. You can view my copic profile here (bswiderski) if you wish. It’s helped me so much to figure out what colors I want to buy next!

BASICS: 110 – Black and 0 – Colorless Blender were two of the first markers I ever bought. They’re definitely essentials. On my “must buy” list is also this large Colorless Blender solution 200CC bottle for refilling the marker as well as trying out some fun techniques. I’m planning on picking it up in my next Simon Says order.

REDS: I originally started out with R20, R22 and R27 and have grown this collection out from there. R20 is a must – my favorite pink. Next on my list? R21, R24 (to add even more easy blending) and R83, R85 and R89 (darker, more purple-y reds).

ORANGES: These are all relatively new to my collection; I started out with just YR68 and was using it with some of the more orangey yellows for a while. Next, I would like some lighter oranges like YR14, YR12 and YR000. I also would like to have ones closer to YR68: YR61 and YR65.

YELLOWS: I find myself using these colors a lot more than I had expected I would. I’m a big fan of all of these yellows. I started out with Y19, Y35 and Y38 and then built up from there. Wishlist: Y11 and Y13.

GREENS: Greens are where I started my collection with the YGs, and I use these all. the. time. It’s strange that I haven’t picked up anymore YGs since my initial purchase. I have a very long wishlist of YGs because of this (and because it’s my favorite color family): YG0000, YG00, YG11, YG13, YG23, YG95, YG97 and YG99. I’m really loving the Gs for forest-y colors and a lot of the time when I’m coloring trees. These four all work really well together. On my wishlist here: G000, G03, G24, G28, G94 and G99.

BLUES: These three work well together (despite how different the cap colors are), but I’m definitely looking to add a few to fill in my want for lighter colors and darker colors. My wishes: B00, B28, B29, B93, B95, B97 and B99. I don’t have any of the Blue-Green family, but I definitely want to pick up some of those soon. the aquas are so pretty! I’ll buy BG000, BG45 and BG49 first. After that I’ll pick up BG05, BG07 and BG09.

PURPLES: I love, love, love my Vs and RVs. I have V04 on its way to me to help fill the gap between V01 and V06, but I’m really happy with these colors. I don’t have any BVs yet but am hoping to pick up BV02, BV04 and BV08 and then BV00 and BV01. My wishlist for Vs: V95 and V99. And for RVs: RV000, RV02, RV21, RV23, RV25 and RV29.

GREYS: I’m a big fan of the toner greys and don’t have any real plans to pick up any cool, warm or neutral greys in the near future. I would eventually like to pick up all of the Ts from 0 to 10, though. Next on my list here are T0 and T5.

EARTHTONES: This is one area where I really wish I would’ve started collecting from the beginning. Sure, browns aren’t really exciting or all of that interesting by themselves, but they’re SO useful. Almost every project I do with Copics involves a couple of browns. I haven’t really done much coloring of skin yet, but I’m loving the E000, E00 and E01 together for that. They blend like magic and really do give a realistic appearance.

My must-haves for browns are E31, E33, E35 and E37. These four work together amazingly well and cover just about anything you’d need to color. They’re good all-purpose browns. On my wishlist in the earthtones: E39 and E44. I’m really happy with this earthtones selection and have spent most of the time since my last post collecting these. They’re indispensable!

I hope this look into my collection has helped you get an idea of where to start (or continue to grow) your collection. I think these markers are awesome (even if it’s just for streak-free solid coloring!), and I doubt I’ll ever stop collecting. These markers are meant to last forever with replaceable nibs and refills available for all colors, so there’s no reason not to keep them around. Note that I have never bought a pack of markers together; a lot of the time those packs don’t sell colors that blend well together but only sell one or two colors of each marker. I advise you to only by a pack of markers only if it’s an incredible deal or if you were going to get those colors anyways. Otherwise it’s not very worth it if you can’t blend them with anything. :) Here’s a handy list of all of my must-have copics. Click them to go directly to Simon Says to add them to your cart! Use the code “cruise” for 5 dollars off your order. :)











































Thanks so much for stopping by today! Let me know if you have any questions about buying Copics or choosing which ones to buy next. Oh, and make sure to sign up for a Copic Color account. It’s completely free, and it’s awesome to see all of the colors laid out like that! Be back tomorrow with my card for the next Simon Says Stamp challenge.



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  1. Thank you for the run down on Copics…I did make the mistake of buying one of the Copic bundles and I do regret it…I have collect some Copics since then and it is really hard deciding which way to go with which colors…they aren’t even close when it comes to doing any sort of blending!!

    But thanks to you I have learned that everything doesn’t need to be shaded and it is okay to color some images all the same color!!…thanks for the tips!!

    Have a great night!

  2. Thanks so much for sharing, I officially don’t feel so bad about my copic obsession now. I think I am up to 70 so I have laid off the copic buying lately. I started by buying in sets of 3 as well, all of them a couple numbers apart so they would blend together. I doubt I will every have all of them but I do think the next time I want to buy some I need to focus on some dark & light shades, my collection seems to be very full of bright colors because that is what i’m always drawn to. Thanks again for sharing. I know I did a lot of searching online for tips on beginning copic buying so I’m sure others will find this post extremely helpful (I know I would have at the time).

  3. Donna Kennedy

    I love my copics and I enjoy seeing how people use them in such different ways – seems there are no right or wrong ways. Thanks for putting the time into your blog with all this info. Really great to see what you use and what’s on your wish list.

  4. Kelley

    I love my Copics and don’t want to count how many I own! The air brush system is wonderful and I keep looking at buying the compressor. One of my first purchases was the Blender solution refill, I would be lost without it. I have several bottles of various ink, the colors I use the most. And I love the atyou Spica glitter pens. I’m glad DH hasn’t asked how much I have spent on pens.

  5. A good friend of mine is a quilting designer – he’s recently discovered that the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC carries *every* color of Copic and he gets a discount when he buys at least 12…so he’s working on his collection. LOL Now, help me with the greys, please?! I would imagine the “cool” greys tend toward blue, the “warm” greys tend toward yellow, the neutral greys are…just black and white? Or is that what the toner greys are and the neutral greys are brownish greys? I’m sooooo confused!!! :) Thanks, Britta!!

    • Very cool! Okay, my understanding of greys is this: Warm grey is the most “yellow”, then toner grey is slightly “yellow”, then neutral grey is slightly “blue”, then cool grey is more “blue”. It all depends on what kind of look you’re going for. I definitely recommend checking out copiccolor.com – you can see swatches of all of the colors next to one another and it’s really helpful. Hope that helps!

  6. This is almost identical to my collection a year ago. My favorite acquisition since then is E44. It’s easily among my favorite markers. It’s so nice with PTI’s kraft cardstock.

  7. Lisa Geraty

    Britta, thank you thank you thank you! I have recently been expanding my copic stash too and have been doing lots of practicing blending (I had a bunch of colors but had not used them at all, just watched tons of videos LOL). I just stocked up on flesh colors and hair colors from SSS b/c I mostly had colors for flowers & such. I will be sure to do my next order through your Web site, thanks for letting us know how to help you keep your Web site up so you can teach us :)

  8. elaine

    Hi Britta

    I know my comment is a bit late, but I just wanted to say that this is one of your postings that I return to time and time again. I have found it so helpful in trying to clarify my own collection of pens but more importantly how to use them. I love the way you have photographed them in groups , it makes everything so much clearer! I just need to work on the storage of my pens so it is easy to select them together when I am blending. Any suggestions would be very welcome, especially as you write about your re-organised craft space now you have changed rooms with Gregg. I really need to tackle my space too, but the enormity of the job means I keep putting it off! Keep up the good work on your fantastic blog – I enjoying reading it every time you blog.

    • Thank you so much for your sweet comment, Elaine! i’m glad you found the post helpful. I store my copics in rainbow and number order in a couple plastic boxes with 25 subdivisions in them so that my markers stand on end in this cube-like formation (I can buy them at a local store, but I’ll see if I can find them online anywhere). The main thing is keeping them in order, because I tend to use the numbers that are next to one another. I can’t wait to show off the new craft space once it’s organized. It’s a work in progress for sure right now. Ha. Hope this helps!

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