New Jenni Bowlin inks!

The other day, I got a very happy box from Ranger with some supplies I’ve been needing and three happy colors that I have been waiting for since they were first announced about a month ago: the new Jenni Bowlin Studio ink colors! After playing around with them, I’ve decided that these are definitely keepers. Of course, they have all of the same aspects that I love about the other Jenni Bowlin inks: super awesome coverage, lots of pigment and easy to work with colors. I’m loving them! As promised, I made a video showing you the new colors paired along side some other inks and papers for comparison.

I also did this with the budget-conscious in mind. I know that not everyone can justify buying new inks when you already have this color in a different formula. So this is for you to decide if these new colors would be a good addition to your stash. But I can’t promise I won’t enable you about them; you know I love my JBS inks a little too much to just shut up about them. ;) Here’s a card I made with the new colors for starters:

I talk about the card a little more in the video, but everything’s pretty straightforward stamping on some cream cardstock. (The comparison video is done on Stamper’s Select White from PTI, by the way.)

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And right after I made this video, I saw that Simon Says Stamp just got the brand new colors in. Woohoo! Click on the links below to go over and buy them. You know you need the new colors. ;) They’re awesome!



















Here are the comparison charts for your viewing pleasure. Sorry about my super messy handwriting. We’ll just say that my writing has “character.” (And yes, it pretty much always looks like that. Haha.) Lavender Sachet:

Speckled Egg:

Weather Vane:

Also, if you can think of some lighter grey cardstock that you really like and think would match Weather Vane, let me know. I’ve been on the lookout for some good 50% grey for a while! (Maybe Basic Gray from SU!? That may be too dark.)

Hope this helps you plan out your next shopping trip. You know I can’t recommend these inks highly enough. Their quality is top notch, and they’re perfect for stamping solid and clean images. In other words, you need them. Haha! I’m going to go back to my desk and stamp some more now. ;) See you tomorrow for another crafty post. Hint: I actually scrapbooked the other day. I know, shocking!



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14 Responses to New Jenni Bowlin inks!

  1. Meghan

    Cool idea to create sheets with comparison colours. Great card [of course].

  2. I have several JB inks and LOVE them! I don’t have the new colors yet, but now you’ve made me want them. ha! :)

  3. Very informative. Had a cart going so just popped these three inks in there and we’re off! Another order done! :)

  4. Thank you for showing the JB new ink colors. Take a look at this link. Dave at Memory Box does a Dove Gray.
    Then A Muse Studio does a darker gray.
    Both are the white on one side, color on the other side.
    I like your watermark. Saw something up above on your Twitter feed. You must have run into trouble? I find it a pain to watermark all my pics, but I was advised to do it. I also remember a local stamp store out in the Seattle area, they NEVER watermark their photos of cards they show on their website/webstore. The owner happened to be looking at another webstore/wholesale store and they had stolen the sample picture off the site out here and put it on their webstore to sell the product. Didn’t contact the stamp store owner out here for permission, etc. But she doesn’t do watermarks so I guess it was easy to lift it and call it their own. The stamp store owner out here got mad and contacted the webstore/wholesale store and said, you stole our picture off our site. That is not for you to use, you did not ask for permission. Within an hour, the picture that webstore stole was off their site! So I think it’s good you do the watermark. Also, loved that pic of Trixie in the Ranger box! LOL! She needs to invite herself to a video you do and show her butt again! I’m probably the only weird one that liked that! LOL! Thanks again for the JB color comparison.

  5. Gabby

    Very pretty card, Britta! :)

  6. Ohhh-thanks for those comparison charts! I love when you do those!

  7. yainea

    Thank you very very much! I have to order all my products online and I’m very thankful when someone makes video/photo comparisons. I love your card, those 3 colors make a great combo and you combined them perfectly in that elegant card, you’re always and inspiration, thanks!

  8. Carmen

    If you were to recommend 4 or 5 color from Jenni Bowlin inks which one would you suggest?

    I have just about all the Tom Holtz thanks to following your fun video tutorials using them.

    Thanks a lot

  9. jodie

    I love your youtube videos and from them found my way over here. Just a quick question for you: does JB have an ink colour that matches the “Hawaiian Shores” paper? If not does she have anything that is more teal than blue?

  10. Oops – just found this post after asking about the new JBS inks on a newer post. Great job on showcasing them!

  11. Britta, I love that you did this comparison! I’ve been shopping for grey inks and I love that you show London Fog against Weather Vane. Thanks for doing this! :)

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