Video Tutorial Monday #53 – Masculine Birthday Card

Happy Monday and I’m happy to be here sharing not one, but TWO videos with you today! The first one is this week’s video tutorial Monday and the second being a giveaway video. More on that later in this post. :) It’s my 53rd week in a row making Video Tutorial Mondays, and I hope you’re enjoying them as much as I am!

My might notice a couple little changes on the video today – first, I changed the intro slide to new pictures and with a purple border instead of pink. This is what the intro slide will look like for at least the next six months or so of VTM. I thought I would change it up a little bit. A little update is always good! Also, the titles over on YouTube will be a little bit different. I want you to see what the video tutorial is about right away and make sure that people seeing the tutorials for the first time aren’t taken aback with the abbreviation “VTM,” so I’m changing the titles from “VTM 53 – Masculine Birthday Card” to a more inviting “Masculine Birthday Card – Episode 53.” That way no one gets confused with ambiguous nicknames or abbreviations. Two little things that I hope make your viewing experience just a little bit better. :)

Before I show you the card for this week, I wanted to just say thank you. For everything. I never would’ve thought that one year of video tutorials would make such a difference in my life, but it truly has. I can’t fully articulate how much I love teaching and showing my crafty friends tips and tricks that I’ve learned and discovered. And the fact that people watch my videos and read my blog? That’s the icing on the cake.

I’ve been very transparent about my goals in life; this is what I want to do when I grow up. I graduate college in 2012, and then I’ll be free to the world to do what I have skills and ambition to do. Teaching and sharing creativity is my dream, and I can only hope that my website and set of skills grows over this coming year as much as it has over the last year. Thank you for being here. Thank you for supporting me. I can’t thank you enough. <3

Here’s the card for this week:

I need to make more masculine cards. I say this in the video, but I’ll say it now again – I love giving guy cards. There’s something about guys (especially college-aged ones) where they just don’t expect to get a nice card that you spent time on for their birthday. They might expect a fancy 6-pack of beer or even dinner, but a card is a personal touch that you can tell makes an impact. I love that.

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Now… for a giveaway! I’m so grateful for all of the lovely support that you give me, so I knew I needed to do a big giveaway of some of my favorite things. Watch the video for the full scoop:

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Leave a comment over on the giveaway YouTube video to be entered to win the first prize package. In order to win, you have to be a subscriber to my channel. If you aren’t already, what are you waiting for? It’s absolutely free to you, it helps support me and you get a handy update on your youtube home page when I post a new video. It’s basically a win-win-win situation. ;)

Comment on my blog on this post up to five times to be entered to win the second prize pack or a $25 gift certificate to Simon Says Stamp. You can leave one comment for each one of the following:

  1. General comment – it can be just “hi” or, even better, what kind of projects you’d like to see me create or record in the future.
  2. Subscribe to my blog via the e-mail box over on the right there or through a RSS feed reader (like Google Reader).
  3. Follow me on twitter @waterfilterlove. If you want to spread the love, tweet about this giveaway. :)
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  5. Subscribe to my channel on YouTube – waterfilterlove. Get updated when I post new videos!

I’ll close comments on Monday September 19th, 2011 at 11:59 Central US time, so you have until then to enter. Good luck!

Honestly, truly, sincerely… thank you so much for everything. I can’t say it enough. I’m so blessed and thrilled to have such awesome friends that love crafting as much as I do. Here’s to many more anniversaries!


P.S. My nail polish is by OPI from the Katy Perry Collection – Teenage Dream (the pink glitter) with Black Shatter. I’m loving it! You can get them on amazon, I believe. :)


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  1. Wendy Lockhart

    Can you make a comparison video using cough syrup, chili and seed packet from Jenni Bowlin comparing it to what ever you have. Thanks Wendy Happy One year Anniversary on youtube.

  2. vanessa duarte

    yay… i cant believe its already been a yr…. i look forward to mondays just to see you videos… :)

  3. Britta got my first Jenni Bolin inks thanks to you spiced tin, malted milk and stick candy and the Tim Holtz paper piecer thanks for recommending them they rock….Congrats on your anniversary.

  4. Hi Britta. Thanks for the generous giveaway. I follow your blog, but don’t always have a chance to comment. I love your tutorials! Thanks for doing them. And I love your nail polish. :)

  5. Britta, thank you for your blog, vids and the chance to win a VERY generous giveaway! You’re the sweetest! xo

  6. I am subscribed to your channel on YouTube :)

  7. I like you on facebook – and everywhere else :)

  8. I follow your blog by email :)

  9. Leticia

    Cangrats on 1 yr. I love all of your videos. They are so helpful and inspirational.

    Thank you!

  10. Leticia

    I liked you on facebook

  11. Thanks for the video. Love your blog and all your ideas and energy.

  12. Leticia

    I subscribed via email

  13. Forget to mention that I subscribed your blog thru google reader.

  14. Leticia

    I am subscribed to your youtube channel.

  15. yainea

    Congrats Britta! I really enjoy your videos and I’m learning a lot with you so thank you very much for sharing your creativity with all of us :) Oh! Your masculine card is awesome!

  16. yainea

    I’m following your blog via Google Reader :)

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    I follow you on Twitter (@yainea_cards)

  18. Congrats Britta. I’d love your blog. I’m from Wisconsin so I like to hear you talk. I’m a graphic designer so I love to read about your classes. I think your masculine card is great. I like what you are doing here, I’m not sure if I have any suggestions! Perhaps some altered projects?

  19. I’m a subscriber through Reader. I think I found you when you were picked by Lawn Fawn catalog.

  20. Melinda F.

    Congratulations! I love to watch your videos, thanks for all the info and ideas. I would love to see more masculine cards, have a lot guys in the family. Thank for the chance to win!

  21. Just signed up to follow you on Facebook, hope it worked!

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    I liked you on Facebook

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    I’m suscribed to your youtube channel! Thanks for all these chances to win :)

  24. i realy like watching your videos and your cards are so simple but are truly amazing. i would like to thank you for taking the time to make your videos and your blog. i have learned so much and i am inspired. congradulations and i would love to win this givaway!!! thanks again for everything you make i would like to see some cards made using some bakers twine. your cards come out amazing and yaa i dont know what else to say but thanks and keep up with the amazing awsome vidoes!!!!=D
    -christopher also on youtube=D

  25. I subscribed to your blog. Thanks for the give-away.

  26. I just liked you on Facebook :)

  27. I’m already a subscriber on YouTube. :)

  28. Michelle D

    Great card Britta. Thanks for doing a masculine card – the boys way outnumber the girls in our family so I always love to see masculine cards. Congrats on your 1 year anniversary.

  29. I like that you are always trying something new. And that you explain your process. On your blog, having direct links to materials is really convenient for taking a look! I always pay close attention to the very end of you videos because I like to see the close-ups. I am a sucker for detail.

  30. Michelle D

    I liked you on facebook!

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    I am a long time subscriber on YouTube.

  32. Love the masculine card. TFS :)

  33. Yvette

    Hi Brtitta! I have been watching your VTM videos for awhile now, love them! I love your nails in the masculine card video BTW! Congrats on reaching this milestone.


  34. Congrats on 1yr. I love all your tutorials,lol I could sit and watch them all I don’t get much crafty stuff done that way, lol but I get tons of ideas : )
    Thanks for the chances to win and Thank You for sharing your craftiness : )

  35. Andrea R.

    congrats on your anniversary! I love your blog. You are very talented.

  36. Andrea R.

    I absolutely subscribe to your youtube channel. I love every single video! Thanks for sharing your talent with us.

  37. Hello :) I love your masculine card! And I agree…I love making guys cards too :)

  38. I also subcribed to your blog via email updates :)

  39. I liked your facebook page :)

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  41. Lisa S.

    Your videos are great, I enjoy them every monday.

  42. Lisa S.

    I already subscribe on youtube.

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    I follow you on google reader.

  44. Maria Eliza Coutinho

    Congrats on your anniversary!

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  46. Congrats on your 1st year anniversary and I look forward to your future tutorials.

  47. Thanks for the multiple chances to win some awesome prizes! I would love to see more video series about specific products like you did with the No Stress Distress Inks videos. I learned how to really get a lot of use out of my distress inks in ways I hadn’t thought of. Maybe you could do a series on Distress stains? Thanks for all the inspiration. You rock!

  48. I am subscribed to your blog… ok this is beginning to feel stocker-ish! :P

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  50. BeccyH

    Love your site….always learn something new. Here’s to another great year!!

  51. Hey Britta….I’m always a fan of what you post and love your videos (he probably wouldn’t want me to mention it, but my husband watches your videos with me, hehe. He likes them too!)

  52. I’ve got you in my Google Reader

  53. ….and I just subscribed to your youtube. I hadn’t yet, since I always watch your videos through your blog. But I figured I’d subscribe for an extra chance to win! Thanks for a great giveaway!

  54. Chanelle Magonigal

    I’m fairly new to your blog but am really enjoying it thus far. I especially liked your comparison of the new Jenni Bowlin ink colors. I have recently purchased my very first and am really liking them so far. I would love to see color comparisons for the older colors because as I said her inks are new to me. Thanks for the chance to win and keep up the good work.:)

  55. I love how passionate you are about your fave products, it makes me want to try them out!

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  57. I follow your through Google Reader.

  58. Cyndi D.

    I love ur step by step videos. U r gr8 at what u do. Oh yeah cute card, I usually get design block when i do masculine cards. u make it look so easy. Thanks!!!!!!!

  59. Cyndi D.

    Congrats on ur 1 yr.

  60. Shona Banton aka Shonz14nw y/t

    Hi there, thank you so much for the chance to win this. I came from your y/t channel. Ive just clicked on follow your blog so Im looking forward to watching and learning. I love making cards etc. Would love to see more masculine cards for both men and teenagers. Thank you again. Take care

  61. Cyndi D.

    I was not a stamper until I saw your videos. You make everything look so easy that I just had to try now I cant seem to stop buying them.

  62. Hi, Britta,

    #1 – Thank you for the chance to win SUCH a fun contest. I am drooling over the Lawn Fawn Say Cheese stamp set…I’ve been searching for it every time I travel to my store that carries them – they’re always gone!
    #2 – I would LOVE to see you do a video using the We R Memory Keepers SEW EASY tools. I have one and love it, but would love to see your creativity collide with this amazin’ tool.

    Thanks again. What a sweet and generous contest. Congratulations to you – and thanks so much for all of the inspiration you supply!

    – Emily

  63. Debbie

    Hey Britta,
    Okay, so I’m guilty. I’m guilty of being one of those people who keep up with your blog everyday, but never get around to leaving comments. I refresh my email at work, at school, at home, and even when I’m out and about, just to see if maybe you posted something new… I’m not going to lie.. I do feel pretty pathetic at times hehe. Sometimes I forget that you have a life of your own. Sorry. I just recently started following all these blog hops and entering contests and such, so I hope I’m doing this right. Anyways, my favorite type of art videos to watch are hauls. I LOVE to see what new goodies people get; it’s kind of like I’m shopping vicariously through them when I can’t make it to Michael’s or Joann’s. Pretty silly huh? Well I think I’m done here. Looking forward to more of your videos! Thanks for all the time you put into making them. =]

  64. I’m subscribed to your blog! :)

  65. Britta…love both your blog and videos! I enjoy seeing the different types of stamps etc. and have developed a huge love of Papertrey Ink partly because of your haul videos! (Yes, I blame you!) Thanks again for all you do!

  66. I am (and have been for quite some time) subscribed to your YouTube channel! :)

  67. …following you on Twitter…. and….

  68. LIKE (love) you on Facebook. Totally feel like a stalker now. ;)

    Thanks again, Britta!

  69. Debbie

    Congratulations on this great achievement! Love the style of cards you make. How about one more using tissue tape?!

  70. Congrats on one year! :) I absolutely love watching card videos, they are probably my favorite. I also love seeing all the newer products being used!
    Thanks for all the inspiration!

  71. I subscribed (via email) to your blog! :)

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  73. Congrats on a year of amazing tutorials! I’ve learned so much from you and you’re fantastic at what you do! Congrats again!

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  76. Last but not least, I have been a subscriber on YouTube! :)
    Thank you so much for the chance to win!

  77. New subscriber of your channel on youtube.

  78. Congrats on your whole year of Video Tutorials!!!! I have learned so much from you! I now know how to use distress inks. You introduced me to Jenni Bowlin inks which are my go to inks now, I love them!!!! I have also discovered Papertrey Ink because of you and I am just in love with their cardstock and button twine, ha. Thank you so much for that! I no longer stab myself with my paper piercer any more either because I have a retractable one and my stitches are even because you introduced me to the Tim Holtz design ruler. I’m sure there are some other things you have taught me too that I am forgetting at the moment. Your videos have helped me grow as a paper crafter and look where I am today!!! Thank you so much Britta, keep doing exactly what you are doing.

  79. Thank you for all of your inspiration and knowledge. I have learned so much in the last few months watching your videos!

  80. I also follow you on twitter. @Akihasmomma

  81. I am subscribed to your blog via email as well!!

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  84. Angelina B.

    Hi wow thanks for the inspriation and chance to enter here i am a new follower here!
    But congrats! on you one year!!! cheers MY FUN SCRAPS! Angelina B.

  85. jodie

    I love your videos and blog. As a young crafter it is great to see someone else who is so passionate about their craft. Thanks for all the amazing ideas and the great tips for using distress inks.

  86. Wow Britta, you are so generous! I’m so excited about these prizes — thank YOU for your generosity AND for your fabulous videos. I always love sitting down during the week on Mondays to watch a new VTM and I’m always excited whenever you post a new video at another time just because! I really like VTM’s because you usually try to use a new project or upcoming technique — so that’s what I’d like to see you continue doing! I’ve learned so much simply from watching your tutorials! =) Thanks again for this amazing giveaway!

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  88. I am also a twitter follower and I tweeted about this giveaway too! =D

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  90. Kimberly

    Happy anniversary! I found your blog via the post Jennifer McGuire had about stamping weekend you attended. One I watched the first video, I was hooked! I went back and looked at all your old posts (even the old site), watched all the videos and now subscribe. You are one talented, crafty girl! Love your enthusiasm and your crafting style. You are a fantastic teacher and are so gracious with sharing. Particularly loved the series about different stamping companies (or enabling videos, as I thought of them). Anyway – happy anniversary!

  91. Finally, I’m also a subscriber on You Tube! My name is kbsmith34 (that’s also my twitter name!) I love your videos but I’m not commenting on this video! The first prize pack that you can win from you tube has several items that I already have (like the Lawn Fawn sets and several of the tim holtz products) and so I think its only fair that someone that doesn’t have them should enjoy them! However, I happen to not have most of the items in the second prize pack and ALWAYS can spend money at Simon Says Stamp! =D Thanks again for this great giveaway!

  92. I love your videos, and new look. I am a visual learner and have learned so much from you and all the videos have been great. Congratulations on 53 videos. Hugs. I do subscribe to your blog and Im one of the guilty ones who looks at all of them but seldom comment. I also enjoy the stills on your trips/cat/and stories about your off craft time. Hope another 53plus vidoes are in the future for us. take care and BIG THANKS AND HUGS.

  93. Billie Dee

    I am a follower and enjoy your blog.

  94. Billie Dee

    I am a follower of your youtube blog as well. Thank you!

  95. Jeannie

    I’m a follower of your blog, youtube and facebook.

    I’ve been following your blogs and tutorials and I really enjoyed them. I also see you progressing and getting recognition for your creativity. Congrats and may you achieve greater heights!

  96. Congrats on one year of fabulous tutorials and creations! One of the best things I’ve done this year is to subscribe to your YouTube channel – I get email updates every time you post a new tutorial and I’m NEVER disappointed! Thank you!

  97. I love your work! You mentioned that you scrapbook too, I would love to see a few of your layouts in a vid or 2! Thanks for the chance to win :)

  98. Congrats!! I like the comparison videos!! Love your clear instructions!! Thanks

  99. hanan

    I am a follower on facebook :)

  100. hanan

    I am a follower on twitter :)

  101. Great blog love Great quality of your photos!!

  102. hanan

    I am a follow your youtube Chanel and your blog
    and enjoying them very much :)

    I like all your cards and videos, thanks for this great giveaway
    Hope to win .

  103. Congrats on one year! I’ve enjoyed watching you create and be inspired by you! I love when you do comparison charts or just color charts or product reviews. I’ve done the distress foam chart, distress ink chart and twine color chart b/c of you!

  104. hanan

    Congrats on your one year. i would like to see more videos of yours.
    with new ideas you are a great inspiration

  105. Thank you for being so dang inspiring! You are too generous! :-) I loved the masculine card; I have been needing to make some for a while. Congratulations!!

    PS: You now have me addicted to Lawn Fawn… :-P

  106. Comment #2: “Liked” you on Facebook

  107. Comment #3: Subscribed to your youtube (CraftyCollegeChick)

  108. Britta – congrats on the one year anniversary for your blog! you are doing such an excellent job here both with the posts and the videos. I like the fact you are thinking so much about how to name your videos and what the intro slide will be :-)

    Thank you!
    p.s. – thanks for the nail polish info, I am really loving it, will have to try the shatter nail polish on my next trip to the US.

  109. I “Liked” you on FB a long time ago…

  110. I am a long time follower on Twitter

  111. I am a subscriber to your blog via RSS. I don’t want to miss any post :-)

  112. bunny c

    congratulations on you one year anniversary. I wish you many more!! your videos are very informative and enjoyable. I seem to learn something new with each one.

  113. My last comment – I am a subscriber to your youtube channel for a long time now.

    Thank you for a great giveaway!! You are very generous.

  114. roitel

    Hi Britta
    thank you for your jenoures prise! i love your totoriols i love your work! i am a follower a couple of month and learn a lot.

  115. Hi I just found you and I did become a follower here to as well as youtube. Thanks Gloria M.

  116. I enjoy all your tutorials but masculine cards are always appreciated as I have 5 boys/men in my household. :)

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  123. Marilize Kruger

    What a great giveaway Britta, thank you for hosting it. I love your cards and have learnt so much from you – you are great at this :)

  124. I just wanted to “hi” and tell you that I have only been making cards for 4 months and finding your videos about 6 weeks ago really helped open the possibilities and creativity for me. You are an inspiration and inspiring! Thank you so much for sharing your talents.

  125. Allie.Duckienz

    Britta, I would love to see you use mists with stamps. I love your work. Congrats on one year!

  126. Allie.Duckienz

    I follow you on Google Reader :D

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    Liking you on Facebook :D

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  130. Victoria H

    Happy 1st VTM Anniversary! I love your tutorials and blog – keep up the great inspiration and tips. I need to thank you because you are improving my card making all the time.

  131. vanessa duarte

    i like you on fb and follow you on yt :) <3

  132. jo

    I love your videos and i follow you on your blog too.
    Projects i would like to see more would be – i love your paper pieced cards. I love also your ideas on different ways to make your own embellishments. Very creative and inspirational. I love your haul videos too.


  133. Maureen Chandler

    Your blog is just wonderful and I look forward to new creations from you! I have a husband, four sons, one stepson and a stepdaughter and as you can imagine, am always making “guy cards”!! So thanks for your inspiration and I enjoy your videos very much!!

  134. Congratulations on getting to 1 year! I love all your videos, your work is just so inspiring it always makes me want to create. Becky x

  135. I followed you on Twitter ages ago, love all your updates!

  136. I’ve liked you on Facebook!

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  143. Terri (blindstamper)

    I’ve been loving your blog for about a year now…so glad I found it. The videos are awesome!

  144. HI Britta, I enjoy your blog and videos. I always learn tons of good things from watching your videos. That recent one with water color splatters was fun and i appriciated the extra info you shared about what ink to use when stamping on vellum. I alredy follow you.

  145. Ashley Diehl

    I’ve been reading your blog for several months now and check it every day. I especially enjoyed your no-stress distress ink series. I’ve gone back to that one over and over. I’d love to see more ideas on different ways to use one series of stamps. My collection is still small, and I’d love to know how to get more bang for your buck out of my sets.

  146. Ashley Diehl

    I subscribed to your youtube channel too. Thanks for all the great tutorials.

  147. Ashley Diehl

    I’m now subscribed to your blog too!

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    I liked your page on facebook too. Glad that your ideas will come up in my feed now.

  149. Maryann W.

    Came across your blog for the first time today and added it to my favorites even before reading your generous giveaway, but ‘wow’ with that. Appreciate your sharing your how-to creativity through videos. Looking forward to spending time in the archives and learning from your giftedness and then keeping up with your current postings.

  150. I am followed on fb too congrats on one year.

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    I have subscribed to your Youtube feed. Have been a subscriber for a while. I really enjoy your vids.

  154. Marisol

    You have officially converted me to the Jeni Bowlin inks….Love the vibrant colors. I never even heard of her ink pads until I found your blog in the summer! Happy one year VTM!

  155. karen

    Thanks for sharing your creativity! When I’m trying to make a card and I’m stuck I go to your website for inspiration.

  156. karen

    Have you ever worked with Tim Holtz Fragments? Bought some and have no idea what to do with them…

  157. Marissa

    Thanks again for all the wonderful videos!

  158. I love your videos. Thanks for doing them!

  159. Wish I could get that nail paint in India..never mind..what are my cousins for? Congrats on one year of videos!! looking forward to another fabulous year!

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    Britta, I love your blog! Your website in on my favorites list.

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    I’m subscribed to your YouTube videos, and I love them

  163. Vickie White

    Oh, how I love your blog AND your video tutorials! I look forward to your every new post! First thing I check on Mon mornings is a new tutorial from Britta!! GREAT giveaway! Hope I WIN! :D

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    OH, and now I’m subscribed to your facebook AND twitter too!

  165. Vickie White

    One more thing! I email all of your video tutorials to myself just so I can save them for future reference! You’ve given me great inspirations in creating many special cards for friends and family! THANK you!

  166. Lisa Geraty

    Woo Hoo a giveaway! I would love to see more masculine cards (this one is AWESOME) as I have trouble with those. I was looking through my card stash and about 90% of the ones I’ve created are VERY feminine with the other 10% being somewhat gender neutral. So bring on the boy cards! :)

  167. Lisa Geraty

    SO, I already follow your blog, love how often you post.

  168. Lisa Geraty

    Yay, I didn’t know you had facebook page, I’ve just “LIKED” you :)

  169. Lisa Geraty

    OK, last one. I’ve been subscribed on YouTube for many months now and have watched EVERY VTM you’ve made (some more than once~LOL). I don’t do twitter so only four comments for me (maybe that’s the magic number). Keep doing what you’re doing, I love your creativity :)

  170. Vickie White

    I especially love your masculine cards, because I seem to have the most difficulty creating something for men! Love this new video using the twine and the “notebook paper” look!

  171. Vickie White

    One more post and I have my 5! Just wanted to wish you luck in your new school year! Hope you are not too overloaded so that you have plenty of time to share with your viewers. :)

  172. Great card. I love you’re videos so keep them coming!

  173. I follow your blog through my reader.

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    You have an Awesome giveaway!

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  177. I love your videos and watch them each time! :-) Thank you so much for the chance to win this amazing giveaway! :-)

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  182. You have done such a wonderful job all year! I loved your distress ink series.

  183. Krista D

    Britta…luv luv your videos! You are so creative & you inspire me with every card you make. I have gained so much knowledge when it comes to making cards from you.Congrats on your 1 yr anniversary & hope there is many more to come 80)

  184. Jen McD

    Thanks for such awesome tutorials! I’d love to learn more about Distress Stains. And, as an aside, I have both of those nail polishes and LOVE them. ;)

  185. Jen McD

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