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Hello there! Sorry I’ve been a little less present here on my blog this week; it’s a huge deadline week for study abroad scholarships. Fingers crossed that the essays I wrote for my few applications win over the scholarship committees! Any little bit of money towards my trip abroad is a little more peace of mind for me. I also received my arrival information today for Spain which means I can book my flight! I’m hoping to have it booked by the end of the week. This is all becoming so real now.

I started picking out luggage for travelling to Europe… does anyone have a suggestion about how to get all of my essentials there plus my crafting stuff? Oy. I’m trying not to think about the packing process yet, but I leave only 2.5 months from now. I’m thinking I’ll take a really large rolling bag, a travelling backpack that holds a ton of stuff, a rolling carry-on and my backpack. Now to come up with the lists of things to bring.

I’ve been feeling a lot better this week as well: happier, on top of things and motivated. This is a great sign! Thank you for all of your well-wishes and hugs. You’re so wonderful.

In lieu of a normal card post, I wanted to share some of the things that are on my list from Simon Says Stamp right now. There are soooo many new things, and I can’t stop staring at all of them! Hehe. The Basic Grey Little Black Dress and Picadilly collections were just added today… hot of the presses! Here are some things that I’m really excited about right now:





































I’ll definitely be purchasing a lot of these on my next checkout. Just hover over the images with your mouse to see what the product is if you need more details. :)

I’ve been really on top of things and have worked really hard the last couple of days, so I actually have an evening to do only a thing or two for school. The rest of the time will be spent photographing projects, getting ahead on DT assignments and *fingers crossed* filming a video tutorial for this week. Maybe I should rename Video Tutorial Monday to Video Tutorial WheneverIhavetime. LOL! Because everyone has been so loving, patient and kind, I wanted to share a picture of Trixie I snapped today. She’s been sooo cuddley and purry lately, and I love it. She’ll climb up in anyone’s lap and just sit there and pur. She didn’t used to do that, but I think with age (she’s a whole one year old now) she’s mellowed out a little and realized how much she actually likes us. Here’s Trix at her sweetest:

Yup, I can’t get enough of that face! She was born on the first of October 2010, so we just passed her first birthday. We totally forgot about it on the actually day, but no worries… we’ve spoiled her lots by buying her new toys and giving her catnip as part of her birthday month. Ha! Thanks for stopping by today. Don’t forget to smile!



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  1. Valerie Gee, the Scrappin' V

    Hey Girlfriend – I’m glad you’re doing better! Sometimes getting through some of that To-Do backlog can make things so much easier, and really get me out of the dumps… As for what and how to pack? Don’t forget that you can check a box with the airlines. Sometimes scrapbooking stuff fits better in a moving box than in a suitcase!

    Good luck – this is such an adventure!

    • Ohhh thanks for the advice on the box! I’m not 100% if that’ll work since I have to be able to carry all of my luggage at once, but I’ll definitely keep it in mind. That would make packing up SBing stuff way more efficient. :)

  2. Trixie is SO CUTE! So adorable! Those cute paws! I see you have Memory Box stuff on your list above. There are more out – dies! Came out this Monday. Dave has another company besides Memory Box. I had forgotten about it. His 2 kids ran the company during the summers and they operated it as retail site and did wholesale orders too. Poppystamps. Dave did some dies under Poppystamps that came out this week. I’m sure Simon Says has them coming. There are 2 window dies, some birdcages and other dies. I ordered the 2 window dies and 1 birdcage. I also understand that Dave is releasing more dies under the Poppystamps name so more coming! I should have my order today from Ellen. But thanks so much for posting that pic of Trixie! So cute!!!!

  3. Thanks for sharing your wishlist, it is always fun to see. I have the cosmo cricket papers and they are Fab! And of course Sally’s ABCs is lovely too! That bubbly “JOY” die looks cool, if you get it I would love to see you use it in a project. And your other memory box dies too! I also have the soft pool shadow ink but haven’t used it much yet. Need to figure out the best techniques for it! The purple shadow inks are lovely too. Would love to see you use them and maybe a color comparison with other purple inks.

  4. Here is a link to Dave’s blog. He’s having a giveaway of the 3 snowglobe dies. Leave a comment on this blog.

  5. You’re gonna have SO much fun! If you’ll be in one place most of the time, you can pack less mobile. A LOT of goodies can be tucked away in shoes and little crevices, roll your clothes-takes up less room. DH & I went to Costa Rica for 2 weeks with only our backpacks, not huge honkin hiking packs, like regular backpacks! Rolled everything.

  6. Britta – I agree, the Basic Grey Little Black Dress paper is just to die for – it is so so beautiful, I wish we had this is Israel right now – I would buy it – over priced and everything :-)

    About luggage – go for the lightest suitcase you can find, it is well worth the extra few dollars you will pay for it, also check the limits on what you can take with the airline you buy the ticket with – for some it is now only one suitcase and one carry-on (and a purse).

  7. Tina Schrof

    I can so hear Trixie purring!! Love that sound. And I love the sound of you getting back on track! You are way to sweet to be down the wrong road!

  8. Jennifer

    Have you gone on your European trip? I just found your blog. I live in Germany (Bavaria) so if you need stamping stuff you are welcome to use what I have or if you need to mail something I can be your mailbox. It would be so cool if you stopped in on ladies who are living abroad & stamped your way across. Good luck!

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