Video Tutorial Monday (on Thursday) #58 – Happy Halloween Spider Web

I finally got some time to sit down at my desk and create last night, and I made this fun Halloween card for this week’s video tutorial. Admitedly, I’m absolutely terrified of spiders (I definitely have Arachnophobia. Ha.), but Lawn Fawn has a way of making the most sinister animals into something I want to put on a card like this Heebie Jeebies Halloween set. ;) Anyways, here’s the video for this week:

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Here’s a picture of the finished card.

And here’s a close-up. I’ve always been a big fan of doodling, and this card let me stretch my doodling muscles. Awesome!
















Thanks so much for stopping by today. I’m plugging away on my studying abroad to-do list. Today I ordered a phone that works internationally with a sim card (a Blackberry Tour), turned in another scholarship application, got my design electives approved with my Graphic Design advisor and started looking at buying a new pair of walking shoes. I’m getting so excited! I love that I’m feeling like I have this all under control. Excited, excited, excited! Oh, and which pair of shoes get your vote? I’ve decided I’m only taking 5 pairs of shoes to Spain (sandals, a pair of boots, heels, running shoes and flats), so these need to go with a lot of things I will wear while doing lots of walking. What are your opinions? I would love to hear them! As you can see, I think I have a thing for a touch of pink. Haha!

1. Adidas Sumbrah – $60

2. Nike Flex Trainer – $60

3. Asics Gel-Express 3W – $55

4. Nike Air Retaliate – $60


5. Nike Dart 9 – $55

Hope you enjoyed the little video for today. I’m so happy with this week and how things are going; I hope your week is going well, too! I’m hoping to get some more time tonight to get homework done before the weekend and craft a bit. The new Young Crafters Unite challenge goes live on Sunday. I hope you’re excited; this one is going to be a lot of fun!



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16 Responses to Video Tutorial Monday (on Thursday) #58 – Happy Halloween Spider Web

  1. Cute card Britta! Love that set…the smiley bat & spider are adorable. As for your running shoe choices, you can’t go wrong with Asics. Amazing shoes that last. Hope that helps! :)

  2. Go for the Flex Trainers! I’m on my feet at work and they’re amazing! Ps Awesome tutorial-Heebie Jeebies just showed up on my doorstep today! Perfect timing :)

  3. Mary

    When I studied abroad in Australia I brought 2 big suitcases. If I needed something to wear that I didn’t have I picked something up at the thrift store. Before I left, I donated it all back.

  4. Love your Halloween card! At first I didn’t realize what you were doing with the orange ink. I’m working on a Taylored Expressions cute deer holiday card right now and missed the first part where you had flipped the spider web over on the back to ink it up with the orange ink. Then when you pulled your Mister out and started misting and were talking about that, I thought, what is she doing?! There’s no orange ink on the card. The spider web is stamped in black. Then I realized what you did! Very clever and I should pay attention better! LOL!

  5. Cute card idea! I vote for shoes #1. Iperaonlly always like to buy grey or colored shoes because the don’t seem to look dirty as quickly as white ones do. Especially if you are going to be doing a ton of walking. I try not to buy shoes with white soles on the sides for the same reason. So that’s why I picked that pair. :) Also the Grey can go with lots of things either dark or light clothes where I find bright white or black shoes stand out if your clothes are the opposite. There is my two cents for what it is worth. I totally love that you covered your card in webs and thanks for the solid stamping idea with the back of the stamp! It gives the sentiment web the perfect pop of color and emphasis!

  6. Carmen

    I love your use of the marker, what a clever idea.
    Fabulous card.

  7. Carmen

    For the tennis shoes, definitely the ASICs. You would love the comfort!!

  8. Sue Alg

    Love your Halloween card. Very unique idea with all those cobwebs. I don’t know what it looks like in person, but on the video and pic the orange/black cobweb really popped up.

  9. Lisa

    LOVE your card! My vote is vote on the shoes are #4. I love love love Nikes. Have a great time abroad!!

  10. Have fun shopping, but don’t take too many shoes, there’s tons of shoe stores in Barcelona :)

  11. Valerie Gee, the Scrappin' V

    Britta Darling – another cute card! I love how you reminded me about using the flat side of stamps too. This is something I did in my Hero Arts “Thinking Inking” class at Scrapfest this year, and I haven’t done it again since – but I’m inspired!

    And my vote on shoes? None of the above! I am a HUGE advocate of Ryka shoes, as they are designed by and for women, and they are AMAZING. I find mine at DSW and at Famous Footwear. I just bought a new pair of runners, and I love them. They are designed to help with the pronation of your feet due to the way our hips are made (wide) and thus messing up our feet, and thus messing up our knees and backs! They’re similarly priced to those you’re considering, and if you’re going to be doing a lot of walking while in Europe, they’re well worth the price. Give them a try, and see how they compare to your Nikes and such.

    Good luck! XXOO from CO,


  12. Love your fun spidery web card – so fun ;)
    Hope the planning for your trip is going well… I’m no expert on trainers, I still have my Nikes from about 15 years ago when I first went to uni! But I’m back using them again recently.
    The main thing is just to be comfortable I guess. You’ll be wanting to walk *a lot* to catch the wonderful sights! Spain is so very beautiful and the food is amazing.

  13. Angela R

    The card is cute.
    I think Adidas are the best shoes. I used to do a lot of walking and running when I used to do MMA and Adidas where the only ones that did not hurt my feet.

  14. Christy W

    Britta I have the Nike Flex in orange and they are super comfortable! When I studied abroad I took two pairs of sandals, sperrys (bc they were wonderful in the rain and wouldn’t get squishy while walking, yet have wonderful arch support), running shoes, flats and a pair of heels. Your planning sounds fantastic!

  15. Whitney

    Which shoes did you end up choosing? I am looking at some of the same shoes, i need them for walking and gym. Would love to know which you chose and how you like them.

    • I ended up going with these: . They’re not on the list above but very close to several on the list. I love them. They’re great for hiking and walking a lot in one day. I’m not a runner, so I don’t have any opinion there, but they’re great overall! Hope that helps!

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