Simon Says… Thanks!

Hello there! I feel like I need to reintroduce myself…

Hi, my name is Britta. I’m a 21-year-old college student that doesn’t get enough sleep and requires caffeine to function. I like to make stuff. Sometimes like I crawl into a hole and don’t respond to e-mails for 4 days.

Remember me yet? Okay, good! I’ve been gone for a whole week. Not sure why, but I just didn’t feel like blogging. I’ve been so busy and scatterbrained this past week that I felt like I might fall apart if I added one more thing to my plate. Hopefully you’ll forgive me and we can get back to business as usual. In interests of keeping this post from turning into a novel, I’m going to make a bulleted list of the things I have to remember to tell you today then share three projects with you. Got it? Okay. Good. :)

  • Today (Wednesday the 15th) is my last day of hourly work for the University. It’s time to move on, and I’m so ready. It’s a little scary that I’ll be depending on my website and design work for income, but I’m ready. I’m ready to make the move and spend more time on tutorials and partnerships. In fact, I have a little something up my sleeve for that. I’ll get around to sharing that later when things are more finalized.
  • I have some awesome (cough) flu-type deal currently. I took Monday off to rest and recoup (and answer emails), but I’m still fighting fatigue and a little bit of a temperature. No worries, Mom, I’m taking my vitamins and trying to get as much sleep as possible.
  • I have a SUPER FUN announcement for you on Friday. It’s one of the reasons I’ve been working sooo hard lately, and I can’t wait to share everything with you. Any guesses as to what it may be? ;)
  • Just in general, thank you. Thank you for the sweet comments and emails. Thanks for visiting my website and for sending hugs. You rock. Seriously, it means the world to me.
  • I booked my flight for Spain last week. January 3rd, 2012… Spain, here I come. I hope you’re ready for me. ;)
Okay, how about some cards now?!

1. Simon Says Stamp Challenge card for this week:

Here’s my card for the Simon Says Stamp Challenge that goes up today. The theme is Thanks & Thanksgiving. I made this one for my Momma for Thanksgiving. It doesn’t explicitly say “thanks,” but I think it works. The whole DT is using Hero Arts products this week. Right up my alley because I have no issues supporting that fantastic company. Woot! (I’m also working on some behind-the-scenes stuff for them right now, too. It’s so much fun seeing some of the stamps before the catalog comes out!)

Those realistic oak leaves from Hero Arts are stamped in several colors of Distress Ink (including the orange and brown from the Fall Seasonal Limited Edition Inks), and everything is topped off with those cute wood buttons. Love them!



















Now make sure to head over to the Simon Says Stamp Challenge blog to view the rest of the design teams’ creations and join in the challenge yourself. Just by entering, you’ll have a chance to win this fabulous prize provided to us by the lovely Heidi:

See you over at the Simon Says Stamp challenge blog to participate in the challenge!

2. Video Tutorial Monday from last week:

Because *someone* forgot to post about this last week. Yeah, I told you I’ve been a little busy (read: scatterbrained). Haha. There may not be a VTM for this week… but I promise my announcement on Friday will make that up to you. Promise.

Here’s the card I made… a nice and sassy one for ya!

Haha I love it! The stitching is my favorite.

Watch Here | Watch on YT | Watch in HD | Subscribe to the My Channel













3. May Arts + Creative Imaginations video tutorial:

I also had a video tutorial go up over on the May Arts blog last week or so for the Creative Imaginations blog week. Here’s the card I made:

And the close up:

And here’s the video!

Watch Here | Watch on YT | Watch in HD | Subscribe to the May Arts Channel

Okay, so now do you remember me? HA! Thanks for being patient and understanding. I just finished a huge packaging project tonight and am glad to be on the right track for getting everything done before Thanksgiving break. I just *so* love how everything gets piled on right before break. Not…

Either way, I’m back and will be back soon to share some more inspiration for you. Friday is the big announcement of what’s to come. I hope you’re as excited as I am! Love you all so much. <3


P.S. I’ve been obsessed with lately. It’s a daily deals type-thing that features fun designy shops every day as well as pop-up shops that stay around for longer. Check it out and you can even sign up for an account if you want. If you sign up using my link, it records it and I can earn rewards or something like that… but seriously it’s just really cool! Click through my link if you want to. :)


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19 Responses to Simon Says… Thanks!

  1. Wow! Lovely cards, Britta! Can’t wait to hear your announcement on friday, so exciting!! Hope to meet you in Spain in a couple of months…;)

  2. Whoo sounds like you have been busy ! Hope you feel better soon too.

    I love your card Britta, lovely technique and I love the Autumnal feel of it.


    Jo x

  3. Gorgeous cards Britta :-) all of them are fabulous :-)
    fab video’s too ! :-)

    Lols x x x

  4. We are planning to visit Spain in March 2012 :)) I’ll be reading your blog for your updates on Spain :))

    Good luck with everything!!

  5. Hi Britta!!! Yes missed your crafty presence over the past few days…so glad you’re back and yes am looking forward to the BIG announcement… in the meantime the cards are wonderful and very Brittaisshhh. :)


  6. I’m so glad you are back! I’ve missed you! Oh and by the way, you mentioned your big announcement on Friday about 10 times (exaggerating of course) so I think that officially makes you a tease! Shame! I think you should just tell me!!! :) hehe. Card #1: In Love! It doesn’t look like a typical Britta card but I so love it! I have had that stamp set on my wishlist, now I think it’s moving to the “must buy” category! It’s really lovely, then again I’m totally a sucker for anything fall themed. :) Card #2: Super Sassy! I actually watched your tutorial when it popped up on youtube! Card #3: Gosh darn why did you have to show me some new fun products, ugh, my wallet hates you, but I love you and that card! Wow, those colors are so pretty!!! I assume you can get the same effect by creating your own embossed paper to resist?? Totally love that text paper too! Okay I’m going to go check out the twinkling H2Os now. :) Again, so so glad you are back my friend! But we all need a break sometimes! And yay for the last day or work!!!!!! YAY! :)

  7. Hilde van Rijnsoever

    I went to Barcelona for a couple of days a month ago. Don’t know where you are going in Spain and if you’re going to do the tourist stuff. But, if you are going to Bracelona and you go to Sagrada Familia, you should buy your tickets online, unless, you want to wait in a line for about 3 hours….
    I hope you feel better soon, cool that you answered my mail anyway. I am the mouse pad thank you girl! ;)

    Can’t wait for your big announcement for friday!
    Hugs Hilde

  8. I love all 3 of your cards. But I like the leaf one the best! It is soo pretty! Love the sexy girl one too. That patterned paper is so cute and the matching saying! Yikes, January is getting closer. I wonder if Trixie senses something is up. They sense things, more than we realize. She will have the guys there while you are gone. But I bet she will miss you.

  9. Lisa Geraty

    You say your name is Britta? Hmmm, I used to know a Britta once but it’s been so long….HA! Just kidding, we all go through those phases. Can’t wait to hear the news on Friday :)

  10. Best wishes on your new endeavors and travels!!!

  11. Mollie Dirig

    Hi, Britta! Thanks so much for your VTM episodes. I really enjoy watching them. Also, I’m glad you are back after your little hiatus. :) I was wondering if you added an inside panel to cover up the backside of your stitching. I know there are different views on that: Do we cover it up to look more professional? Would the recipient mind or do they like the homespun feel? I was just looking for your take on it. Thanks in advance for answering my question. Can’t wait until Friday for your big announcement!

    • Thanks for your sweet comment! I usually don’t cover up the inside unless it’s particularly icky looking. A couple stitched lines just adds to the feel in my mind (plus makes it easier for me in the end). Hope that helps!

  12. Hi Britta,

    What a super adorable card!! I love the colors on kraft paper and the homemade buttons are the perfect touch :)

    I’m thankful to have you, an amazing artist, on our DT! :)

    Simon Says Stamp!

  13. Fantastic cards Britta, the are all wonderful but I especially use the Hero Arts with the Kraft paper and the stamping , the details (love the wooden buttons) are stunning!!
    Heather xx

  14. Loved your earthy toned card Britt…looking forward to hearing about your news..hugs

  15. Hey Brit,
    It’s nice to see you back :)
    And of course we forgive you: life is crazy busy! I’ve been off blogging for more than a month and my creativity has taken a leave of absence, too :( Hopefully its coming back, now…
    So welcome back :) Can’t wait to hear your announcement!

    Tasha x

  16. I’m so happy for you that your hard looks like it’s paying off for you, can’t wait to hear your news tomorrow! I love your videos, they are always full of great ideas! blessings to you as you take this step forward~

  17. yainea

    Gorgeous cards! I’m happy you’re feeling better. My best wishes with this new project :)

  18. Wonderful creations Britta.

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