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Hey there! As you might be aware, the official release of the Hero Arts 2012 catalog was yesterday, the 10th of December. I couldn’t wait to see all of the wonderful stamps that Hero has come up with for this next year. The sneaks around the blog world have got me longing for more views of the new stamps! You can now see the entire new Hero Arts release over at Simon Says Stamp. Woohoo! *Check out the bottom of this post for links to my favorites from the new release AND a special giveaway for you!*

I’ve hinted around at it a bit over the past month, but now that the release is officially out, I can share completely: I helped Hero with some samples for their retail stores. Therefore, I already had this Happy B-Day and Cupcakes Stamp and Die Cut set on hand for the past couple weeks. I’m finally allowed to share this card that I made with them! They’re so cute and easy to use that I just had to make at least one card featuring just the stamps and dies together. No other stamps required. ;)

I stamped all of my images, cut them out with my Big Shot and then colored them in with copics. My beloved diamond stickles also played a key role in this card. They really add the perfect amount of shine!

This next card is the one I reproduced for Hero Arts. I didn’t design it (one of the amazingly talented designers at Hero did!), but I feel very close to it being that I produced 200 copies of the card. Yes, 200. It took about 80 hours of work to get everything done, but it’s totally worth it to see pictures of my card in stores around the country. Awesome! The card features Bold Pop Designs Stamp and Die Cut  for the flower and leaves, the label is handcut from the Stripes and Label Stamp and Emboss set the background is stamped and embossed with the Flowers and Vines Stamp and Emboss Set and the happy birthday is from the same set I used above – the Happy B-Day and Cupcakes Stamp and Die Cut set. And don’t forget about all of the other materials used… all of those are Hero Arts, too.

Although this card and I may have gotten a little *too* acquainted, I still love it. The designers at Hero did a wonderful job designing this card, and I think it shows off the Hero + Sizzix product fantastically. The only thing I wish were different was that there was a die to cut out that darn label. It’s such a fab shape! ;)

Here’s a peak at the cards all packaged up and ready to ship to Hero. I sent them off on the day after Thanksgiving, so you better believe that I had Jake AND some of his relatives helping me put them together to send off! Haha.

Now, I would like to share what’s on my (HUGE) wish list from the new release. There are so many awesome sets in this one. I can’t get enough of them! There are two lists I’m going to share – the first one is all in stock at Simon Says Stamp right now, and the second one is part of the latter half of the release and will be shipping in late December. You can order the preorder things in a separate order from Simon right now, and they’ll ship the second they have the second round of product in. (Just make sure to order them separately or your entire order will ship with the preordered product!)

All of the links below are to my new favorite products at Simon Says Stamp. I’m affiliated with them and clicking through my links to order means that Simon knows that you’re coming from my site. I earn a small commission on each purchase you make through my site (basically checking out after clicking through a link on my blog), and this commission goes towards me purchasing new products, video supplies, photography equipment and website hosting. As a special treat and thank you for purchasing through my links, I have two $25 gift certificates for Simon Says to people who purchase through my links this month spending $25 or more.

I can see the amount spent and what time the purchase went through, but I can’t see a name or  e-mail to relate it back to you, so if you would e-mail me with your total amount spent and day purchased, I would LOVE the opportunity to thank you personally and enter you in my giveaway this month! To recap:

  1. I’ll be giving away two $25 gift certificates to Simon Says at the end of the month.
  2. To enter, purchase from Simon Says through my links (at least $25… but that’s not very hard to do! Remember, a purchase of $70 gets you free US shipping!).
  3. Send me an e-mail at britta.swiderski@gmail.com (or link in the side bar of my blog) with your purchase total and date purchased so I can thank you and enter you into the drawing.
  4. I’ll draw winners on January 1st, 2012 from any people that have made purchases in the month of December through my blog and will announce them on my blog and e-mail the winners.
  5. Each $25 spent counts as one entry. You can purchase as many times as you please. :)
I hope you enjoy this contest; I look forward for the opportunity to thank you and hear what you ordered! ;) Without further ado, here is my list of must-haves that are available now from Simon:

These next products will be shipping in late December. As soon as I figure out whether to send my box to my house in Wisconsin or in apartment in Spain, I’ll be placing my order for these beauties. I’m in LOVE with the new pool accessories, the new inks and the dies that match with several of the above stamp sets. SO many awesome things from Hero this time around!

In danger of making this post a novel, I wanted to share a couple pictures of my last couple days with you. I’ve been a little stressed this last week with some big decisions to make, the semester nearing its end on this next Wednesday and trying to get everything in order for Spain. I shared my worries with my beautiful and AMAZINGLY talented friend Kathy (I call her my second mama because she’s always looking out for me), and she sent me a box full of my FAVORITE ice cream ever. I don’t even know where to start thanking her. She’s amazing! Thank you so much, Kathy. I love you!

I also have some Trixie pictures for you. She’s been especially cute lately. I love how she works her way into the strangest places (her newest obsession? Dresser drawers) and likes to curl up on our laps and purr herself into submission. It’s so cute. Here’s one of her newer sleeping places in my room. Yes… that’s my misting box!

And here’s me just playing with my new 50mm/1.8D AF Nikon lens on my D90. I’m in love with it and am having so much playing with the depth of field options! By the way, I’ve added a little Amazon box over to the right on my website since I do so much shopping with them. The box features all of my favorite Amazon purchases including my two types of cameras and all of the equipment that I use to film my videos. Just read the comments on each item to the right to see why I love it.

And here’s Trixie just being cute. All together now: AWWW! ;)

Thank you so much for stopping by today and for taking time to look at my cards, wish list and cute cat photos. Ha! Remember to drop me an e-mail if you purchase through my site with Simon so that I can add you to the giveaway list. It’s the least I can do for all of the awesome support you give me. :)

I’m off to go get as much homework done as possible so that I’m ready for this week. The first couple days are going to be quite rough. Everything that affects my grade is due in the next three days. Ahh! Wish me luck. Then I’ll be back and I’ll be all yours in the blogging world. <3



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12 Responses to Hero Arts Love

  1. Love the cards!! And Trixie is sooo cute! Thanks for sharing the pics! I still keep wondering what she will think when you are gone on your trip.

  2. 200, holy cow!!! Job well done.

  3. Dixie

    Best wishes on all the school work!! Do your best and try to get some rest! (Can you tell I’m a retired teacher?) Your cards are amazing, and I can’t imagine how you got all those cards made for HA with all the other stuff you do. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Lucy

    Great work on the cards. You make me feel like a couch potato, even though I’m not. Aaaahh, to be so young again. Enjoy it and don’t burn yourself out!

  5. Good grief 200 cards! How did you have time to sleep? Loving all the new stuff, I restrained myself to only one new stamp set and one cling background when I went to the store. BTW, my first visit to that store and it was like heaven! I may not have an Archiver’s nearby but I have found a new magical place! LOL I’m really diggin the dies that come seperate from the stamps and the inks, I just wish I could stamp the inks before I purchase them… oh well. Maybe they will one day make a die that cuts out that label you had to hand cut 200 times! :)

  6. 200?!? I’m sorry but holy crap-ola! It’s a super cute card at least! And you got to play w/ new product! I love the first card too, so nicely balanced. You’ve got so much going on it makes my head spin! Good luck in the next week, you’ll do great and Spain is right around the corner!

  7. Great post Britta, I love a good, newsy blog! Good luck with the week ahead and as always thanks for the amazing inspiration!

  8. Lisa Geraty

    Congrats, Britta! So exciting to be associated with HA, one of the bestest crafting companies out there. I guess I can’t complain about the 45 x-mas cards I replicated now that I know you made hundreds~LOL! I just placed a huge order from SSS but I’m not sure I clicked over from your site or not.. whoops. I’ll try not to forget in the future, gotta keep your biz running so I can keep watching your videos and enjoying your craftiness. Don’t lose touch with your fans while you are cavorting overseas ;)

  9. Hilde van Rijnsoever

    Wow, 200 cards :s
    love the other pics and yes, Trixie is a cutie! I’m going crazy here with all those new products. How long can a wishlist be?!

  10. That is amazing all the help you gave for Hero Arts!! WOW!!that was a whole lot of cards you had to produce. I love the elegant design of it. Your cupcake card is perfectly sweet!

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  12. Bonnie Ditto

    Always enjoy the videos. Love the cards you created with the cupcakes. Have a great trip and Christmas.

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