Distress Ink Reinking Tips

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Hey there! It’s Friday Funday (not sure if that’s a thing yet, but it might be – we’ll try it out!), and I made another video this week about reinking Distress Ink pads. I just got in a big order of reinkers, and I realized that I’ve never talked about how reinking works and what I do. I’ve gotten lots of questions about this, so here’s a quick video explaining what I’ve learned over the years.

I hope you enjoy the video! If you have any questions, please leave a comment below and I’ll make sure to respond.

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While I was taking shots with my camera for this post, I got a little carried away. But looook… things are so pretty when they’re lined up! These photos were all taken with my beloved Nikon D90, a Nikon 50mm f/1.8D AD Nikkor lens and my Opteka .45x Macro lens converter.

Speaking of getting carried away, my enabler bone wants to let you know that as of yesterday, all Tim Holtz Distress Markers are officially in stock at Simon Says Stamp. Woohoo for no more preorders! Hop over there and pick up your set now! If you could only buy a few markers to start out with, I recommend starting with the blues first because they’re my favorite. You’re going to want to blend these babies together! (Try out Tumbled Glass, Broken China, Faded Jeans, Stormy Sky and Chipped Sapphire if you’d like to try out just one color family first.)

Aren’t they pretty? I can’t wait to sit down and play with them more this weekend! That’s definitely happening. So much fun!

Thanks so much for stopping by today. Hope you enjoyed the little tips. I would love to hear some of your distress ink tips if you have one to share! I’m always ready to learn more. :) This week has been so wonderful to me. New fun toys to play with, happy e-mails and catching up with old friends. Everything is good and falling into place. I’m so happy.

Health update: My health is also getting progressively better as I’m working through my stress and feeling accomplished at the end of most days. My doctor even prescribed less medication for me for the first time in years today, and I’m over the moon about that. The less chemicals I need to put in my body, the better.

For you fellow IBS sufferers out there, I’m starting working on incorporating Peppermint Oil Capsules (from Heather’s Tummy Tamers) as well as Heather’s Tummy Fiber into my diet. My mom (and many others) uses these and says they’re awesome, so I can’t wait to have less tummy aches in the coming weeks! I’m sure you’ll hear about them more if they become my new favorite thing. And in case you’ve forgotten, I’m 22 years old. IBS has always seemed to me like something that affects older adults (probably because my grandma and mom have suffered with it for a long time), but it’s actually WAY more common in people under the age of 30. Crazy, right? The best part about these things is that they will not hurt anyone who takes them and does not have IBS, so if someone is having constant stomach aches, trying these out can only make you feel better or stay the same. Yay for natural remedies! Someday, I hope to be completely natural with my treatments. A girl can dream, right?!

Thanks for all of your love, comments and support. Smiles are the best medicine. :) I love you all and will be back soon with another post! Have a wonderful, crafty weekend. :)



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8 Responses to Distress Ink Reinking Tips

  1. Natalie Winterstein


    I am SO glad you’re back and am enjoying your videos and projects! I just wanted to comment on your health as my hubby has gone through many similar problems (IBS, mood/depression, etc) and he’s found a “natural” doctor here in Omaha that we LOVE. The great thing about him is when hubs needs something “prescription” (Xanex for mood stabilization) the natural doctor is the first one to say, do it! So he is willing to work with my hubby and understand his unique situation, if all my babbling makes any sense! Lol. Anyway, I just wanted to encourage you to keep seeking the balance of natural/medical balance that works for you and again I am soooo glad to have you back!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Maria Fernanda McClure

    Que lindo tenerte de vuelta, Britta!!! Te extrañamos. :)
    Thanks so much for these tips… I’m glad to see your clear explanation on how to tell when your pad is dry. I purchased a number of pads at a local retailer (big name) and was really disappointed with the product until I received a new pad from SSS. What a difference!!! The SSS pad was fresh whereas the others were dried out despite being new. The store didn’t care, but Ranger did. They replaced the dry pads – no questions, no hassle.

    Just got an e-mail telling me my markers are on the way, so PLEASE hit us with your best tips for the distress markers too, OK?

    Suerte con ese tema de la salud… Que sigas mejorando!

  3. Thanks for this Britta! I have all the distress inks now but don’t use them that much (am totally starting to use them now that I’ve discovered heat embossing and resist techniques!!). Am now working on my reinker collection so this was a great timed blog. One question for you though! I like to store my inks upside down… after I reink, is it okay to still store upside down or should I store right way up for a day or so to really let the ink sink in? Thanks!!

    And I am really hoping I can convince myself I don’t need the markers, but I don’t see it happening. I saw a great video the other day with a heat embossed background and then the markers to colour in (it was Jennifer McGuire from memory) and I was SO tempted to head over to SSS and buy right then and there LOL!

    Thanks for your inspiration as always and can’t wait to see what you do with the markers! :)

    • Thank you for your sweet comment! I always store mine right side up because they’re just made to be stored this way. (Otherwise the lids fall off, etc.) Storing them upside-down will be fine most likely (as long as you haven’t over-inked it), just make sure to test out how much in you’re getting when you go to stamp or ink something with them. You wouldn’t want to end up ruining a project because the ink was *too* vibrant or blotchy. :)

      And I saw that video from Jen the other day and LOVED it. I’ve been working on some more techniques with Distress Markers and will be sharing more soon! They really are a lot of fun. I hope I can come up with something good with them. Ha! Thanks for stopping by today. :)

  4. Thanks for talking about IBS, I have Crohn’s disease which is like permanent IBS!! I am finally in remission and it’s been 2 years, so happy. I had such a rough time with it, was diagnosed at 18 and I am now 24. Finally feel like I have my life back in my control. Congratz on taking less meds, I know how you feel!!

    Take care,

  5. Regina

    Hi, Britta! Thank you for these tips! I’m just starting to use distress inks and it’s really good to have all this information about it.

    Your blog is amazing!

  6. Angie Hall

    Good luck with your latest techniques for your IBS.A word of caution you may not know about. Please have your GYN doctor check you to be sure the IBS symptoms aren’t related to gyn problems. Some cancers are misdiagonosed as IBS. Our daughter was diagonosed with ovarian cancer at age 40 last year. Her surgery revealed the cancer had started in her appendix. She is a healthy person except for a history of uninary infections and IBS when stressed. I’m not saying this was the cause of her cancer but it is remarkable that this was her history. Some of the information I read after her illness emphasized this connection. Just be safe, please.
    I love your blog. You always share great techniques and valuale info. Thanks

    • Thanks for the sweet and thoughtful comment. I will definitely have my GYN check next time I’m in for an appointment. When I was in Spain, I had a comprehensive ultrasound of my internal organs to make sure nothing else was abnormal, though, so hopefully that included checking for signs of those types of cancers! Big hugs to you and your family. :)

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