New post is on its way!

My weekly video tutorial is on its way, but to tide you over, I thought I would share a couple of things in the mean time. I’m actually on my way to the post office to mail all of the giveaway packages and garage sale orders, so that might take a little bit of time. Haha!

I wanted to pull some of my recent pictures off my camera for a little share with you while you wait. :)

Oh my Trixie! She’s such a stinker. I was home alone one day and went into the kitchen to grab a glass of water… I found her staring down at me like a tiny Cheshire Cat! She’s most definitely not supposed to be up there, but it was so adorable (and startling) that I couldn’t help snapping a picture. Trix is at home in Wisconsin now (my roommates are her real owners) and I miss her a lot. Getting another pet isn’t really in the cards right now, so I’m looking for other outlets for my nurturing nature. Maybe a little herb garden? Fish? Not sure yet. If you have any suggestions, let me know. I’m really missing taking care of a little cutie!

This is the sunset from a couple weeks ago. Isn’t it stunning? I didn’t even really edit this – just blacked out the buildings a little more in the foreground. I could watch gorgeous sunsets like this every day.

This is a shot of the aftermath of the lightning incident (wrote about it here at the bottom of the post) – the entire road being tore up! There was gas leaking into the surrounding soil and asphalt. It was a mess! Im glad that’s over now. The street is actually still torn up down the side closest to my house, but I think that’s only a precautionary measure.

Here’s a shot I took recently for my portfolio. This is one of my favorite graphic design projects I’ve done in the last year – designing packaging for candy. I still have it displayed in my room. :) If you want to see other graphic design projects I’ve done, you can check out my design portfolio here. (It’s nothing fancy – still hoping to move it over to this URL eventually!)

This photo makes me happy. It’s me rocking out in some of my Little Miss Matched socks. I like them a lot. :) The boys always make fun of me for wearing knee-highs that are different colors. Whatever, I know they’re just jealous!

Oh! And I couldn’t go without mentioning that the brand new Lawn Fawn is now for sale at Simon Says Stamp. This release is AWESOME! (Check out all of the Lawn Fawn release posts over here. That DT has so much talent – it’s unbelievable!) More on this later, but my current favorites are Belinda’s Borders, Dad’s Day and Critters Down Under. Oh my! They’re on their way to me right now, and I can’t wait to play with them. Who can resist this cuteness?


As soon as I get my latest Simon Says order in, you can expect a haul video. I can’t wait to show you what I picked up! I’ll be back later today with a fun video tutorial. :)



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  1. Oh that kitty is so cute!! So sorry he had to move :( Love your mismatched sockies, I agree.. the boys are just jealous of their grungy boring boy socks ;)

  2. Oh, so are the roommates not coming back?! So Trixie is gone to Wisconsin for good?! Oh, that is too bad. She is so cute. Those critters down under are definitely adorable. I need to get that set myself. I sent an email to Lawn Fawn last year suggesting they do a critters on safari or critters on the veldt. Safari type animals. They said they would add it to their list!

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