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You know those days when you wake up at 3:00 pm and wonder how in the world you slept that long? Yeah… me neither… That’s not why this post is up super late at all. Oh wait, it is. I guess that’s a new meaning for lazy Sunday. I must work on getting my sleep schedule back on track this week! Ha.

Wanted to pop by today and do another Emptying my Brain post. I’ve been collecting so many links and happy things lately, and I wanted to share them with you. This week, I’ve been surrounded by awesome inspiration as I’ve been designing and brainstorming again. Woohoo! It feels so freeing and fun to finally be back to what I know and spend so much time on in school. Thumbnails, sketching, lists of words, color swatches, mood boards… I’m home, baby. More on that later, though.

Oh! And I’ve been getting really back into Pinterest lately, so follow me over there for more of my favorite inspiration and links. You’ll also notice these fun little “Pin It” buttons at the bottom of each post. If you like my post, feel free to pin it to your account. I’ve done all the hard work for you with the button! :)

Here are some links and ideas that I’m in love with:

Love these Navy Nautical Biminis from Toms. I think these will be my next shoe purchase.

Navy Nautical Biminis from Toms

I just discovered this awesome beauty blog – The Beauty Department – and I’m in love. The graphical style is awesome, and the tutorials and trend watches are super helpful and inspiring. I’m totally going to try these plaid nails sometime!

The Beauty Departmentplaid nails

These shrinky-dink bold pattern necklaces are simple, elegant and awesome from Super Duper Things. I love this post from The Seventy Tree that features her products. I can’t wait until she restocks with more of these gorgeous necklaces. Or, I suppose I could give them a try myself. ;)

Super Duper Things post from The Seventy Tree

I’m not even going to try and pretend that I’m not completely obsessed with The Sweetest Occasion blog and, specifically, all posts by Cyd Converse. I started following her on twitter during the National Stationary Show, and she provided the updates and views of the show I was craving. Her posts about the show are nothing short of phenomenal, and I will absolutely own this 2013 Calendar by Linda & Harriett. I’m ridiculously in paper love.

The Sweetest Occasion blogCyd Converse twitterNSS Coverage –  Linda & Harriett

This chair has me swooning. I’ve inherited my chair obsession from my mom, and if this chair from Couch wasn’t £495, it would be in my house at this very moment. I love this color scheme with this classic silhouette.

this chair from Couch

This photo isn’t properly sourced (thanks, pinterest…) but the idea is still awesome. You could translate this into a really cool wall hanging for a guy. The wheels are already spinning in my head. :)

bottlecap backsplash

Make sure to check out my Pinterest board for more things that are inspiring me this week!

Giveaway Week Wrap-Up

Make sure you click on these thumbnails below to take you to the posts to enter! Comments will close tonight at midnight, CST. {But since I’m posting this later than I thought I would, if you comment tomorrow (Monday) morning, I’m still going to include you in the drawing. ;)}



Good luck and I’ll be back tomorrow with another fun All with One Stamp Set post for ya. I’m also going to be listing a HUGE garage sale here on my blog in the next couple days (time to clear out room for more stampy goodies!), so stay tuned for on that. I’m hoping to have it live tomorrow, but Paypal and I are having some issues. Follow me on twitter if you want to be notified the moment the garage sale page goes live. :)


P.S. You might want to check out my facebook page, too. You never know when I might have a little giveaway for my fans over there, too. :)


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3 Responses to Sunday Links and Love

  1. Dear Britta enjoy sleeping in now while you can! There will come a time when given the chance your body won’t let you! :> Or you will have little kids to jump on you like I do! Love your links today!

  2. What a cool post! So much inspiration. Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. Kathy Mc

    WOW ~ you really found some interesting things in blogland. Those necklaces are really in now with all the chevron patterns in stamping and home decor. Now, bottle caps for a backsplash ~ who would have come up with such a novel idea for their bar? Happy Sleeping, Britta! My theory is if you’re tired, the Good Lord is telling you to rest. Get it while you can. : )

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