Video Tutorial: Alcohol Inks + Giveaway Day 3!

Hey there! Sorry this is going up a little late. I kept getting distracted with all of the pretty things on the internet… and e-mails. Maybe someday I will have an empty inbox… or maybe someday I’ll be able to make enough money to hire a personal assistant. I would much prefer that. Ha!

Here’s the video for today. I wanted to do another video where I tried something new on camera – this time, I tried alcohol inks. You’ll get to see that not everything goes according to plan… ;)

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So yeah, less silver mixatives next time! As soon as I did that, I remembered seeing someone (Jennifer McGuire or Tim Holtz, most likely) that said to never use more than a drop or two of mixatives. LOL!

Here’s the finished card. After starting over with the background, this is more of what I was going for and I really love how vibrant it is! I love experimenting with new materials and techniques. That’s what makes life interesting. By the way, isn’t that butterfly die awesome?! I misspoke in the video – it’s actually from Memory Box. Also, make sure you pick up one of those silver Signo Uni-ball pens if you don’t have one yet. They’re awesome a great for adding extra little touches to cards!

Giveaway Week – Day 3!

And now it’s the time I’m sure you’ve been waiting for. This is my second favorite giveaway of the week because it’s some of my very favorite things. Here’s a refresher on the rules for entering in case you’ve forgotten:

  • To enter, leave a comment on today’s post in order to win today’s prize.
  • Only one comment per person on each post, please.
  • All giveaways this week are open internationally (exceptions will be noted on that post).
  • Comments will close at 11:59 pm CDT on Sunday, May 27th.
  • Winners will be posted on Tuesday, May 29th here on my blog.
  • Good luck!

Today’s prize pack consists of some lovely things for getting crafty – you can see the product links below if you want more information. The ruler and the craft pick are my absolute favorites, though. You have to have these on your crafting desk! Seriously. The copics are a couple of my favorites that I happened to have extras of, and the Picket Fence Distress Stain is just plain fun. I’m going to have to do a video about that soon.

To enter to win the prize for today, just leave a comment below. If you would like to, tell me what your two must-have tools are. I would love to hear about them! I’m loving your answers from the past two days. I have added several stamp sets to my wishlist. :) Hope you’re staying nice and cool (or warm, depending on where you live!) and are enjoying the week. See you tomorrow for another card and another giveaway!



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85 Responses to Video Tutorial: Alcohol Inks + Giveaway Day 3!

  1. This is gorgeous! I love the butterflies!

  2. Lucy

    I loved watching your creative process. Unless the silver looked a lot worse in person than it did on the video, I’m sure you’ll make something stunning out of it. I liked the way it looked, but completely understand that it wasn’t the look you were going for. As for tools I can’t live without, my first would be any of my paper trimmers (I have several) and my self-healing mat. I don’t have a craft sheet (I think that’s what they’re called), but know it would be a favorite, too. Thanks for sharing your talent and for offering such a great giveaway!

  3. Great tutorial, Britta. Love the effect of alcohol ink. I have been thinking about trying it. Love the butterfly border too. Thanks for sharing and chance to win.

  4. anna

    my two favourite tools.. First is my computer. Second is, I consider my glass top desk a tool. It does a lot of work, from a non-stick-put-anything-on-it-and-it-will-come-off surface to doubling as a light box, and an awesome cutting “mat” that scalpels just glide across (circle cutters too!).

  5. My all time fav tools are my scissors and my ink blending tool ! They are a must have for me ! Thanks for a chance to win the giveaway !

  6. Melissa M

    First is EVERYTHING and second is ALL CRAFT SUPPLIES!! But seriously, actually I was! I’ve had a Fiskars stamp press for years, but never used it until I started watching online video’s & classes etc – Kristina Werner & Jennifer McGuire are so inspirational, I finally opened up my stamp press and haven’t had a wobbly image since. Second favourite hmm…can I still say everything?!

  7. Kristy B

    Hi Britta love the final card background it looks very pretty. Thanks for the chance to win :)

  8. Jose McEwan

    I love this card, i haven’t gotten into alcohol inks yet but i definatly want to now! My must have tool has to be my tim holtz distresser, i love it! Thanks for the chance to win :)

  9. Sarah

    I always love your tutorials, Britta. Thanks for sharing! :)

  10. Janet Mack

    I recieved some alcohol inks as a gift and didn’t know what to do with them. Now I know. My favorite tools are my scalloped die ( I love the look ) and my new Tonic paper cutter. It is the sharpest thing on the planet.

  11. Brittney Baker

    I love the colors you used in this card! My must have tools are the ink blending tool and tombow adhesive! Thanks for the chance to win!

  12. Daria

    I would like to copy my comment from youtube:
    Thanks a lot for the video.
    I really thankful for your videos where you playing with different products.
    I am just “a newcomer” into cardmaking – and it is so helpful to see all the steps and results of experiments.
    I really inspired by your fearless approach. I usually so affraid to spoil everything that it can stop me from trying.
    I think it would be very interesting to see videos about your process of coming up with idea of the card and how you chose the products… about how you cope with failure (if you have any) + tips how to avoid errors.

    And of corse thanks for a chance to win the giveaway !

  13. Victoria h

    Only 2! Hmm…an acrylic block for stamping and my big shot.

  14. I love the bright colors in your card! Thanks for the video on the alcohol inks. I bought some and I had no idea what to do with them : ) My favorite crafting tools are my paper trimmer and my Cricut!


  15. Mary-Anne V.

    Great card…thanks for showing us how to make it. Thank you also for a chance to win.

  16. RedGem

    Only two, cause I have too many tools I use all the time, but guess two I can’t live without, would be paper trimmer and adhesive runner. My Big Shot comes in third! Great card, I have that die-cut, just haven’t used it yet, but now will go dig it up.

  17. Hi Britta, I had lot of fun watching your video, I like these type of videos. Currently, my 2 favorite tools are the Fiskars stamping press and my copics! I am so glad I invested in copies because I just can’t stop colouring with them and the stamping press works like a charm, it is perfect for stamping Lawn Fawn backdrop stamps too.


  18. Meagan Vaughn

    My must have tool is my Cuttlebug, while i have a Silhouette and a Cricut i really LOVE my cuttlebug its quick to use and so versatile.

  19. Melissa R.

    I’ve played around with alcohol inks and really love the affects. I ordered a bunch more colors but just haven’t had the chance to play recently. I love the contrast of the butterfly die along the edge! Super job!
    Tools: my TH ruler for sure…can’t live without it and would love to have an extra. :) The other is my paper trimmer. I use both every time I craft!
    Thanks for the chance to win goodies!

  20. Laura Jane

    This was SO MUCH FUN Britta! Very comfortable and spontanious.
    A MUST have tool for me is my MNII MISTER of H2O. I LOVE the WATERCOLOR effect a quick spritz give to inked up stamps.
    I have an empoyee whose hair was the the color purple in your card, now she is PLATNUM BLONDE.

  21. Regina

    I love butterflies and this card looks so beautiful!
    My two favorite tools are my cuttlebug and my paper trimmer. Thanks for the giveaway!

  22. Nancy L.

    I need to have my paper trimmer and my bigshot!

  23. Marisa

    I think my two must have tools are a really good sharp pair of detail scissors for paper piecing and my Tombo glue Pen. I LOVE that pen!

  24. Angie Hall

    I reach for my corner chopper all the time. I finally bought a Cuttlebug and I’m using it pretty often too. Thanks for the video tute. I havn’t bought the alcohol inks yet. Still debating with myself about them.

  25. Karen Kuschel

    my sander because i love sanding the edges of my pictures instead of matting them and my ATG gun…love not having to refill so often. And Oh, I have so been eyeing one of those craft piercing pics :)

  26. Michaela

    I have to have my tonic shears and distress inks

  27. Haejin

    Lovely background~
    My must have tools? Corner chomper and my white gel pen. :)

  28. Hi Britta! Love your videos!!! Your card turned out just gorgeous. Alcohol inks are my next venture. Still having too much fun playing with my distress inks, stains, and markers!! If I HAVE to pick just two tools, they would be my craft mat (love that thing!) and my ink blending tool. Oh, how I just love, love, love ALL my tools! LOL Thanks for the chance to win. :)

  29. Jennifer S.

    Great job on the backgrounds. You do need a light hand with the mixatives. They can overpower real quick. I love alcohol inks and have used them not only to color paper, but metal and dominoes for making jewelery! Your going to have so much fun with them!

  30. Such a wonderful card!
    My two tools I cannot be without are my acrylic block with lines and my ink blending tool. :-)

  31. MaryM

    My Martha Stewart scoreboard and my Fiskers trimmer.

  32. Heather

    Awesome card. Love the color. My two must have tools are my tim holtz scissors and my ATG.

  33. I think you’ve achieved some rich, regal colors, and thanks for the tips too! I’ve recently found love for the Ink Blending Tool and my Fiskars scissors!

  34. Angie Ha

    My two must have tools are my cuttlebug and my finger dabbers for edging with ink.

  35. JulianneN

    love butterflies ;) thanks for sharing and the chance to win!

  36. Kathy Mc

    Another great video, Britta, and can see where alcohol inks can be a bit finicky. Hmmm, my two favorite tools would be my Tonic guilottine paper cutter and my Big Shot. Love all the goodies in today’s giveway as I don’t own any of the items. Have been tempted with Copics but am afraid it’s just one more list of products that I’ll want them all. Would love to try some to see my results. Thanks for another great giveaway!

  37. Heli

    Great video, I love when you try out something new on a video. My favorite crafting tool must be my craft knife. I make a lot of my own stencils and cut my letters ang images out with it. Selfhealing mat and metal ruler are important too.

  38. My two must-have tools are copic markers and x-acto paper cutter.

  39. Shayla

    Thanks for doing the video on alcohol inks because I was wondering what they did for a couple of weeks now. My favorite tools are my paper trimmer and my fiskars stamping thing where you just push down once you get it where you want it. I shake too much with regular stamping.

  40. What an amazingly gorgeous blue background.. I am in love with the colors you have used on your card.. IS it really possible to pin down 2 things when it comes to craft supplies… It would such a hard decision to come down to two…It would be my surecut deluxe trimmer from fiskars and my scor-pal…

  41. Tricia H

    That card is so pretty! I haven’t experimented with enough inks yet, I’m still learning the ways of distress inks! And I still refer to your awesome videos for those all the time. My 2 favorite items are my fiskars paper cutter & my silhouette.

  42. Krista D

    What a beautiful card! Your friend is going to love it!

  43. Marla H.

    My two MUST have tools are my Fiskars trimmer and my Tim Holtz scissors. Love the butterflies on this card. I would LOVE to have this Tim Holtz ruler I have admired for a long time but never bought!!

  44. Sandi

    If i had to pick only two tools I’d have to pick tim holtz craft sheet (not just great for distress inks but love to use it as a paint palette it’s just so easy to clean) & my brother sewing machine (they never die and easy to tread which is a necessity since i’m always changing tread colours).
    Thanks for the tutorial I’ve never used alcohol inks and always wondered how they worked.

  45. The alcohol ink background looks cool and I love those butterflies :) Havent had the chance to lay my hands on alcohol inks yet but your post inspires me to give it a try.

    My 2 must have tools are craft knife and self healing mat. I can’t move a finger without these two :)

  46. Bukky

    I love alcohol inks! Saw a demo in my local scrapbook store last summer and I haven’t looked back since.

    My two fave must have tools are my paper trimmer and my unconventional 6″ by 6″ acrylic square quilting ruler. It is great for measuring cards and mats with a quick glance. The 1/4″ markings help me keep my cards and envelopes precise!

  47. Marilize

    I’m a stamper, so my stash of acrylic stamps is my must-have for cardmaking. Second to that is my Momo multi glue. I love that stuff.

    Thank you for a great prize and the chance to win it.

  48. Anna Stone

    What a lovely card. Love the vibrant blue. And butterflies are my favourite motif. Thanks for the tutorial on alcohol inks. As for my favourite tools, a cutting mat is a must and of course a decent ruler and paper trimmer.

  49. Great tutorial and I love that you are learning and sharing at the same time. The card is beautiful. When I first saw the image of it, I thought the butterflies were 3d. The background is so happy and vibrantl. Hmmm, my favorite tool(s): scoring board (I seem to reach for it for multiple projects), my self healing cutting mat is a must, my white gel pen and my scissors.

  50. kaybee

    If I HAVE to choose two, I’d have to say my paper trimmer and white pen :)

  51. Carrie R.

    Beautiful card. I love the butterfly die. I may just have to get that one! I would love to win the ruler and the copic markers. Thanks for the chance!

  52. Terri (blindstamper)

    The video and card are awesome! I could not do without my tweezers or big shot. I also find myself referring to my ink and cardstock charts a lot to match things up.

  53. Wonderful video and lovely card Britt. Please leave me out of this giveaway….lol.Just wanted to say I love your card.

  54. I’ve never tried alcohol inks before (mostly b/c I know I’d go crazy and need a 3rd or 4th job to pay for them!). I love that blue. It’s my favorite color. That butterfly die keeps popping up I’m gonna have to breakdown and get it I think. I don’t have any Copics, it would be fun to play to see if I like them. I can’t live without my ink blending tools, trimmer and baby wipes. That sounds boring but I don’t craft ever w/o those :) Thanks for the giveaway and video :)

  55. Anne V

    My 2 must haves are my non-stick craft sheet, and my heat gun……so many possibilities and uses for each!

  56. Favorite tool definitely the big shot, but now that people keep talking about their white gel pen I gotta find mine.

  57. Linda Abel

    Great and adorable card. I wasn’t sure what alcohol inks did being I’m new to card making and stamping. So thanks for showing us a card where you used them.
    I would have to say the two tools I wouldn’t want to be without are my cuttle bug and my fiskers paper cutter. Thanks again.

  58. I really like to watch your videos! Thanks for the chance to win this.

  59. I love the look of Alcohol Inks, need to try it sometime. My favorite tools are my Silhouette, my Cutter Bee Scissors, my Tim Holtz Scissors, and blending tools. Hmm, I like a lot.

  60. Judy

    Lovely alcohol ink background!! My must have tools are my paper trimmer,
    ruler, and corner chomper. Thanks for a chance to win!

  61. I have a multi-purpose tool from Creative Memories that I love!

  62. I love my ATG and my cutterbee scissors. )

  63. Another great video, and another great giveaway. Thanks again!

  64. Carole RB

    Hi Britta
    Thanks for the tutorial and also for giving us the opportunity to win this yummy candy!
    My two must have tools are:my corner chomper and my notebook in wich I write down everything that could inspire me, colors combo, quotes etc etc.

  65. Oooooh love the card!!

    hmmm, two must have tools for me would be paper trimmer and craft knife :)

  66. Mary Rogers

    I have been at the art of crafting for many years, and have more tools than I can keep up with. I gravitate towards things that allow me to add to, or embellish projects to make them look unique and exquisite. I love using my paper piercer to add interest and pearl pigment powders to give a little dash of unexpected shimmer.

  67. Holly

    I don’t think there is a card I’ve made without my Tim Holtz scissors or my corner chomper, so they are definitely must haves!

  68. Carol Beuth

    My two must have tools are my Bind It All and my Distress Inks. I’m just learning how to use them and they are wonderful! LOVE your blog!

  69. Debra HH

    What a week of give-away goodies, Britta! My “must haves” are my paper trimmer and grid lined stamp block.

  70. Goat Girl

    First I have to say that the color you created with alcohol inks on this card are stunning! One of the most beautiful cards you’ve ever made. Having only been stamping for just over a year, my Fiskar’s stamp press is my life saving tool because I always get things straight with it!

  71. Carole Toppen

    Britta, I loved the video. I don’t think this is something I am going to try becaused I am such a klutz that I am sure I would have more of the stain on me than on the paper :) Maybe someday I will get brave and try it. I guess my two most used tools would be my MS Scoreboard and my Fiskars Trimmer. I use them for every project I do. Next item I use is my cuttlebug. These three things are always out on my table.

  72. Nadege

    Nice card Britta, I haven’t try alcohol ink yet, I’m thinking about it but if I bought everything I want, I’d be broke in a minute ;-)
    My 2 favorite tools are my scoring board and my paper trimmer, I use them all the time even for non crafting purpose.
    Thanks again for this awesome giveaway.

  73. Ah, can’t believe I forgot to comment on two of your giveaway posts, lucky I made it in time!!! I no longer could breathe without my MS scoreboard, and I think I’d be pretty upset without my Fiskars paper trimmer. Sorry I can’t be more original, they really are necessities imho!!!!!!

  74. Wow! Great video! I’ve never used alcohol inks, looks fun! Thanks for sharing your experience :). My favorite tool… two! hmmm… Maybe my Big Shot and Martha Stewart’s scoring board. Thanks for the amazing giveaway!

  75. Cheryl

    My must have tools are not really “tools”…I need the motivation & time to work on a project and great source of inspiration that I can copy and tweak to make the project my own.

  76. Meghan

    You achieved such amazing colours with the alcohol inks! My two must have tools are my Big Shot and my dies!

  77. Vickie White

    My 2 favorite crafting tools would have to be my Cuddlebug and the corner chomper!

  78. I love your videos and your cards and all the work you put in for us. Thanks. My favorite tools are my vagabon die machine, and my atg gun.

  79. Hila

    Thank you for a week of giveaway goodies, Britta! My “must haves” are my pens and my paper trimmer.

  80. Hi Britta,
    I love how, in the photos, the butterfly cut-outs look a little silver!
    Also love the subtle hints of colour beneath the blue. It’s a great technique!

  81. fun!!! I bought a few alcohol inks to play with but didn’t really know what to do with them. This is just what I needed to get inspired to create.

  82. SuZeQ

    Pick me. Pick me. Pick me!

  83. Buncobuddy

    My two favorite tools are my paper cutter and my craft mat — use them both constantly!

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