Configurations Print Tray Part Two – Adding Memorabilia (from Spain!)

I hope you’re ready for Part Two of the Configurations Print Tray series! I definitely am. I feel like I’m constantly 36 hours behind this week. Oy! At least I finally have my taxes submitted. That’s one more big thing off my plate. Woohoo! Let’s celebrate with a video, shall we?

If you didn’t see part one yet, view the Configurations Print Tray Part One post here. If you have, on to the video! This week, I’m adding in the memorabilia from Spain. This is the biggest “chunk” of the tray because it’s where I spent the most time. :) Enjoy!

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I have to say, I’m a bit surprised but happy of how the tray is looking so far. I guess I didn’t expect it to look so… busy. But that’s what memories are, and I wanted to cram as many morsels of memory as I could in there. I like that I can look at each piece, and they all bring back memories for me. Instrumental to this step were my Spellbinders Circles Nestabilities – Standard Small and Standard Large, my beloved Scor-Pal, some 1/8″ Scor Tape and my favorite adhesives: Best Creation Foam Squares, Multi Matte Medium and some Glue Dots.

I made sure to add in things at all different levels, using stacks (lots and lots!) of foam adhesive to keep everything standing strong. Using circles to cut up my memorabilia made it WAY easier to cut into all of these sentimental things. I highly recommend this method no matter what shape you decide is best for your project.

Here’s another close-up. I love that business card from Café Marti not just because it’s cute, but I can practically taste all of those delicious pastries they sell. Un cortado con un donut, por favor? Yum yum yum!

Thanks for stopping by today. I’m planning a fun Tips & Tricks that will probably go up Saturday morning. This weekend should be a ton of fun – some of Jake’s friends from his old college (he transfered for his last two years) are coming up to go to the Brewers v. Twins baseball game on Saturday. Me + five rowdy, beer-drinking, hilarious Wisconsinites in one house. Yes, it will be crazy for sure. :) Happy almost weekend!



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7 Responses to Configurations Print Tray Part Two – Adding Memorabilia (from Spain!)

  1. I’m stopping by for Moxie Fab’s Out and About! Your printer tray is so cool! It’ll be like a real piece of your history, love it!

  2. Dixie

    Britta, this is looking terrific! The circles? Brilliant! You’ve inspired me to start one. I went to Berlin and Prague 3 years ago, and those bits and pieces of memorabilia have been living in a plastic bag. Thanks for sharing your ideas. I’ve enjoyed hearing your thought process. Enjoy your weekend!!

  3. This is so insanely cool! Your first video inspired me to finally break out the Configurations box I have and start working on it. I had planned on making a Christmas themed one, so I am now working on a Christmas project in June! =P Your tip for coating the tape in MMM was soooo helpful. I’ll share some pics as soon as I can. Looking forward to more of this project! =)

  4. Hi there, glad I followed Cath’s advice on Moxie Fab World and dropped by to say hi. ( What an awesome way to document your trip. Great project.

  5. This is looking absolutely fantastic Britta! There is no way I would have the patience to do something so intricate!

    Just letting you know, I’ve been sharing the blogging love and have chosen you as a winner of the sunshine blogger award. Check it out at my blog:

  6. Sharon B.

    Thanks for giving the push to decorate my tray. I love the way you layered pieces in your tray and was hoping to see your finished tray.

    • Hey Sharon! Glad this little series has inspired you! Unfortunately, I haven’t actually finished my tray, hence why there is no part three. I hope to finish it someday, but my project ADD took over here. So many things to make, so little time! Anyways, good luck with your project and thank you for stopping by!

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