Wood Veneer + Misting

I had some fun today with some of my new goodies, and I’m so happy I got to play. The result is one of my favorite cards I’ve made in a while.

This week is shaping up to be a weird one for me. I can’t explain exactly what I mean by that because I don’t know what I mean by that. My brain is spinning with ideas as I’m beginning a new adventure. It’s scary and exciting and mind-bending and I feel absolutely alive. This is a new adventure I hope you’ll share with me. I don’t even know exactly where I’m going yet, but it’s important that I’m at this starting point right now. I do know that I’m going to be making something. Something for people to partake in. Something that I want people the experience. This is where I am, and I feel like I need a huge whiteboard with lots of brand new markers. Or maybe a huge canvas and some paint. Or maybe my wall, some paper and a sharpie. Here I am. I’m ready to begin.

Here’s the card I make that I really like. I hope you really like it too.

I sprayed the kraft cardstock from the bottom corner with White Mister Huey and then prepared my stars. I sprayed the SC Wood Veneer Tiny Stars first (two of the largest size, three of the medium and three of the small) with Custard, Estate Green and Heirloom Blue Mister Huey, let them dry, and then used dabs of Matte Multi Medium to adhere them (I put a pool of it on a piece of cardstock, dabbed in the star, dabbed off the excess and then stuck those buggers down). I just added one of my favorite sentiments, and BAM! I was done. I want to try this with confetti next. I’m ready to get on that trend bandwagon. ;)

Yup, these stars have won me over. I wasn’t so sure about them for a while, but they’re perfect. I love the sizes, I love the edges, and I love the wood. I’m a happy crafter right now. Off to do some more crafty stuff! Making a video for tomorrow, perhaps? And yes, I’m going to start on my configurations tray, as overwhelmingly requested. Excited!



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  1. This card is so so so pretty!!! Love the confetti look with the multi colored stars :) Just beautiful !!!! Whatever your future holds, I’m sure it will be fun and creative :)

  2. Cheryl

    Love it!! :)

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