Summer Fun <3

Hey there! I’m feeling the summer rush right now. I wanted to stop in today and share with you what I’ve been up to. I’ve been spending this past week getting as much done as possible for my new class, working with Lawn Fawn on tons of CHA prep and still trying to enjoy the summer with my friends. It’s a little crazy, but this is my life right now.

I’m hoping to get some time at my desk tomorrow or the next day (I leave for CHA on Thursday to help with booth set-up beforehand) to make pretty things to post for you. If for some reason I run out of time, though, hang tight. I promise I’ll be here with posts about CHA and my upcoming class in the meantime. Thank you so much for understanding and leaving such sweet comments. You make my world happier. :)

First, there was a little drama on the home front last Tuesday. We woke up bright and early in the morning to discover this wolloping bunch of crazy. One of our neighbor’s huge trees had fallen down on both of his cars! Thankfully, no one was hurt and my car (and housemate’s brand new car) went unharmed. The tree was in danger of falling for months – it was infected with a tree virus or parasite. Oy!

This is the aftermath of the ginormous tree falling. Talk about totaled! Thank goodness for car insurance.

On the same day, my mom called to tell me that our sweet Mika had to be taken to the UW Madison veterinary hospital because she couldn’t walk without falling over. It was really scary for all of us – she’s only 5 or 6 (she’s adopted so we don’t know her exact age), and these were symptoms that usually occur in much older cats. Thankfully, Miss Pretty is out of the hospital and back at home now, 100% recovered. The doctors think that she got her paws into some ant killer while outside and it absorbed slowly into her skin. A bath at the hospital and a couple days under the close watch of medical professionals was all she needed. Whew. I’m glad my little Mika is safe and back home at my parent’s house!

The rest of last week was significantly more pleasant. Even though it was over 105 degrees with the heat index, Jake and I ventured out to take in the 4th of July with a walk into downtown Minneapolis. It was absolutely beautiful. This is a view from the Stone Arch Bridge, my favorite bridge in the city that arches over the Mississippi River.

One of my favorite parts of Minneapolis, the Old Mill and theater district.

After an afternoon nap and cooling down from the extreme heat, Jake and I went out to Dinkytown to watch the fireworks from afar. We couldn’t resist our favorite treat – frozen yogurt. Yup!

This was our view. It was perfect. We watched it with about 12 random people from a suspension walking bridge on the outskirts of campus. This was so much better than hiking back down to the Stone Arch Bridge and watching the fireworks with thousands of hot, sweaty people.

Then yesterday (Sunday), Jake and I went to Warped Tour. It was a long, hot day in the sun, but we got to see some really great music. Most of the bands we saw were ones I loved back in my high school years. Jake mostly just went along for the ride, but I was very happy to have him there. It was us and several thousand 14 year olds wearing not enough clothing. We felt old and very tall. Haha!

We did meet up with a couple friends, though, and I even got to meet a couple of the people from one of my favorite bands, We the Kings. They have a ginormous online following, and it was really cool meeting other fans of the band and geeking out over seeing them all in person. Live music will just never get old to me. :) They put on a really high-energy, happy show. I loved it! I also really enjoyed seeing Taking Back Sunday, Rise Against and Yellowcard. So much talent in such a small little field!

Thankfully, even though I’m practically albino, the sun was nice to me. I applied copious amounts of SPF50 (thanks Swedish and Polish heritage! Haha) and only ended up with a pit of sunburn on my nose, neck and forearms (why forearms? that one doesn’t make sense to me). I also have some pretty suh-weet tan lines where my shoes ran across my feet. Thanks, loafers. We closed our day out with a gorgeous sunset, some aloe vera and lots and lots of water. Life is good.

I’ll be back tomorrow with more information about my class! I can’t wait to share. :)



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  1. Penny Laschanzky

    So glad your kitty is going to be ok, Britta. In our family we are all real “cat-lovers” and we currently have two wonderful ones! (have had 5 in all) Your kitty looks beautiful and is obviously well cared for. I just had to comment when I saw the pic—-it looks like she’s laying in a basket? Our cats LOVE laying in baskets, so much so that we have extra baskets that they can fit into strategically placed throughout our home just for their enjoyment. The way we see it: we all have our favorite chairs and “spots” to veg out in, so should our cats!

  2. ee! warped tour! I wish I could’ve gone to mine, I wanted to see TBS and Rise Against and the Used etc. Finally a warped tour like i use to remember! I love reading these types of posts, very fun. If you’re talking about toms giving you a bad tan line, I know what you mean, half of my foot is white and the other half is brown.

    Can’t wait to see updates from CHA, have fun!


  3. Valerie Gee, the Scrappin' V

    Brit, I just wanted to say that Mika is SO CUTE! I adore Maine Coon cats. Sadly, my hubby is allergic to cats, so I can’t get another one! Boo! I just have to get my kitty fix from you. I need lots and lots of pictures (I miss Trixie!)!!! Thanks so much for all you do – I’m almost caught up on your blog posts, I’m getting more current every minute. I just can’t seem to stop watching your amazing tutorials! <3 <3

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