Lesson 09 – Unity

Today’s lesson is about unity, and it’s the most exciting one yet. Download the PDF Lesson 09 – Unity Guide and keep it nearby as you go along. It will help guide you through the lesson!

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please leave a comment and I’ll get back to you as quickly as possible. If it’s urgent, you can always message me @waterfilterlove on twitter.

The Whiteboard Video

You know the drill. Here’s the whiteboard lesson for today talking all about Unity! If you are viewing this post on a mobile device or the video is not showing up below, please click here to watch and/or download the video.

Here is the Lesson 09 PDF for you to download or print. This baby is packed full of helpful hints and tricks to kickstart your learning process.

The Tag Video

I felt like we needed a little sunshine yellow in our lives, and sunshine yellow we got. The good news about yellow is that the black pen shows on it wonderfully. :) If you are viewing this post on a mobile device or the video is not showing up below, please click here to watch and/or download the video.

Here is a photo of the finished Lesson 09 tag:

Here’s a close-up of the masking technique for today. If I was to do this tag again, I would use Mustard Seed as the middle layer of ink instead of the last one. This would make the two layers of masking show up much better. I still like how this one looks, but you totally can’t see the middle layer of ink on the finished tag. It’s about about the learning experience, right? ;)

The Cards

Card #1 focuses on the concept of proximity to create unity. Even though our elements are different colors, shapes and sizes, everything still ends up unified. I love it! If you are viewing this post on a mobile device or the video is not showing up below, please click here to watch and/or download the video.

Here’s a look at the finished result:

I can’t remember the last time I used the smallest die from a nesting set and liked how it turned out. This is a fabulous way to take those adorable, little die cuts and make them into something that really shows them off. Labels Sixteen from Spellbinders and the Framelits Stars from Sizzix really shine here. Oh, and don’t forget about the sparkle from the diamond stickles and sequins. That really steps up the card to the next level.

Card #2 shows off theme in a way that’s definitely outside my comfort zone – vintage. This is the perfect opportunity to step outside your comfort zone, too. That’s what classes are for! If you are viewing this post on a mobile device or the video is not showing up below, please click here to watch and/or download the video.

Here’s a look at the finished result:

Even though we combine several manufacturers here, everything still works together because it all falls under the same shabby-chic feel. I especially love that Flutter By and You’ve Got Mail work so well together even though both sets are very different by themselves. It’s all about that vintage treatment! This card features an especially fun watercoloring technique using Distress Markers and the Detailer Water Brush from Ranger. Love!

Other Things

Giveaway!  <–Now closed. Thank you for commenting!

Today’s giveaway is brought you by lovely Lawn Fawn. They’ll be giving a way a stamp set of the winner’s choice to one person who posts below before the next lesson is posted. Thank you so much for sponsoring this class, Lawn Fawn!

Leave a comment below about whatever you want, or answer the question: what’s your favorite thing about fall? We had our first day of high-60s degree weather yesterday, and I couldn’t be happier. I love nothing more that walking around outside amongst the changing leaves wearing a nice, cozy sweatshirt. So I’d say sweatshirt weather is my very favorite thing about fall. What is yours? Has fall started to arrive where you are, or are you still holding on to summer for as long as possible? With school starting this past Tuesday, I’m okay with the cooler weather and less sunscreen. ;) <– comments are now closed. You can always tell me your thoughts on twitter @waterfilterlove!

See you on the next lesson!




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21 Responses to Lesson 09 – Unity

  1. jazzycat

    Fall is my favourite season…love the cooler temperatures and hopefully the fall colours will be beautiful this year.
    I am finally caught up with making my tags so perfect timing with the new lesson.

  2. tigriswillreign

    I love Lawn Fawn!

  3. haya

    my favourite thing about fall is enjoying soups without becoming a sweaty mess. i heart autumn.

  4. madheartslife

    My favorite time of the year are are fall and winter, love the colors of fall and wrapping up in a nice sweater and a scarf and my boots. Especially with my hot flushes (I turned 50 this year) I am so so glad that the warm weather is leaving us haha!
    Love your blue ‘unity’ card!

  5. clamyhansen

    Wow! My favorite thing about autumn is nearly everything! I love cooler weather, fall colors, apples, pumpkin desserts, sweaters. . . But I really miss the beautiful colors of the trees in Ohio! Where we live now we just have a smattering of yellow here and there. Ohio and France were very similar in autumn – absolutely gorgeous!

  6. The colors – no question. Those fabulous changing leaves get me every fall.

  7. My favorite thing about fall is the changing leaf colors. I can’t see any of the videos for some reason. Hope you are getting settled in well.

  8. kmwwrench

    Favorite thing about fall? Football, of course. My alma mater has won their first two games in their first season as a Division I team. I’m so excited for them.

  9. cjmiller55410

    I enjoy the fall colors & decor. We are, hopefully, having fall here in Minneapolis. Summer was way to HOT for way too LONG! afraid the colors may not last long because of drought, leaves are just drying up & falling off already. :-(

  10. blindstamper

    It’s good to see you back. Hope some normalcy comes your way soon. :) I love the cooler temps (call it sweatshirt weather too). It’s so wonderful to take the dogs for a walk in cooler temps and with all the beautiful colors.

  11. jcappetta

    I love the fall – the beautiful colors and the cooler temperatures, especially at night. I love snuggling under the covers with the windows open,taking long walks on the week-ends and eating those crisp freshly picked apples.

  12. Great lesson! Love the shabby chic card! I adore Fall, it’s my favorite season. The smell, the colors, the temperature…everything. I always feel more relaxed too.

  13. denacline88

    I love the fall colors and the cooler weather. But right now we are still having hot summery days, which is unusual for San Diego, as we are usually a bit cooler. But I definetly like the cooler days of fall.

  14. Beastybunny

    I love Lawn Fawn stamps! Thanks for a great lesson.

  15. gooddollie

    What color/ink did you use for the small stamped images on the background of the vintage card?

  16. rachel.kulcsar

    I love the changing leaves, the crisp cool air, wearing jeans and sweaters, college football…fall is the best! My fave season by far!

  17. oooh… definitely the first rain! After the hot-hot-hot summer days in Greece, when we get this first rain, when everything turns gray and you can stay home (without guilt) and watch the rain drops… it gives me a sweet melancholy for the end of the summer and an excitement for the cooler days that are coming that I simple adore!

  18. dyeandpigment

    My favorite thing about fall is the cooler weather. Love, love, love it. I have much more energy and feel great.

  19. My favorite thing about fall is the weather, the festivals, the football games, the smells, the colors, and everything else! Fall is my favorite season!

  20. My favorite thing about fall is lower tempature!!! And rain! Summer is not my favorite season….