A Big Little Announcement…

I’ve had a big, happy change in my life this week. I have a new roommate:

I finally recieved approval from my landlord to have a cat. After weeks and weeks of wondering, I could finally adopt one!

I didn’t even mean to pick out a cat right away. I wanted to visit several shelters first and find the perfect one. I didn’t expect to find her right away. But alas, she was the first one I saw. She came up to the front of the cage and started purring. She took one look at me and that was it. I knew she was the one. Literally, it was love at first sight. <3

This is the first picture I took of her. At the shelter, her name was Adele. She’s about 12 months old and had been in the shelter for about a month. She just was spayed about two weeks ago, so her fur is still growing back on her belly and her arm (from the IV), but she’s still absolutely gorgeous. She’s a Russian Blue breed of cat, known for their wonderful blue-grey fur, being super smart and having loving personalities. Russian Blues are pretty hard to come by, especially at shelters!

I had her home less than 24 hours later. She spent a lot of time underneath the couch when anyone new would come over or when there were loud noises, but when she would come out, she would ham it up. After being home for only about a half an hour, she jumped up into my lap! I finally have my lovey cat.

It took us a few days to give her a name; we really wanted to choose the right one. We thought about Klara, Phoebe, Sofia, Selena, Luna and Isabel. We finally narrowed it down to Stella (from A Streetcar Named Desire) or Leia (from Star Wars). With her dreamy fur, bright green, sci-fi-looking eyes and princess-like personality, we settled on Leia. Or to be more specific, Leia Batman Swiderski.

(Not to mention that Jake and I are total nerds… hehe!)

She’s our lovely, intelligent, clumsy kitten-almost-cat, and we love her. I hope you’re ready for more regular kitty pictures! There is much cuteness to come. :)

Jake’s family was up visiting for the weekend, and his sister, Melissa, stayed with us. (She and I are really good friends, so we love having her over!) She’s a really fantastic artist, and she snapped these adorable pictures of Leia playing in the Christmas tree that I had to share.

(Photo by Melissa Daczyk, edited by me.)

She’s a natural hunter, obviously. ;)

(Photo by Melissa Daczyk, edited by me.)

So with that being said, I guess there’s only one thing left to say:

Thanks for sharing this beautiful adventure we call life with me. <3


P.S. I’ll be back with an actual crafty post soon. I’m trying to find my mojo. I think Leia may have eaten it! ;)


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27 Responses to A Big Little Announcement…

  1. Karen

    What a beautiful kitty! Leia looks a LOT like my Bob :) I love cats – they are such wonderful creatures. Enjoy!!

  2. She’s gorgeous! I voted for three name Leia in Twitter.

  3. Merrylioness

    Congratulations. What a beautiful Kitty. Great Photos. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Awwww! Leia is gorgeous. Congrats & Happy Christmas.

  5. I love your little Leia, shes so cute and beautiful color. I am so allergic to cats and fur dogs. I do have two hair dogs so that is good. I would love to have a cat but just cant so really enjoy seeing kittens/cats that others have. Thanks for sharing your awesome new member to your family. Love those four legged kids. You’ll have many years of joy. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Hope your feeling better. hugs

  6. Congrats on the newest member of your family! She’s just beautiful and is sure to bring lots of joy to your life!

  7. Geralyn

    Oh she looks so sweet, enjoy her. Merry Christmas!

  8. Leia is adorable and beautiful! I’m so glad you got a kitty. I’ve missed seeing Trixie on your blog. I do keep checking your blog at your creations of course!, but sure have missed seeing a kitty! Leia is a lucky kitty to have a good home with you and Jake.

  9. How sweet! And good for you for going to a shelter to rescue her; rescues make the best pets. Your Leia is beautiful and looks right at home.

  10. I love Leia with my whole heart and I couldn’t be happier for you, sweet friend. Having fur-babies in our lives just makes the world a better place. ♥

  11. She is absolutely gorgeous!! But then I love cats too………… One very special puddy tat :-)

  12. Anna

    Britta, she is absolutely beautiful! I had a Russian Blue, the are the most loyal, lovely cats with generous dispositions. If they love you, its with their whole selves. :) She’s just perfect :)

  13. She is so beautiful,Congrad on your new little one…

  14. Oh my, you grabbed my attention with that first photo of Leia! She’s beautiful! Congratulations on the addition to your “family” Britta :)
    Thanks for sharing your news!

  15. Britta – we have a Russian Blue named Katie – I believe you’ve “liked” some of the pictures I’ve posted of Katie on Instagram – They are very loyal – and very sweet. They develop a very keen personality too – she will have you laughing just at some of her expressions. I’m happy for you on your new addition!! You’ve got a keeper!! Merry Christmas!

  16. PaperPixie

    She is perfection! I got a little choked up reading your post. It is nice to read some good news – thank you for sharing. Love her name too! My five year old insists his name includes batman all the time but your baby’s really does! Awesome.

  17. Valerie Gee

    So adorable! I must admit, however, that Batman is a very peculiar middle name! LOL! Congratulations on the addition to your family, she is so cute, and I can’t wait for all the kitty pictures and updates, and maybe a few cameo roles in your videos! XXOO from CO!

  18. Aww! She’s just beautiful! I love the adoption story, and your photos are just gorgeous. Especially the 2 in the Christmas tree – those are my favorite. Congratulations!

  19. sandy

    Congratulations on your new, soft, sweet, pretty little girl. She will add much happiness and fun to your life.

  20. So cute! Love the name and why you picked it! I hope she settles in nicely. Love that pic of her peeking through the tree!

  21. This cat will finally have a peaceful life! Thank you for it!

  22. Congratulations on your new family member! I’m sure she will make you smile every day just like my kitty does. They really are the best. And the name is beautiful and fits her so well! Can’t wait for more pics! =)

  23. Denise

    I had two Blue Russians cats in the extra large size. The Girl-“Slinky” and ” Moog” was the boy, siblings. They lived 5 and10 yrs. Moog help, guided and held me through many parts of my life. I was gifted for their friendship, and teachings on letting life move forward and onward. Your house will be full, happy and you will learn many things together. Enjoy them all.

  24. Awwwww…so adorable!!! I love to see your kitty pictures! I wish I could have a kitty. Both me and my boyfriend are allergic so….yeah :( I’ll live vicariously through you! :)

  25. Oh I am so thrilled for you Britta!!! She’s beautiful, and I’m so happy you decided to save an animal from the shelter. I’ve always had the best luck doing that. We currently have 2 cats, a momma and her baby that we adore and they provide endless hours of enjoyment (and entertainment!). Hope you’re feeling well, looking forward to the next crafty post and more pics of this cutie pie ;)

  26. Connie W

    What a lovely cat! You have done a wonderful thing to rescue Leia from the shelter instead of buying a cat from the pet shop. I salut you.

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