New Hero Arts Pretties

I’ve definitely hit a HUGE mojo roadblock lately, but I have some new goodies to give me the push I need to get over this creative cliff. Oh boy do I need it!

Hero Arts just came out with their new catalog, and I’m IN LOVE with the new designs. They’re right up my alley! I picked up the catalog + two stamp sets at a local store this week and now have a wishlist as long as my arm for all of these pretties. Here’s what I created in my journey to break my creative block:

12-18-12 Bon Voyage and More Leia by Britta Swiderski-3

Using this fab new Luggage Tags stamp set from Hero, I stamped and embossed the cute suitcase in white and then stamped the sentiment (from the same set) and the super, super fab Hexagon Background in Tide Pool Mid-Tone shadow ink. This is just one of the great things we can do with this set. Just staring at this background, I’m already seeing so many ideas for other cards. How about cutting out some of those hexagons with an exacto knife and placing a pattern behind the cut outs? I think I’ll try that this evening!

The tags themselves are fantastic as well. I couldn’t resist the places listed on the tags – I’ve been to all of them except one now, and I can’t wait to place them all over scrapbook pages. The letters would be really easy to mask out, too. I’m going to have cute embellishments for travel for the rest of my life. Hehe!

12-18-12 Bon Voyage and More Leia by Britta Swiderski-4

The gems, by the way, are one of my favorite little tricks I like to do with embellies: simple clear crystals from Hero + a copic marker. It changes their color perfectly and they drive in about 10 seconds. Love!


Hero Arts Enabling

With the new catalog out, Simon Says Stamp has all of my new favorites in their store. I’m quite literally working on commissioned design work right now JUST so that I can buy my favorites. That’s how much I’m in love with these! These here are my favorite items in the store right now, shipping immediately:

All of those fabulous backgrounds, tags and flowers? I die! There’s too many possibilities here. My mojo will be back for SURE when these babies are in the house!

Hero Arts Preorders

The way the catalog works, some items ship immediately and some ship in late December. These below are ones I can’t wait to see in stock. You could also order them now and have them shipped to you ASAP when they’re being sold. Oh, that would be the life! I’m so in love with these new inks. And the catalog shows a new Midnight Black/Grey/Light Grey set of Hero Hues papers, too. Finally! I’ll be buying about four packs of those when they come out.

What are your favorites from the catalog so far? I’m so excited to play with these new goodies and show you what they can do. Hero, you seriously rock. Let me know what’s in your cart right now at Simon Says down in the comments on this post. Enable me back! ;)

Of course, I couldn’t leave without sharing a couple pictures of Leia. She’s my little star lately. I’m one happy kitty mama. :)

12-18-12 Bon Voyage and More Leia by Britta Swiderski-2

She has now discovered the joy of metallic pipe cleaners (bought them from the dollar section at target) and isn’t hiding under the couch anymore. Yay! She absolutely adores her Scratch Lounge and sits there whenever we’re in the living room watching tv. (P.S. Fab, the store I got it from, is absolutely AMAZING for little funky gifts for yourself, your pets or others… I buy from them way more often than I’ll actually admit.)

12-18-12 Bon Voyage and More Leia by Britta Swiderski-1

That, and she’s even more angelic when she sleeps. Together with me now…. *awwww*!

Oh, and you can see a video of her playing with catnip here. Haha. Silly Kitty.

Thanks so much for stopping by today. I’m going to go play with my new stamps a little more and see if I can get my groove back. If you have any tips for getting your mojo back, please let me know. I need all the help I can get!



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7 Responses to New Hero Arts Pretties

  1. What a wonderful card! Perfect for anyone going on a short trip or a permanent move. Great color choice and the hexagon background stamp is total eye candy. :)

    Speaking of a feast for the eyes…how about that beauty of yours, Leia?! She’s just so sweet, so gorgeous, and looks so incredibly lovable. I adore her. :)

  2. Definitely have a SSS order coming my way with LOTS of Hero Arts goodness!! It’s too hard to resist! I felt like the catalog was more contemporary than usual and I LOVED that. Also, your cat is adorbs. Once she settles in a bit, you could bust out the laser pointer and she if she likes to chase the light. My cats are OBSESSED with that game!

  3. Valerie Gee

    Just placed an order and got a bunch of Lawn Fawn stamps – inspired by YOU! I got the cute bunny on the sled, Pa-Rum-Pa-Pa-Pum, and Sophie’s Sentiments. You talk about them all the time, and use them every day, how could I not get Sophie’s Sentiments????

    Next up, your kitty? Ah. Dor. Ah. Ble. That’s all there is to it. She is such a cutie!

    Lastly, what do I do when I lose my mojo? I start watching your videos. I normally then find a technique I’m dying to try, so I jump right in and discover something new, and find my mojo at the same time. I would suggest finding a great blog, like and watch some tutorials/videos! Or watch some Tim Holtz goodness, that always gets me going too!

    Good luck finding your mojo! Mine has been present, but the time hasn’t! These holidays are such a rush – there’s no time to just sit and be peacefully creative…. it’s all rush rush rush for me (gotta get the cards done, gotta get the gifts done, gotta get the gifts wrapped, gotta get it done get it done get it done!). WHEW!

    Take care! XXOO from CO,

  4. Leia is definitely adorable! Thanks for sharing the pictures and the video of her too!

  5. Barb Ghigliotty

    I would say your creative block is behind you with this gorgeous card! I was just wondering…what about if you do a video tutorial? No pressure, honestly, I’m just thinking that it might be fun for you (I know it’s fun for us)!
    My faves from the new catalog are the “Loop Flower Pattern” and “Leafy Vines” (I just ordered from SSS). That’s just a start, as I know I’ll be buying so many of the newest goodies asap!
    I just LOVE your sweet kitty…there’s something so soothing about watching them sleep :-)
    Well, when I lose my mojo…I visit your blog! You always manage to inspire me, Britta…thank you! I also check out Kristina Werner’s videos for inspiration, that always helps.
    Thanks for the update, and the inspiration! I hope you have a really wonderful Christmas! And, I hope the new year brings you lots of good health and happiness, you certainly deserve it!!!

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  7. I snatched up that woodgrain stamp as soon as a saw it…it is now on it’s way to me! I’ve been eyeballing the Hero woodgrain for ages but I really didn’t want to buy a large woodblock stamp. Once I saw that cling one I was sold! =) I also FINALLY signed up for the Simon card kit so that’s coming to me too. January’s kit looked so pretty I finally had to give in! I can’t wait to create with it.

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