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I’m feeling inspired. I don’t know what came over me, but my hands just started making cards last night and didn’t stop. I almost wish I could take a little (or heck, most) of this inspiration out of me and bottle it up for later when I run dry! Maybe that’s my new sense of budgeting and keeping track of money that has gotten into my brain. Ha!

Today, I wanted to celebrate the excitement of CHA by making a card that I’ll soon be able to make in a whole new way – with die cuts! This card from Lawn Fawn features Quinn’s ABCs and Blissful Botanicals, both of which have brand new coordinating dies on their way (check them out here: Quinn’s dies and Blissful dies). I can’t wait for these! More about that below.

01-16-13 Mwah Lawn Fawn CAS by Britta Swiderski-1

This is a bright and happy CAS card in a color combination I love – all secondary colors (for more on what secondary colors mean, read my blog post here about the color wheel). Prismacolor Pencils are so highly pigmented that they create perfectly opaque coverage even on kraft cardstock (on darker colors, too!). I own the 48 color set with a couple extra browns and metallic pencils. It’s a really great set to start out with if you’re looking to experiment with coloring, and these pencils are good enough to last you a very long time. It’s a total bonus that you can usually get them for at least 25% off at local stores or online, and sometimes as much as 50% off. Keep an eye out for those sets if you don’t have any artist colored pencils yet! They truly rock.

I do plan on upgrading to a larger set and using the 48 count set as purely for travel at some point, but I do really think the colors in the 48 pack are sufficient for starting with Prismas – you can create just about any colors with the ones they give you. :)

Another tip to get this card looking pristine resides in the very tiny details – the black lines around each shape. Since the pencils are so opaque, it helps to go over any areas of the black line that are cloudy or covered by colored pencil after you’ve colored. I use these fantastic fine point sharpie pens to color over the top. It’s the little things on CAS cards like this that make them shine.

01-16-13 Mwah Lawn Fawn CAS by Britta Swiderski-2

How will I create this card differently when I have the dies in hand? Well you’ll have to come back to see that. I’ll make sure to post side by side so you can see the fun difference. :) Something to look forward to!


Lawn Fawn Dies

I want to share the new Lawn Fawn products that are now up for preorder at Simon Says. To be honest, I have such a personal and emotion connection with all things Lawn Fawn that they superceed my CHA favorites list. I’m totally not an impartial observer on these ones, sorry! ;) Okay, I’m not sorry. Their products rock, and I plan to own every since thing from the new release. Check them out!

My favorites of the dies (if I could only have three!): Quinn’s ABCs (no more fussy cutting letters? Amen), Critters in the Forrest (I seriously can’t tell you how many times I’ve cut that three and those critters out) and the hearts (because LF makes the best hearts and I have a hard time not using them on everything as it is).

New Lawn Stamps and Collections

Lawn Fawn also has, of course, new stamps (10 sets!) and two new paper collections. I’m absolutely in love with the Critters on the Savanna, Sharp Backdrops (those are going to be SO hot!), Ombre Cord and Daphne’s Closet. Seriously, LF has knocked it out of the park this time around! Super on-trend as always. :)

Sorry for the enabling, but you know I just can’t resist cute things. Stop by tomorrow for my top picks from CHA. Hopefully I’ve dug a few things up that you didn’t catch in the coverage. There’s so many inspiring things out there! You can also check out my favorite tweets from CHA over the past five days in this blog post. So many awesome things to check out and inspire.



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7 Responses to Clean and Simple Lawn Fawn

  1. Sandi Neumann

    Very cool card! I so love my pencils too!

  2. Laura Jane

    Thanks for listing ALL the new Lawn Fawn NEW goodies!! Makes for EASY shopping!! I’m so excited about the new paper and trimmings:))

  3. Tiffany O'Grady

    Such a cute card! We want to see all the ones you made I. This creative rush.

    And thanks for enabling. I already have a bunch of those on the list!

  4. Mandee

    You’re so bad, but I love it. Love all those new dies. Cute card. Thanks for all the tips you give us and thanks for sharing your creations. Hugs

  5. LOVE this! Seriously crushing :)

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