A Jar Full of Happiness – Celebration and Fun Day 4

Welcome to the forth day of fun! I’ll keep this short and sweet, because I have a big project due today for class and am working my butt off to get it done in time. Oh, how I can’t wait for these crazy, excessive assignments to be over with. Only six more weeks.

Today, played with the new Summertime Charm stamp set and dies from Lawn Fawn and made a cute little jar of wishes. I stamped the jar and label twice – once onto some Neenah white cardstock and then another time onto masking paper. This way, I could mask off the label and the border around the outside of the jar for stamping in the stars.

03-28-13 Thanks Jar Full of Happiness by Britta Swiderski-1

I stamped the stars with Memento black ink once and stamped again before reinking, creating some nice grey outlines mixed with the black ones. The generation stamping, overlapping the stars and coloring with copics all helped to create this fun, vellum-like look. They look almost magical in the jar. The dies worked perfectly to cut out the jar and the stars. Can I remind you how much in love with that thin white border I am? Because it make everything stand out so well against the pink patterned paper. Love!

03-28-13 Thanks Jar Full of Happiness by Britta Swiderski-2


Here’s a look at today’s fab giveaway. A big thanks to Lawn Fawn for sponsoring this giveaway (they provided some of the items and I paid for others). Love you, LF!


How it works: All you have to do each day to enter is answer the question of the day. Of course, you could be fabulous and spread the word to your facebook friends, twitter followers, etc. by sending them to my blog as well. That would be really cool of you! You can leave a comment (just one comment, please – only the first one will count) until the end of March 31st, 2013. I’ll be drawing, notifying and posting the winners sometime on Tuesday, April 2nd. All winners will be randomly drawn using a number generator. International entries are welcome, but I do ask, if you’re under 18, that you have the permission of your parent/guardian(s) since you will have to give me your address so I can send you the goodies!

Here’s the question of the day:

What part of your craft stash needs a little TLC (tender loving care)? Reorganizing? Labeling? Time to destash?

The area most in need of attention in my craft area right now is definitely my collection of stamps. Since I’ve been in my current apartment, I don’t have enough wall space to hang my stamps like I did in my last place. So right now I have them in bins organized by manufacturer. This might work for some people, but it’s driving me crazy that I can’t see all of them out in the open! I’ll let you know if I come up with a better solution, but for now I’m just counting the days until we move again in August so I can once again have a wall full of stamps. Lol!

Thanks for joining me today. Wish me luck on getting this project done in time… I’m going to need it! And see you tomorrow for the big re-release of the Design Principles class. I can’t wait to re-introduce it to you!



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129 Responses to A Jar Full of Happiness – Celebration and Fun Day 4

  1. I’m in the middle of sorting my stamps. I think I want to sort them by brand (as that’s how I think of them when I need a certain stamp). I’ve bought some boxes and now it’s a case of sorting and labelling…!

  2. Anna Stone

    The area of my craft space that’s needs a little TLC is how everything is stored and displayed. I would love to have things stored in a way that is tidy andaccesible but so that I can see everything I have. That’s one of my goals for when I move out. I currently am working with the space and storage I have.

  3. I love LF! Your card is super cute Britta! I just started labeling my clear stamp sets, but I really need to organize my wood block stamps.

  4. Super cute card Britta! I am still looking for a storage solution for all of my ink pads that makes me happy.

  5. Sandra ltb

    cute card – love jars.
    easy question ….. reorganizing … really bad!
    Sandra ltb

  6. Jo

    You are such an enabler… I love it. Haha. There is a long and short answer to this question. The short answer is that my whole stash needs sorting and purging. Right now I don’t really have a space to create, so things just sit in their boxes and wait for me to make a space for them to live. Hopefully this spring/summer I will reorganize the room and be able to create, regularly, again.

  7. diana

    Great card – love those LF mason jar stamps & dies!

    Easy question! My stash needs some major de-stashing followed by reorganization. ;-)

  8. Everyone who comes to my craft studio says I’m so organized, but I don’t feel it. I always feel like I could organize something else better. I think I prefer organizing my stash more than using it! lol

    I’d have to say it’s my stamps tho. I’ve been a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator for 10 years, so I have a wall of stamps in cases. When I first began, I had a binder of stamped images to keep track of which stamps I had for quick reference. I really need to update that, as well as the MANY other stamps I’ve collected over the last 10 years that are cling mount and are buried underneath each other in drawers!

  9. Debby M.

    What a cute card in today’s post. Lots of help needed to organize my craft room.

  10. Rachel K

    I just recently purged and reorganized my craft area. I realized I need a different method for storing and organized my ink pads…pretty desperately! Some labeling would probably greatly help! :)

  11. Cindy

    What a super-cute card! LOVE IT!! Funny you should ask…………I am in the MIDDLE OF A MESS of totally reorganizing, purging, and totally re-doing my entire room of stuff …….YUK! Stuff just everywhere! But it HAD to be done…..I’ve been stamping over yrs, collected TOO much @!*&? over the years, I, too, have no space to create! Plus, I know I could gain alot of space if I re-mount my wood stamps to cling and purge the oldies I seldom use. ,,,, hmmm……. I hope I haven’t bitten off MORE than I can chew!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Elisabeth PG

    Adorable card, love all those stars and the mason jar :)
    The area of my craft room which needs more TLC is the organization of all my cardstock and paper stash – I need to find a nice display so that I can see them and access them more easily, they are now just all mixed up and piled up in 2 drawers…

  13. RedGem

    Funny you ask this question, because I’m always trying to reorganize my craft room. I feel that I’ve got several categories down to where I like them, my solid cardstock is in milk crates in hanging folders, my inks are sorted by color in 12×12 plastic drawers. Its my dies I have placed them in snap storage containers sorted by categories, just very heavy to take down from my shelf, still working on a better system.

  14. Mary-Anne V.

    Love the card and the glossy accents on the star. Funny you ask that question… I need to revamp my whole craft area… everything is pretty disorganized right now.

  15. Tina Louie

    Omygoodness, everything I own needs re-organizing!! I think the area that needs to most re-organizing is my paper!!! I have so many loose pieces of paper floating around!! Drives me a bit bonkers when I’m looking for something

  16. elizabeth

    First of all this card is so cute. Truly, my entire craft room needs some organization. I need to get shelves put on the walls to store more items. I have some really cool storage cabinets and a crafting desk I bought at a stamping show a few years ago…but my craft supplies have outgrown everything. Right now I am trying to figure out the shelves for storage and also a better way to store my embossing folders and dies. Good luck on your class project! Thank you for sharing your beautiful art work.

  17. JC

    Cute card! The part of my craft stash that needs a little TLC are my stamps…right now I have some in a box on the floor, others in shoe boxes on the shelf, others in a drawer, etc. Good luck on your project!!! Thanks.

  18. Rose Foran

    I desperately need to find a way of organizing everything that works well for me. I’m a very messy crafter. My craft room is “an organized mess” for the most part, I know where everything is, but it would be nice to sort of train myself to keep it all nice and neat and tidy.

  19. Laura Jane

    Your JAR of Stars is DEVINE!
    I can always use a bit of craft goodness RE-ORGANIZING:)

  20. Janet Mack

    I just need to clean up after myself, I pull all kinds of stuff out but I’m not good at putting it away. I’m wondering, how does anyone part with their stamps. I can’t even get rid of the ones I have gotten tired of using.

  21. krista d

    Adorable card! Labeling….definitely needs to be done in my craft room.

  22. Oh goodness right now I need help w/my little corner in my bedroom that I’ve turned into my craft area. I do have a table in the living room but since I am expecting the bedroom is the furthest I venture out Ha.. I need one of them cute IKEA organizers I’ve seen.. now to convince Hubby about that ha.

  23. Amie

    Hi Britta!
    This one has really caught my eye! It’s so hard to get Lawn Fawn in the UK!
    Without a doubt, The main things that need organising is my “Embellishment” drawer. I tidy it, But then use my ribbons, gems etc & by the end of my crafting session, The thing is a complete mess again! You know how headphones somehow get all knotty in your handbag? Imagine that with ribbon and a bottle of glossy accents. Nightmare!
    Good luck with your project!

  24. Super cute card, I love LF!!!

    I don’t know if it’s exactly part of my craft stash, but the cards I’ve made are in serious need of some organizing! Once I make a card, I just put it in a pile…yikes! I really want to organize them by occasion and I even have the boxes to do that. I just haven’t done it yet, lol.

    Thanks so much for the chance to win! :)

  25. Jenn

    I found your site on YouTube and love it! For me right now I actually need more paper. I am hoping to order some very soon!

  26. My entire work area in my kitchen needs some SERIOUS reorganizing. I need more shelves or something..and just afraid to hang them on my lathe and plaster wall, afraid they’ll all come down!

  27. Lisa S.

    Paper, always paper. I can’t stop buying more, and need to keep it organized.

  28. sweet card. love the glossy accent stars.

    I think all my craft stash need to be organized and restashed, or destashed :)

  29. Very pretty card! My 12×12 patterned papers definitely need a little TLC. I am going to sort them all by manufacturer as soon as I get time!

  30. Shayla A McConnell

    What a cute card!

    My stash needs to be more accessible. It could be more organized too but I’d just mess it back up.

  31. Such an adorable card..esp the popped up stars!! totally wow!

    I need serious organizing! I need everything in a place…right now..each is in a different corner of the room!!

    Thanks for such a crazy giveaway!! you rock girl!

  32. Super adorable card! I love your work! :) I would say the item I have been destashing the most and reorganizing is my stamps. I have been selling off a lot of older ones in hopes to earn money to purchase the 65 items on my Lawn Fawn wish list. Thank you for the chance to win some cuteness. FWIW, I am not fond of grouping manufacturers together either, except for LF stamps (but that’s because I am trying not to lose my letters, so I have them all together in a container for now!)

  33. alinsmajl

    All of it! I have now occupied the only storage space in our livingroom. But really; the candles and all the other things are not important:)

  34. Kathy Mc

    Your card makes me very happy, Britta! I’m off to finish reorganizing my stamp sets by putting them in TH pocket folders, creating labels and adding copies of each to my binder. Just got more supplies so I can proceed once again. Thanks, Britta & Lawn Fawn!

  35. Jeannie L

    Lovely card! Love the stars coming out of that mason jar.

    My stamps do need some TLC. Haven’t inked them for some time. Having to travel to my sister’s just to do some crafting is the main deterrent. Hopefully I can do some catching up over the weekends.

  36. adetia

    Love that card! I started working on ink swatches today in fact! I am feeling very motivated, and was actually very surprised at how some of my inks looked nothing like the pads really.

  37. Simi

    My stash needs urgent reorganizing.
    Thanks for the chance to win.
    Your cards are just lovely.

  38. Megan G

    Cute card! I like the look of the twice stamped stars! As of right now I don’t need to reorganize anything, I just did that, I just need a bigger space. I have everything in boxes so I have to dig everything out everytime I make a card. It’s not a bad thing but it would be nice if I could display a few things.

  39. Melinda Ferraz

    Cute card!! I’m in the process of reorganizing my craft room right now. Good luck with your project for school.

  40. Gorgeous card…love Lawn Fawn!!! I’d have to say that I’m drowning in my patterned 12 by 12 paper…I need to find a good way to organize this so I’ll use it…I actually forget what I own.

  41. We moved a couple of months ago that caused me to have to dejunk most of my scrapping supplies (YAY!!)……..now that we are into our new home, I need to do some organization in the new space (rather than the boxes I have laying around the room that I have to dig though to get the items that I want). I love Lawn Fawn….thanks for the chance to win!!

  42. Vanessa

    Love the card! Generation stamping opens up so many cool looks! The area in my craft space that needs the most work is my embellishment stash! One of these days I will re-organize everything else so I can get that in order! Thanks for the give a way! You rock!

  43. laura m.

    Awesome card! Thanks for the giveaway :D
    My paper stash could use a little help ;)

  44. karen k

    Today’s question is easy for me. All of those scraps (and a little bigger than scraps) of paper need to be organized or they won’t be able to be used again. With someone would do that for me…

    • Scraps is a good one! I actually have a suggestion for this: I keep my scraps with the paper source they came from. So I have each 6 x 6 pad in a 7 x 9 ziploc where all usable scraps go in when I’m done with a project. For my cardstock, I have a sheet protector next to each color with scraps of each one. (For my hero arts papers, I just have one page protector for each color family.) Hope this helps you start thinking of ideas!

  45. Wendy G.

    I really need to organize my embossing folders! What a great giveaway! I am drooling!

  46. Avra

    Thank you so much for your reply on my DistressPaints/Stains question, and for alerting me to this weeks giveaways! This card is so cute! I have such a small craft space that everything pretty much always needs organizing – as soon as I buy something new – I need to reorganize that item to fit the new product in! But it’s so fun to keep buying and trying new things!

  47. Um, is all of it an answer?! My craft room flooded a few weeks ago, since then, our entire basement is uninhabitable so all of my crafty goodness is in Archer’s nursery. Needless to say, this isn’t an ideal arrangement! I’m working out of boxes which is ZERO fun!!

  48. Jen McDermott

    I love this card–the generational stamping really adds some dimension! I really think I need to take the plunge and buy Quinn’s ABCs now that there are dies–I’ve always held off because I didn’t want to fussy cut them! Anyway, the area in my craft room that needs some serious help is my ginormous stack of paper that needs to be filed. Every time I pull out a patterned paper or piece of cardstock, and it winds up not getting used, it goes in “the pile”….which is now alarmingly large. I need to sit and put it all back in it’s rightful Cropper Hopper, but who wants to spend crafty time doing that?!

  49. Melissa S.

    Your card is absolutely adorable, Britta!!! My entire crafting stash needs to be purged & organized. I am just in the process of moving into my new craft room! I am sooooo excited but have so much work to do! Good luck on getting your big project done & on finishing up the semester.

  50. Carolyn Picken

    Love the idea of generation stamping. Great card. Being an very organized person, I really don’t need to organize, just clean up the mess I make when creating.

  51. I would say my paper storage would need some TLC and re-organizing. Great giveaway!


  52. I just love your creativity, Britta! Thank you again for another chance to win this amazing giveaway.

  53. Lauren Harmer

    What a sweet card! Storage and labelling need TLC in my craft room. I’m half way there but keep getting more things before I finish !

  54. Kathy Camps

    My reorganizing definately needs a little TLC!
    Love the card and those goodies from lawn fawn are to die for!!

  55. PaperPixie

    Love this card. So cute!
    I have a bunch of wood mounted (and some never mounted) stamps that I need to unmount, and then I want to do an index of all my stamps. If I could get at least the jnmounting/organizing done before we move in a few months, that would be awesome.

  56. Sue D

    Fabulous magical card!
    I have been working on my scrap cardstock and have got it better under control. I need to do the same with my patterned paper and I also have stamp storage problems. Need to get rid of some and reorganize the rest.

  57. Dixie

    Love your jar of stars! Great idea to get the gray stars. I need to purge my stash!!

  58. Yes, my stamp collection has grown immensely (thanks to all the Lawn Fawn stamps I’ve been getting!); I really, really need to figure out a nice storage system for it. I use them every single day, so they need to be easily accessible. I love you card – great inspiration as always! And yes, this is one of the sets (stamp & matching die) that I got and can’t wait to use!!

  59. Nice work on that card, Britta – it truly is magical. My craft area definitely needs some reorganizing attention, so that is what needs some TLC right now. If only I could find some extra time to do it!

  60. Kathy W

    I love how those stars look inside the jar. And thanks to you and Lawn Fawn for providing the amazing gift package. I see Critters on the Savannah. Oooh.

  61. Tricia H

    My desk & shelves around it need some TLC. I tried to keep what I use most near me, but it’s still not very easy to get to & just ends up cluttering my desk so I end with with an itty-bitty work space!
    Cool stuff this week!

  62. Joan

    This is a loaded question. I have been in the process of re-organizing and re-labeling, but never seem to get done; therefore, although I have started re-stashing, giving things to my granddaughters to use for scrapping, I definitely need to concentrate on this so I’m not so overwhelmed!

  63. I love your stamping technique with the stars and using masking paper. This card is so so cute. I love it!
    My supplies are in pretty good shape – but my crafting area as a whole is not very well organized – but I’m working on it in between making cards!

  64. Kirsty B

    My entire craft stash needs reorganising, I have so ny different things in the same box it’s crazy!

  65. I have officially run out of room in my craftroom, so re-organizing is necessary. My worktable is hard to work at due to all the “stuff” that is on and around it. I need more open space so I can work!

  66. Reorganizing TLC, definitely! (And chuck/donate a lot on the way. ) :)

  67. organization is #1! i forget how much product i have to work with because i can’t see it. and i feel like my workspace isn’t always functional.

  68. Love the jar card so cute and great idea.
    My thing is I need to clean out my scrap drawer and box. I always say I will just get out some dies and punches and take care of those scraps by making die/punched pieces.. it’s been a long time since I’ve done it and really need to do it NOW.. or soon.

  69. Jemima

    So pretty much all of my stach needssome care and thought. I live in a little shoebox for a unit and so all my stuff is in 3 document filling boxes. I really need to be brutal and cull my stash so its not so overwhelming to have a crafting moment because I need to pack it all back up after. I use my kitchen bench for crafting so can’t really leave it all out :) Thanks for the great chance to win!

  70. Andrea Reynolds

    I’ve recently given my scrap area a lot of tlc, so I think I’m good for a while! Man, it felt good!

  71. Really cute card! Love the colors! To answer your question, I would say that my embellishments can use a little reorganization. Thanks for the chance!

  72. Glorie

    My stash of papers needs to be reorganized … It is all over my room. Thanks for the chance to win.

  73. Dena Cline

    I love today’s card …tfs !!

  74. I spent all last weekend re-organizing the craft room. Now I need to work on the storage area.

  75. Kathy Cline

    thanks for a fun giveaway today.

  76. Good grief,…. my entire room needs someone to come in and reorganize… better yet- how about come and reorganize my entire house….
    My decorating style is ‘Best Buy’ meets “frat house.”

    Hugs, Britta….

  77. Mateja

    Definitely my stamps… I don’t have as many as you do, but I started one sistem and it is ok, the problem is that there is just half of my stamps sorted in the current system :) I just don’t have the time at the moment and I keep putting it off :)

    Very cute card by the way, love all of the stars in the jar :)

  78. Brenda

    I think it all needs work but that doesn’t seem to stop me from acquiring more! So thanks for the chance to add to my difficulty!

  79. aquablues

    CUTE card, Britta! I love to buy stamps and dies and paper crafting goodies and I shop way too often. My crafting stuff is in a small bedroom with my piano. There isn’t enough space for both and everything is a mess. It’s a wonder that I can create anything. What I need most of all are wall shelves installed. I have the shelves but don’t know how to put them up. I need a handy-person for a few days!

  80. My washi tapes need reorganised. At the moment they are very neatly stacked on a pull out tray but whenever I pull it out several fall out & it’s difficult to get to the ones at the back.

  81. I definitely need to reorganize! I don’t have a lot of space in my apartment and I still haven’t figured out the most practical way to organize everything. Thanks for the chance to win, Britta! I hope your project goes well!

  82. SandiL

    My non distress ink pads ,my distress inks I’m up to date with but the rest need some colour swatches or something. Also need to work something out with my stickles, very tired of picking up everyone to find the one I’m after :) Good luck with your project, thanks again Britta for the wonderful lawn fawn giveaway

  83. Ooo, I love this card! The stars and the jar are SO fun!! Fab job, Britta! And to answer your question, I think my inks could use some labeling. It’s hard to quickly tell what color you want when all the packaging looks the same!

  84. Victoria h

    I’d love a filing Cabernet to organise card stock but don’t have space for one so it’s altogether in a box. Awesome prize .

  85. sandy mruk

    I have a large room in my house which is my stamp room. I am getting more into clear stamps and still have hundreds of wood stamps. I have to organize all this stuff which half of which i have never used. I think this is true of all card makers. I have to get a grip but this stuff especially Lawn Fawn is so cute.

  86. Angie Hall

    I’ve been working on my ink pad storage. I bought one for the regular sized pads and have been labeling them. My sweet hubby is building me a storage unit for my Distress inks so I’ll label those too. Guess what? He’s builing me a big craft island too. It’s almost finished and I can’t wait to start using it. Thanks for the great giveaways this week.

  87. My craft area is basically a wall in my bedroom… I just reorganized it last night but what it really needs is more space. I have a rolling drawer unit from ikea, but I could probably use another one! (I would love an old card catalog.)

  88. Terri (blindstamper)

    My embellishments for scrapping can get out of hand fast. Good storage, knowing what I have, …

  89. Lolt Borda

    The ones you used today, must be my most favorite product of LF. I love your fresh card.
    My inks are the items that need TLC, I still didn’t find the best way to organize them that works for me. Thanks for the chance.

  90. Reorganizing. I know were everything is but getting to it is becoming more difficult every day.

  91. Cindy

    I need ti bite the bullet and get rid of the stickers I’ve had for 20 years and never use!

  92. This card is super cute! Love the colors!
    I really need to tidy up my craft space! Everything is just piling up everywhere, and there’s almost no space left for me to craft on my desk… Thanks again for a wonderful giveaway!! :-) xx

  93. I need to seriously reorganize my embellishments… I’m procrastinating about how I’m going to do it. They all just seem to sit in a box and I rummage through them if I need something.
    Thank you for this lively giveaway :)

  94. Grace L.

    I need storage solutions for my dies..they’re everywhere! Bitta, please update stamp storage as I need tlc in this area too :)

  95. Barb Ghigliotty

    Hi Britta,
    Oh my, what a charming card! I love how you stamped off the stars to give them a dreamy ‘outline’ appearance…you are so clever! Love your design, and the papers you chose are so sweet!
    I really need to reorganize my stash…ALL of it! I just picked up some baskets for my 6×6 pads, so I just have to discipline myself to get it done!!! Every time I plan to do it, I get side tracked by a challenge (my weakness), and procrastinate.
    Thanks again for sharing all of your Lawn Fawn projects with us, and for a chance to win some blog candy…you are such a sweetheart!

    Six more weeks!!!!!!!! Yay!!!!

  96. I’m afraid and a bit ashamed to say that everything from my stash needs a lot a of TLC. I’m planning on moving, so i’m waiting to reorganize until i’ve really moved. But my craft space is looking awful ….. Fortunately my holiday starts on Monday, and it’ll be the first thing to do ;-)
    Thank you for the chance to win such an amazing prize!

    Hugs, Evy

  97. Organization of my craft space is on my to-do list for my vacation week. I also have to get better at putting things away when I’m finished making a card. I’m a bad housekeeper ;)

  98. Divine

    My craft stash needs some TLC. I need to use them. Since school started for me, I haven’t had the chance to play with my craft goodies. Hopefully I would be able to since Spring Break just started for me :)

  99. Lyn F

    I recently gave my stash some TLC and purged a lot of supplies. They found a happy home with the girls next door. Right now, I need to figure out how to get my embellishments under control (living tossed into a container at the moment). All those different sizes/shapes drive me crazy!

  100. Carole Toppen

    Oh boy, I would have to say “all of the above”. I am in the process of moving and have just begun boxing up my craft room and I really need to sort through things and either use or give some of it away. I didn’t realize I had so much paper–YIKES

  101. SharonP

    LOVE this card, a mason jar full of stars…that IS magic! For me it is labeling I bought a p-touch I had to have and haven’t labeled a single thing LOL oh and I guess my stamp pads particularly T.H. For stamps I use the pockets made for his binder but I store the stamps inside on a binder cling sheet and stand them all up in long baskets, I love this system as I can just thumb through

  102. Jen

    I would say I need to purge some of the paper I bought for card making when I first started. I bought most of it at craft stores compared to online and I rarely touch them.

  103. Maureen Chandler

    Very cute card – love the jar and stars! My embellishments need help and organizing. I have them stashed here and there and I do forget what I have and some of what I have is years old!

  104. Sandy

    I love the jar with stars. I can’t bear to throw out any long strips (I’ve cut off the sides of too-long paper), or bits and pieces of patterned paper. HELP! I’m being bogged down and can’t get up. Ideas, please!!

  105. Leticia Vasquez

    I really need to destash. But kind of hard to do at 35 weeks pregnant

  106. Vickie M Sneed

    I need to reorganize my cricut cartridges. I had a good system that worked well until my inventory grew. Now my current system takes up too much room. I need to shrink my cricut thumbprint and find a system that works for me, but won’t take up so much room.

  107. Gilu

    My 6×6 patterned papers

  108. KatieP

    Your card is great.
    My stamps are in the most need of TLC, followed quickly by my paper.

  109. Borduurmuppet

    Because I’m new to cardmaking, my stash of all kind of bits and pieces is growing at an alarming rate…I choose reorganizing, it’s a bit of a mesh right now, but everytime I try to organize thing I get very creative and end up with something I have been making rather than reorganizing. I think it’s a problem of luxury. Have a great day!

  110. Erica Johnson

    My stamps needs help desperately! The shoebox size box that they’ve been stored in is now too small. I have stamps now on my desk, on the shelf and in a bin on the floor. It’s time to reorganize and come up with a solution.

  111. What a nice card ! The answer is my dies, for sure.
    Thanks for sharing all your tips ans knowing.

  112. Rhonda F

    I love the ideas you create for using the stamps in multiple ways, you are impressive. I need a way to organize my stamps, I have them just in bins and I also can’t see them all and have difficulty finding the ones I and seem to use the ones I see. I definitely need help on organizing my stamps. Thanks!

  113. Nancy L.

    I really need to use some of my (small) stash! LOL! Love that little card!!

  114. Right now I am working on my embossing folders.

  115. Jordan Brooks

    I have so much craft stuff but my next on my TLC list is my sewing stuff! I have been sewing since I was 4 and over the years I have gotten so much fabric and patterns that I need to go through!
    Much Love,

  116. Lynda

    What I need to do in my craft stash is to clean up after myself – both after I bring home something new & after I make something! I love my organization system when everything is where it’s supposed to be!

  117. Louise G

    I so much need to destach and reorganize … again!
    But what to let go? When to do it?
    Love your card again today! So colorfull!

  118. nicolaC

    all my craft stuff lifes in a big grey box under my kitchen table. everything gets thrown back in the box after each session, and i cannever find what i want in the bottom. it all needs tlc but time doingthat takes time from card making.

  119. Cheri C

    Definitely need to cull some of my stamps especially those that are wood mounted. They just take up so much space to store.

  120. Jackie O.

    As a new empty nester, I was able to convert a bedroom into a craft room! So helpful in keeping things organized and having a place to work. However, I still need to “destash” some of my scrap yarn. :o)

  121. Right now, my scrap pieces of paper are bothering me! I know how I want to organize them, just haven’t done it yet! I hate to throw away any of them, but I also hate having them around.. ironic! I really need these stamps and dies, I don’t have any critter LF stamps, and I don’t own a single die yet, so I’m really crossing my fingers! Thanks so much Britta!!!! Hope you ACED your assignment!

  122. Holly Pettingill

    Very cure card :) I really need to reorganise my bundles of twine, maybe need to invest in some little wooden spools to wind them all on.

  123. Tara D.

    I have so many unmounted rubber stamps that I need to figure out a system that keeps them organized and includes a way for me to see the images. I have to see my stuff or it doesn’t get used!

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