Celebration and Fun Day 2: Lawn Fawn Dies. YAY!

Someone should have been recording my reaction when I found out that Lawn Fawn was going to be releasing dies. It was something like founding out I’d just won a small lottery jackpot. “Oh boy oh boy oh boy!” Or something like that.

I was especially excited for the Quinn’s ABCs dies because I can’t recall exactly how many times I’ve cut out each individual letter with a tiny pair of scissors, it was a lot. See, I really love fussy cutting, but there’s only so many times you can cut out the same stamped image before you want to stab something (a pillow? the card? you know). So this was like the angels looked down upon me and said “You shall not have to cut out another Quinn’s letter.” And I sang for joy. ;)

03-25-13 mwah! LF dies Giveaway Week by Britta Swiderski-1

This card is a spin-off of the card I made when Lawn Fawn announced the dies. I wanted to make a card that I could quickly and easily recreate with the dies when they came out, and I have to say, I love the way this turned out. I liked the original, but the small white border around each stamped piece just seems so… perfect. I love it. All the coloring is from Prismacolor pencils, by the way. I love those things. The stamps I used were Quinn’s ABCs and the matching dies as well as Blissful Botanicals and the coordinating dies. I’m in love.

03-25-13 mwah! LF dies Giveaway Week by Britta Swiderski-2


Here’s the card that I made before the dies. You can read more about it on this post. It’s lovely as a CAS card, but I’m having so much fun with the dies!

01-16-13 Mwah Lawn Fawn CAS by Britta Swiderski-1

Here’s what I’ll be giving away today for day two of our celebration. A big thanks to Lawn Fawn for sponsoring this giveaway (they provided some of the items and I paid for others). Love you, LF! Each day, you’ll find links to each one of the products below the giveaway picture so you can see what each item is individually.


How it works: All you have to do each day to enter is answer the question of the day. Of course, you could be fabulous and spread the word to your facebook friends, twitter followers, etc. by sending them to my blog as well. That would be really cool of you! You can leave a comment (just one comment, please – only the first one will count) until the end of March 31st, 2013. I’ll be drawing, notifying and posting the winners sometime on Tuesday, April 2nd. All winners will be randomly drawn using a number generator. International entries are welcome, but I do ask, if you’re under 18, that you have the permission of your parent/guardian(s) since you will have to give me your address so I can send you the goodies!

Here’s the question of the day:

Have you ever taken an online crafting class before? What subjects do you want to learn more about in an online class? 

I already know what my next class is going to be, but after I’m done with school there will be a lot of fun things coming on this blog, so it’s always good to keep the ideas coming. What do you want to learn about? What do you really like about online classes? What features do you think the perfect online class has? Answer any or all of these questions and you’ll be entered to win today’s giveaway

See you tomorrow for a video tutorial + another day of celebration and fun. :)



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119 Responses to Celebration and Fun Day 2: Lawn Fawn Dies. YAY!

  1. The only online class I have taken was True Stamp a few weeks ago. I loved learning about the different stamping techniques.

  2. Janet Mack

    Never taken an on line class before but I would like to, I could stay in my pj’s. I love learning new techniques

  3. laura m.

    Beautiful cards! Thanks for the awesome giveaways :)
    I haven’t taken any online craft classes…I would be interested in a card class or a design principles class. :)

  4. Penny Laschanzky

    Hey Britta! I’ve never taken an “official” online crafting class before….but I have watched many of your video tutorials and learned a lot from you in that way: the distress ink video tutorials in specific helped me choose which TH inks to purchase first, then some to get after I had my “basic set” bought! Thanks for all your videos….I love watching them!

  5. Love the LF dies! Must get some soon! Yes, I’ve taken some of the online card classes with Jennifer and Kristina. I love their videos and that you have lifetime access to them so you can go back and watch them again and again.

  6. Jeannie L

    Definitely love the LF dies… A few of the dies I want are sold out. Bummer… Well will just wait till they’re restocked.

    Yes I’ve taken quite a few online classes. I’m always interested to know more about using distress inks, stains and with the new line of distress paints now on top of what I already know. They are just really fun to work with. Thanks for the awesome giveaway and for the chance to win.

  7. Nope never taken any online class before. I saw one once I considered and it was about how to stretch your supplies and use them in multiple ways. Would love to take one like that if it were offered again.

  8. Sandra ltb

    I have taken photoshop classes – but have not taken any online crafting …. although I have seen several that I have thought would be fun.
    The ones that spark my interest are the ones that show you new techniques to make stunning projects!
    Sandra ltb

  9. Nancy L.

    Something about taking pictures of your creations!

  10. kate

    I took a class from a fellow youtuber and it was awesome! It focused on creating a kit from your hard to use supplies and making it work. THanks for the chance to win this great giveaway!

  11. Rose Foran

    I’ve taken several online card classes and I have always found each one to be very informative and inspiring. I think a sort of “catch-all” type class would be nice, a little something different each day. Also, something having to do with masculine cards. I have a lot of guys in my life that I make cards for and I always feel they are too girly or cutesy.

  12. Pat

    I’ve taken a couple classes from oneline card classes with Jennifer McGuire and Kristina Werner. I was skeptical of online classes at first but really love what they’ve done…great videos, pdf guides. Anything teaching techniques or layout would be great.

  13. Elisabeth PG

    Hi Britta, I have taken a few online classes before (a design class from A Beautiful Mess, and a sewing class on an Etsy shop). What I love about online classes is when we can print a full pdf document which includes detailed instruction and pictures. This way, we can keep it in our library and reference back to it when we need inspiration. I also LOVE your video tutorials. They are very informative, you show step-by-step techniques and provide the detail on all the products you use so it is very helpful. Keeping the same elements in an online class would be fantastic, you are already doing such a great job!

    In terms of topic, I would love to see a course where you show us how to make various cards for 1 occasion (i.e. making 10 Birthday cards or 10 Thank You cards, etc.). This way, we would have many ideas for building up our card supply so that we always have something ready when needed. A photoshop class would also be awesome since you studied graphic design. I would love to learn how to use it for scrapbooking projects and Project life. A Project life class would also be great, with ideas of how to incorporate journalling and embellishment to your layouts!

    Thanks again for this beautiful giveaway!

  14. Rachel K

    These dies look awesome! Can’t wait to get some! :)
    I have taken a few classes (including your Design Principles and two from OnlineCardClasses.com). I’d like to see a class showcasing some techniques. Maybe students could create a swatch-book of the different techniques taught during class to play along with what they’re learning. I think that would be super fun.

  15. Laura Jane

    The ABC dies are just the ticket!
    I took the STRETCH you STAMPS class..I really like an online class that allows me to go at my own pace.

  16. Ann K

    I haven’t – for some reason, either the timing was off or I just didn’t get it done. Would love to in the future . . . I am so inspired by you, Kristina Werner, Jennifer McGuire, Vicki P . . . and so many others. Would love to learn more from my idols! :)

  17. RedGem

    I’ve taken several online classes and really enjoy the videos from them. I am a visual person so the videos are very helpful. I love to learn any new techniques, but I especially love watercoloring techniques, using reinkers and ink sprays.

  18. Carmen

    Love your giveaway!

    I have taken several online classes including two with you “Quick and Easy holiday cards” & “No Stress Distress Inks”. Taken classes with Jennifer McGuire “Clean and Simple” and recently “Paper Pattern”.
    I am total amateur on card making so I take the classes so I can learn to use the tools and learn techniques.

  19. karen k

    Really love your blog and your creations! I have not taken an online class, but have been tempted. I would like to learn more about basic design elements and techniques. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity.

  20. Linda Baker

    Great giveaway! I haven’t taken an online class, but I should. There is just so much information and inspiration online already and I don’t know that I would have time for a class.

  21. Andrea Reynolds

    The only online classes I’ve taken are for scrapbooking layouts, but I can tell you no matter what kind of class I take I need the prompts emailed to me daily otherwise I forget I’m even taking a class!!

  22. i need the dies badly! i already have the stamps so why not get the dies too? i have taken a few online classes, the free ones from BPC and also one through goassamer blue when i did their december daily.

  23. The fact that I have none of these dies is NUTS!!! I’ll just be over here slaving away with my cutterbees…. :-(

    I have taken some of the classes from Online Card Classes which are fab! I am always up for learning different techniques. I find that the technique classes give me the most mileage and get incorporated into my cardmaking the most.

  24. Yes, I’ve taken some online classes, much I MUCH prefer classes in person. I might be interested in classes for different spray ink techniques.

  25. Melinda Ferraz

    I have never taken an online class before, but I do like to watch your videos, I’ve learned some new techniques from you. Thanks!!!

  26. Jen McDermott

    I took CAS 2 a little while ago and loved it. I’m not usually one to pay for a class, but I love the CAS style and I’m always looking for ways to make cards “pop” without making it look like the craft room vomited all over them. KWIM? So, I guess I’m looking for classes that are CAS-oriented. :)

  27. Debby M.

    Yes, I’ve taken several online classes and really liked them. I really don’t have any ideas for new classes, but I’m always interested in the new products and how to use them.

  28. Marian Pennino

    I have never taken an online class but have been seeing them posted lately so have been thinking about it. I LOVE your blog!!

  29. Kim R.

    I’ve taken lots of Online Card Classes’ classes. I prefer technique based classes like Inspiration Showcase. That was my all time favorite!

  30. I’ve taken a lot of online classes and love them. So chock full of info and it’s great that you have access to the info forever. I just finished a class on using patterned paper and would already be interested in another week of classes. I really struggle with using patterned paper so the more help I can get the better.

  31. Megan G

    I have never taken any online classes. I would love a class on design basics. Really any class taught by you would be great because you are great at explaining everything.

  32. Valerie Gee

    First of all, OMG OMG OMG OMG! I want – no, I *NEED* that Quinn’s alpha and dies! I think I will swoon….. =D

    Okay, so for your question. Yes, I have taken an on line coarse before, I took Tim’s Creative Chemistry 101 class. Loved it. Loved watching the videos, and printing out instructions, and then recreating the techniques myself, and now I have my own little flip book of “Tim Tags” as I call them, where I an look at the different results using the Distress products in all different ways. What I loved MOST about this class was the videos. What I loved second about this class, and it’s a really close second, was the mini instructions that I could print out, then trim down to size, and adhere to the back of the sample tag. That way, the quick how-to is right there along with what the final result looks like, and I can recreate it in a flash.

    What I’m looking for in a class is new technique using the cool supplies I already have.

    Thanks so much for another chance to win another amazing prize package!!!!

  33. Fabulous card, Britta! I agree that the white space around the letters really makes all the difference :) I’ve never taken an online class before, although it seems like a lot of people enjoy them and learn a lot. I think I’d like to learn more about clean and simple cards (yes, I know there was already a class), but that’s on the top of my improvement list!

  34. Kathy Cline

    I never took an online class online before, but looks like fun.

  35. Dena Cline

    I like the way you had design principles set up. I liked making the tags each day. Thanks for the nice giveaway also.

  36. Wendy G.

    I love the online card classes with Jennifer McGuire. Kristina Werner, Julie Ebersole etc… These are fantastic classes. I print all the PDF pages and make a book for each class but I like watching all the videos they provide. Without lots of videos, I would feel gypped! I am open to any new tips on using the plethora if products on the market (because I probably already have them in my stash!)

  37. I LOVE the Lawn Fawn dies, they’re the best.
    I’ve taken 2 online classes so far … one on making mini-albumbs and another on creative ideas to incorporate onto your scrapbook pages. I think in the future I’d like to take classes that focus more on specific techniques. I’d LOVE to take a class on using spray inks/mists and masks.

  38. SandiL

    These dies are so on my wish list!!! Lawn fawn rocks!
    I’ve never taken an online class before but it’s something I’d really like to try. I’d love to take a design/colour principals class with pdf pages of card layouts and colour schemes and a daily card to create for us as homework and lots of video’s. I think this would be a really good reference for all card makers and being able to access it years later would be just fabulous! Thanks Britta

  39. Sue D

    I have taken a few online classes. I like videos and handouts that I can print out if I want to. It would be nice to be able to access the class info after the class is over too. Learning how to use new products or learning how to do more complicated techniques would be great.

  40. Abbie

    Love the CAS look on your card! Very cute use of the LF dies.

    I just got done taking the Pattern Play class. This was my first class ever, and I loved it. So much inspiration. I would love a class about using sketches to their potential… Some people use them beautifully but me, not so much = )

  41. I’ve taken a couple online classes, mostly through Studio Calico. One was on the Silhouette, and the second was on Project Life. Right now, I can’t think of anything I want to learn, but if the right class came along, I might be interested. It’s sort of how I approached college electives – I got excited about what was offered and didn’t think about what I wished was offered.

  42. diana

    Both are great cards, but those die cuts really make that card pop!

    I’ve taken one card class so far, but I’d love to take more classes to learn about design principles, card styles, how to embellish (not over-embelish), when to stop, etc. Any tips on using stamps in multiple ways, using more DP, how to create a stamp collage … I’d love to learn to take my cards to the next level. ;-)

  43. I’m really excited about those Lawn Fawn dies, too. Thanks for sharing!

    I’ve taken several online classes, and the ones I’ve actually finish have to do with storytelling or family history. I guess I like that they challenge skills that I am not naturally good at.

  44. Brenda

    Have taken a few online card classes and enjoyed them.
    Lately I am intrigued by using the same stamp in different ways, combining different stamps, using scraps……it is fascinating to see the creative process; videos and PDF’s are good.
    Thanks for the chance.

  45. Britta you are so funny!!! I was super duper excited about the LF dies too! Huge difference in these cards .. both are beautiful, but the white border just makes it a tad better :) For the answer to your question – I’ve only taken one online class – Step Up Your Scrapbooking with Garden Girl Lynn Ghahary. She is phenomenal! I would like to know more about placement/design of cards – ie; why one chooses certain embellishments and locations to place them, and maybe how to shade and add light to images with pencils/pens, also – money saving tips/tricks. One thing I will forever be grateful to you for – showing us the way you store your clear stamps! I went to Ikea and got the same system you have and I love it! Thanks for buying us gifts Ms. Britta! Have a wonderful rest of the week!!!!

  46. I was so excited about Lawn Fawn dies also – they are perfect. This is probably silly – but I would love to take a handwriting class. I’m not sure how that would work online but my handwriting is something I would like to improve for my cards. I make my cards and then my sloppy handwriting on the inside just isn’t very pretty.

  47. Kathy Mc

    Mwah ~ love those cards, Britta! Have to agree 100% that dies make it so much easier than fussy cutting. Only online class I’ve taken is a Summer Card Class from Kristina Werner, Jennifer McGuire and designers. Wish I would have taken their Pattern Play class and still might sign up for it on my own time. Whatever class you teach will be a winner…just because!

  48. Valerie

    Really love these new dies! I have taken many card classes online and love doing them. The one I enjoyed the most was all about inks and how they work, but open for almost any topic.

  49. Dixie

    Those dies are just the ticket. Love how your card evolved! I’ve taken classes from OCC. I like classes that encourage new techniques and designs.

  50. Karry

    Very nice card and I love lawn Fawn. I have taken the Online Card Classes. I think they are awesome and love any information they share with us. I especially like the different ink techniques they teach.

  51. lately my favorite classes have been how to utilize crafting supplies – like my cameo or ink, etc. maybe a good idea for a class could be on all the ways you can use lawn fawn dies! :)

  52. This is great seeing a new die set and looks like Lawn Fawn has some awesome images, dies, papers and twine. Great prize.
    I took an online digi class on how to work with digi stamps. Very interesting and informative.
    Love the cards you did and love the look of the die letters vs. stamped.. although both are great but the die cut letters just give it more umph.

  53. Lisa S.

    Yes, I have taken many online classes. I have even bought yours on distress inks. I would love to see stamping on scrapbook pages. Love your blog and youtube channel. Thanks for all the inspiration!

  54. Gilu

    I’ve only taken the pattern play class at onlinecardclasses.com. Althought that was related to using pattern papers, I would like to learn more about how to use stamps in various ways.

  55. I have not taken any online class…Yet wish to take in distressing,stamping and pattern paper use…Love all ur U tube videos…
    Thanks for this chance.

  56. Great card today Britta! The last class I took was a holiday card class! Hmmm I think a class on trends would be fun!

  57. Kathy W

    Cute card. I HAVE taken online classes – including your Design Principles class and several of Shimelle Laine’s classes. I like to learn things that make me go “oh, that’s a great idea I never thought of” even if it’s something that I probably will modify before I use it. Thanks to you and Lawn Fawn for the great prize!

  58. I signed up for one, but I wasn’t able to participate! I had to just miss it. :(

  59. Loly Borda

    I’ve taken 3 Online classes so far, from Kristina Werner andJennifer McGuire, they are fantastic full of ideas and tips. Thanks for the chance.

  60. Kathy

    I have never taken an on line class but would like to!

  61. Borduurmuppet

    Hi Britta,
    I have not taken any online classes ever. I would like to do so, if I would do it involving cardmaking. Therefore I’m a beginner I would be interested in everything, but your designing course would be great. You can colour, cut, stamp and so on, but if you can’t ‘design’ your card very well, it won’t give the receiver the ‘wow’ moment.
    Kind regards Marja

  62. Hi Britta. Yes, I have taken two online classes before, yours and the CAS 2 one by OCC. I love it when the teachers share little tips or fun techniques that I can really see myself using on cards in my own style =) As for class subjects, maybe a class showing interactive cards would be fun? I think I would even have some out-of-the-box ideas for a class like that, but it would be fun to see what you would show =)

  63. I have taken online classes before. The one I like best are those where you make an entire themed mini album.

  64. Barb Ghigliotty

    Hi Britta,
    You’re right…having dies for your stamps is AH-MAZING!!! In fact, I think we were both ‘singing’ when we heard about Lawn Fawn dies…I’m so glad they decided to add them! The Quinn’s alphas are awesome, and on the top of my wishlist right now…can’t have it all, right?
    I love your first card, Britta – A great CAS design, but I agree with you…there’s just something about the tiny white border that makes a card come together :-)
    I’ve taken all but one of Jen and Kristina’s online card classes and a few others by Lain Ehmann and Studio Calico, so I like a variety. I’m a CAS card maker, so if you would ever consider it, I would love it if you did a series on that! Whatever you decide, count me in! I’m sure you’re looking forward to finishing school so you can get down to the business of having FUN! Take care, kiddo…and thanks again for a chance to win…you are so sweet!

  65. I’ve taken many classes. What I’m always stuck on is male (grown ups) cards… So I’d love to take a class with ideas for that ;)

  66. Cheri C

    I have taken TruScrap 3 nd 4, TruStamp, and two online card classes. Love content that teaches me new techniques and how to use all these different inks and paints.

  67. Krista D

    Unfortunately I have never taken an online class. I have wanted to but time & money won’t allow it. I absolutely love the new lawn fawn dies! I think the new card using the dies looks more crisp & neat =0)

  68. Terri (blindstamper)

    I’ve taken your class, almost all of the Online Card Classes, and a HowNow class from Ellen Hutson. Loved them all. I would like to see a scene building class (how to give the right balance, the forground/background) and a coloring class (basics of shadows, highlights, layering, blending).

  69. Yes, I’ve taken a few of them. They were great. A Copic markers class would be good. How about a Copic Markers Certification class?!

  70. Carolyn Picken

    I have been tempted to take a class but haven’t yet. Maybe I will take the plunge soon. Love theses dies and stamp combos.

  71. elizabeth

    Hello- This card is so cute. I have not ever taken an online stamping class. Thank you.

  72. Jo

    I love the colors on the card. Super fun and bright! I have never taken an online crafting class before, but I love watching video tutorials. I just like learning new techniques and finding new uses for the tools and stamps I already have. Thanks for offering the giveaway.

  73. sandy

    I just love the alphabet dies, they add so much to the card!
    No I have never taken a class on line, but they sound like fun!

  74. Simi

    I have never taken an online class before, but surely i would love to.
    If i will ever take a class, i would like to learn more about anniversary / wedding cards because i want to make my own invitations :) for when my wedding will be :D.

  75. VikkiCH

    I’ve taken 4 of Online Card Classes from Kristina W & Jennifer McG – they are so helpful and love the inspiration! I think the Stretch Your Stamps class could be repeated – it helped me see my stamps in new ways!

  76. I have signed up for a TON of online crafting classes…including yours!!! :) Unfortunately, my dreams are bigger than my reality so I currently have…wait for it…THIRTEEN classes right now that I never finished. I know. It’s crazy. My most recent was the Pattern Play class over at onlinecardclasses.com and I got about 3 days into the 5 days and then life hit. I got a lot out of it so far though so I will definitely finish that one up! As for what I still WANT to learn, I don’t even know yet! :)

  77. Yvonne C.

    I have never taken an on-line class. I am way more of a hands-on kind of learner! :) I think if I were to take an on-line class it would have to be a card/technique kind of thing. Thanks for the chance at winning some great products!

  78. Sandy

    No, I haven’t taken a class yet. I’m relatively new to this whole thing and just learning. I love to see new techniques and then go on my own. Not card-lifting just going with the idea. Thanks so much.

  79. Angie Hall

    I’ve taken 4 on line classes–Fold it, Pop it, Flip it Zip it from Julie Ebersole, A Cut Above part 1,Stretch Your Stamps, and Clean & Simple card making 2 from Kristina Werner and Jennifer McQuire. I like the interaction on the forums during class, the great material in each class and most of all the “forever” access to the material. I think I’m addicted to them already. Thanks

  80. Annette

    I took your Christmas card on class. Your ideas are refreshing & encourage me to get “inky” sometimes. I just like seeing all the creative ideas everyone has & thinking how to incorporate them into what I have already. Thanks!

  81. awesome coloring, Britta. I have not taken any online class yet even though I really want to. But have not have time, maybe later when my babies are old.

  82. Holly Pettingill

    What an incredible difference those ABC dies make! I have never taken an online class. I have a lot of bold patterned papers left over which I tend not to use for fear of being a bit too much on a card, so would be interested in seeing some ways to incorporate these without being too ‘over the top’.

  83. Geralyn

    The Lawn Fawn alphas are so cute and now dies to match, yeah! I have taken a few of the Online Card Classes and learned so much in each class.

  84. Thanks for this giveaway :)
    I have taken an online class with kwerner before :)
    And I would love to learn more about distressing properly and colouring :)

  85. Mary-Anne V.

    Love Lawn Fawn… the card is so cute. I have never taken a class but once things slow down I am set to start one that I happened to win.

  86. Lauren Harmer

    I’ve never taken an online class before, it’s something I’ve only heard about recently and I am very interested. I am interested in any new techniques.

  87. Anna Stone

    Thanks so much for the chance to win Britta! I have taken your design principles class, two classes on studio calico about cards and also currently doing Jane Davenport’s supplies me course about art journalling. Want to do some of the classes available on Online Card Classes too. They are great as you can do them at your own pace, sometimes you get stamp sets as well. There isn’t alot of classes or crops run where I live so its great to learn new techniques and connect with people who share my passion for crafting.

  88. Tina Louie

    I’ve taken a bunch of online classes ( stretch your stamps, pattern play, clean and simple card making) I want to learn more techniques with die cutting!!

  89. JC

    The coordinating dies are so exciting!!! I don’t think I’ve taken any online crafting class (if I have then maybe a long time ago??? I honestly don’t remember…my memory is going wonky on me ;) I love learning new techniques, but honestly, I would enjoy any crafting related class. Thanks for all your wonderful videos!!!!

  90. I have taken 2 classes from onlinecardclasses and totally loved it..I love that I can keep the videos, and pdf’s for easy reference.

    I would love to learn more about mixing different colors, how to pick the right color contrasts, which are a no-no .. more to do with colors I guess!

    P.s. I’ve had my heart set on those Quinn’s ABC’s for sooo long!! I love them!! I can see how much different the card pops with the die cut letters…

  91. I have never taken an online class before, I don’t think. I think the technique I would like to learn more is about creating more depth in my cards…to make them look more 3D. I see a lot of people who use Lawn Fawn stamps do it really well. I hope it makes sense what i am trying to say! :) BTW, super cute card and I echo your sentiments (pun intended!) on the dies coming out. I really hope to get some soon!

  92. alinsmajl

    No never. I’d love to take one about pop up cards.

  93. I have done an online course once before…..like a previous commenter, I much prefer to take classes in person. I feel like I lack the motivation to complete a course online. If it was a one day deal, I would be much more likely to participate. ;)

  94. Avra

    I love the idea of dies to go with stamps! I was never good at fussy cutting! I have never taken an online class. But I do love watching videos and learning more about stamping and coloring techniques.

  95. PaperPixie

    H those Quinn dies. I have an electronic die cutter and I still want them. So badly. And they are sold out most places! I might have my own heaven opening and angels singing moment if I win.

    My first ever class was actually design principles last year. I have since paid for but hardly looked at a photo editing class (Man I need to go through that) and a few classes on specific albums in Scrapbooking. The rising principles is still my favorite – I use it every time I craft!

    It would be hard to replicate, but, the best part of DP was that it helped me figure out how to think, rather than telling me what to do. I would like a color theory class, I think.

  96. SharonP

    I have taken quite a few of the online card classes by Jennifer and Kristina and my next will be your design principals when you announce on Friday :) I have to admit will all the youtube videos available I was skeptical but those ladies do a superb job of bringing new lessons that they don’t teach outside. I think anything around design, new uses for existing products and learning best organization tips are always top of my list! Can’t wait until you have some was sad I missed your first design principals

  97. I haven’t taken one related to paper crafts, but I have taken an online sewing class.

  98. Glorie

    I took one for scrapbooking, and another one from Online Card Classes. Love it both.

  99. Kristy B

    I’ve only taken one class but I love that the content is online forever, I love videos and being shown lots of different layouts.

  100. Your “mwah” card is fabulous!
    Love the vibrant colors.
    reminds me to bring out those Primacolor pencils…

    I haven’t taken an online class. I used to watch u-stream long ago, when people would do live (or recorded) cricut card making…
    I’d like to see a class as to how to go from a sketch to a card (how to coordinate papers… ). I have a horrible time coordinating colors.

  101. aquablues

    Love your card, Britta! I’ve never taken an on-line crafting class. Maybe it’s time that I did. I would love a class on clever ways to duplicate a designer look without buying the exact products. As a visual learner, I love seeing the whole process of a project come together. And a color theory class!

  102. I have only taken one online class, and it was with you! I really enjoyed the class and I learned a lot! Thanks for the chance to win! :)

  103. I have taken two online crafting classes before. For future classes I’d love to see different stamping techniques demonstrated. Thank you so much for the chance to win! :-) xx

  104. I’ve taken sewing classes online at craftsy. There are not really paper driven courses there. What I like most is being able to do it at my own pace since I have a pretty weird work schedule.

  105. I have taken 3 classes now with Online Card Classes, and I love them. I am about to sign up for you class, and I think it will help a lot. I would love to see a class on how to come up with designs and sketches for cards.

  106. I love this card…the Quinn dies are on my shopping list but they’re always sold out (for good reason)! Another sweet card! I’ve taken two of Kristina Werner’s online classes before. What I’d like to learn more about is when to stop…whether it’s adding embellies, layers, patterns…I’m not sure what to call that aspect of design. Maybe it’s balance? Not sure :)

  107. Divine

    I haven’t taken any online craft classes before but if I ever got the chance to take one, I wanna take a card making class :)

  108. Jen

    I’ve only taken one only class and that was for project life with Studio Calico. I’m totally into bare bones beginners classes. I would love to take a card making class that was for beginners that don’t have any or few supplies.

  109. Vickie M Sneed

    I’ve taken an online class for using Copic Markers through Annie’s. Actually it wasn’t a class, but more just a training video. I enjoy online classes, because I can get online at 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning, when all else are sleeping.
    I’d love to learn design principles because I’m an educator who has just taken up the art of papercrafting. I’m totally a novice when it comes to anything artsy.

  110. Erica Johnson

    I’ve never taken an online crafting class before but I have taken an online gardening class before and found it very helpful. I would love to see more classes on stamping inks, die cut techniques and markers. :)

  111. Jordan Brooks

    I have never taken any online craft classes but I really want to take your new class! You were the first you tube video about card making I ever watched and you helped me find my creative side again! I hope that you new class with inspire me more!
    Much Love,

  112. I absolutely love, love, love dies! They are my new favorite thing in the crafty world. Especially the ones that coordinate with stamps!

    I have never taken an online class, but I really think I’d enjoy the ones about clean and simple cards. That’s my favorite style. :)

    Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  113. Louise G

    Online class taken? Yesssss … loved «Design Principles» ! Learned so much since I’m doing cards just since last year. I somehow work on cards with much intuition … that class helped me to see why somethings did or didn’t work. It gave me so many ideas too. I also took a few classes with Jennifer McG that I appreciated too.
    You’re great Britta! I want more!!! Would like to play more with my Distress Paints, D. Stains, gelatos and dies … could you maybe think of some kind of class?
    Thanks for the pdf link !
    Happy Easter!

  114. Lynda

    I took a BPS class called “The Organized & Inspired Scrapbooker”. It was honestly a life-changing class for me! Now, I’m most interested in technique classes but not until the summer when I’m off work. I can’t devote the time I want to spend on a class when I’m working full-time.

  115. nicolaC

    I am taking an online class called pattern play so i can learn to use the patterned papers i hoard. i would welome more ideas on patterned paper ordistresss stains

  116. Jackie O.

    I’ve never taken an online craft course but am interested. I would like to learn more about using Distressed Inks.

  117. Tara D.

    Britta – Thanks for the opportunity to win and for asking for my opinion. I have taken 3 classes online- 1. Tim Holtz- Creative Chemistry, 2. Julie Fei-Fan Balczer – Gelli Art Plate Printing, and 3. Lisa Spangler’s You’ve Got Mail Class at Studio Calico.

    I like a combination of video & print material to refer to. I appreciate life-time access and a chance to ask a follow-up question, if it is not posted already. I find it frustrating when folks don’t read the threads that are already posted and ask repeat questions. ARGH!

    I like a class that delivers what it promises. I tend to prefer techniques over how to make something specific, but I do like to see finished examples. Show me new ways to use products & items that I already have! Swag (like a stamp or class kit ) helps, but sometimes I would prefer a two price tier, so I don’t have to get product I don’t need or like.

    One last thing- I do like when folks have guests in their classes, too! Seeing what others do with the same technique or product is very enlightening – one of the reasons that blog hops are so cool.
    Thanks again for listening. -Tara

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