Design Principles Class is Live – More Celebration and Fun

The big day is here. It’s here! I’m so glad you could join me. :) Introducing the self-paced version of the class everyone has been raving about! (Okay, they raved about it like 7 months ago before I started school again and it took me this long to make sure everything was perfect, but you get what I mean.)


You can now purchase your own copy of the Design Principles self-paced class, complete with over 5 hours (!) of video, more than two dozen exclusive cards (including six guest designer cards) and a fabulous clickable ebook to follow along with all of the class material.

In a nutshell, this class is a perfect storm of my design knowledge accumulated from my years of college (and being a nerd in general) and papercrafting. The design principles are essential to every artistic creation out there, and knowing them and using them will help you not only create better cards but also know how to fix a card when something doesn’t seem quite right.

The Mini Kit


I’m also offering a more compact version of the class kit – the mini class kit – to go along with your class adventures. This smaller kit is the perfect complement to the class and is a steal at only $10 plus shipping. This item is a preorder for the moment that will ship out on April 8th, 2013. After that point, I should always have a supply in stock and will be able to send them within a business day of purchase. :)

A Quick Video

I made a little video to introduce the class to my youtube subscribers, but I thought you would like to watch, too. I also talk about my plans for April and why you’ll be seeing a lot more of my face in the coming weeks.

watch here | watch on youtube | subscribe to my channel

So thank you SO MUCH for joining me for this week of celebration and fun. I wouldn’t be here without you and I’ll hope you’ll check out the class! Oh, and to class members who have already taken the class – a copy of the ebook should be in your inbox today. No need to purchase this as well!


Here’s the giveaway for today – a self-paced class spot AND a mini kit to one lucky winner! And don’t worry, if you purchase the class and end up winning the giveaway, I will refund your money or you can send a class spot to a friend!


How it works: All you have to do each day to enter is answer the question of the day. Of course, you could be fabulous and spread the word to your facebook friends, twitter followers, etc. by sending them to my blog as well. That would be really cool of you! You can leave a comment (just one comment, please – only the first one will count) until the end of March 31st, 2013. I’ll be drawing, notifying and posting the winners sometime on Tuesday, April 2nd. All winners will be randomly drawn using a number generator. International entries are welcome, but I do ask, if you’re under 18, that you have the permission of your parent/guardian(s) since you will have to give me your address so I can send you the goodies! *Sorry, but previous class participants (those registered before March 28th, 2013) are not eligible for money back if they win this giveaway.

Here’s the question of the day:

What’s inspiring you today?

Feel free to post a link (just one, though, or you might get caught in the spam filter!) to a card, pin, blog post, person, song or anything that’s inspiring you today. I’ve been being inspired by food a lot lately. Maybe it’s because I’ve been so busy that all I’ve been eating is rice, cereal and soup! Typical Britta. This recipe in particular has my mouth waiting. I think I might make it this weekend. Come to mama, Snickerdoodle Brownies!

Discount Code!

That’s not all! If you’re buying the class this weekend, make sure to use the coupon code celebrationfun13 for 15% off your entire order of digital products! Hurry, the coupon code expires at the end of March 2013(the 31st at 11:59 pm, CST).

Thanks for everything. Seriously. See you soon with a One Year Ago Today. Tomorrow is the day, one year ago, that I flew to London. <3


P.S. Some of my fantastic friends and class sponsors are giving away class spots on their blogs today. Make sure to keep your eyes open! I’ll be tweeting about them. :)


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75 Responses to Design Principles Class is Live – More Celebration and Fun

  1. would love to check out this class! recently i’ve been inspired by stampotique images and art journaling. here is like to stampotique’s flickr group!

    ps: woohoo!! first comment!

    And I think what you’re doing is amazing and that you’re so lucky to be starting off in the scrapbooking world! Congrats :)


  2. Rita

    Music always inspires me. Right now I’m feeling the love for Alicia Keys “Girl on Fire.” That song is sparking all kinds of creative cards and art journal pages right now. I would love to win a spot for your Design Principles class. Thanks for such a wonderful opportunity.

  3. Congratulations, Britta! Your class looks awesome… and to answer your question, YOU’RE inspiring me today :)

  4. Daffodils are inspiring me today!

  5. Angie Hall

    Spring is my favorite season, so its colors and freshness is inspiring me to use florwers and bright colors on my cards. The class sounds great. You are going to be a super busy girl in April. Glad you ar doing well health wise. Thanks

  6. vidya ramabadran

    Hi britta , love ur blog. keep up the nice work! I ve been under the weather lately and with spring setting only now in michigan, the sound of sparrows in my patio is inspiring me to have a good day! u have a good one too!

  7. Can’t wait to take this class! I just bought myself a die cutting machine, so any cards or paper crafts with awesome die cuts are inspiring me today!

  8. Avra

    I am inspired by tutorials and demos I have been watching lately – was lucky enough to see Tim Holtz in person last weekend and his youtube videos led me to you and your blog!

  9. Sue D

    Looks like a great class and thanks for the recipe–I will trying it this weekend.
    Today I was inspired by an Archiver’s email to make some simple birthday cards.

  10. karen k

    Spring is inspiring me today. Everywhere I look, new buds, more green, birds tweeting. Very inspirational. Thanks for the chance to win a seat in your class. Absolutely love your work.

  11. elizabeth

    These classes sound so cool. The spring weather we have today is inspiring. Last weekend we had over a foot of snow.

  12. Sounds like a great class! The sun is inspiring me today. We haven’t seen it in awhile and it’s giving me hope that the weather will stay warm and that summer is just around the corner!

  13. Penny Laschanzky

    I would love to win a spot in your class! Today I am inspired by 3 things: it feels and looks like spring *finally* here in Nebraska! my hubbies b-day is tomorrow. and I’m going to England this summer! 3 things that both excite and inspire me~~~ yay, life is good.

  14. Laura Jane

    Your class looks like it will be GREAT! Looking forward to the daily videos in April:) sounds FUN!
    I’m inspired to make these today: SNICKERDOODLE CUPCAKES
    after watching VICKY create her art journal page here
    Have a YUMMY weekend!

  15. CathyL

    I am inspired by a lot of craft blogs. Would love to win a place in your class!

    I think most of my inspiration is from other bloggers and card makers…
    when I have seen what they have created it enables me to push my crafting skills further =) also books and card magazines inspire me =)

  17. Janet Mack

    I recently got a Cricut and I am trying to figure it out. It is giving me a fit. :)

  18. Elisabeth PG

    Wow, congrats on this big achievement! Can’t wait to have a look at your class!!! The Little Paris Kitchen from Rachel Khoo is inpiring me today – I love her style, her photography, her drawings and above all, her food! I am using the Kelly Purkey Food Stamp set quite a bit today ;)

  19. Panera Bread Broccoli Cheddar soup is inspiring me today! I have been on the hunt for a lower fat recipe that I can make at home because I’m having some major cravings.

    Mmmm, love that stuff. :)

  20. Sandra ltb

    visiting the blogs I follow …. very talented people out there!
    Sandra ltb

  21. I would love to win this! Congrats on getting this going!! I’ve been inspired by looking through the Flickr card group sites. So much creativity in one place!

  22. What’s inspiring me today is all of the fab products I’m finding while cleaning my apartment! I have been looking for a lot of these goodies for awhile now and others I forgot that I’d even bought them! lol Looking forward to taking your class Britta! Thanks :)

  23. Kathy Mc

    Your blog as well as many others that I follow inspire me to create cards, but then I see ideas on Pinterest that also inspire to bake and cook. This class sounds wonderful, especially since I was making a masculine card yesterday and had a hard time not finishing it off with sequins, buttons, twine or some embellishing. Designing Principles is right up my alley!

  24. Mateja

    At the moment anything that reminds me of spring inspires me :) Especially colors. Everything is yelow, orange and green :D Then I catch myself going for that colors again and I force myself to pick something else. As long it is a bright, vibrant color it catches my eye and inspires me :)

  25. Valerie Gee

    Thanks so much for a chance to win your class! It looks awesome! Today, I think I am inspired by warm weather and the coming of Spring. We have nice sunny skies today in Denver, CO, and I’m ready to bust out the tank tops and flip flops!

    I can’t wait for your vlog in April! What a fun idea, and I look forward to joining you on this journey!

  26. You inspire me! lol Before I recently discovered your blog, I always found inspiration on either or Wendy Vecchi’s blog at

  27. julie

    the first warm, sunny day for a while is definitely inspiring me. while walking the dog, i saw the first robin of the year. creating today will be full of bright spring colors.

  28. Carole Toppen

    What is inspiring me today? Well I would have to say the beautiful weather we have had the past two days. Have the windows open, did some yard clean up, seeing my first robin of the season. This, all in time for a pretty good snow storm coming on Easter Sunday. Sigh, I knew this wonderful weather was to good to be true :) Thanks so much for the giveaway. I am so glad that you have decided to stay in the crafting world as a profession. You are so talented and I know it will be a great fit for you.

  29. Susan

    Gratitude is inspiring me today. I am grateful for my family including 2 college students home for break that I haven’t seen since Christmas (yea!),sunshine,blue skies, convertibles, spring flowers, and love in my heart! Also, thank you Britta for inspiring my creative spirit. Hoppy Easter

  30. Jen

    I would love to win a spot on your class. I’m really into all of the new lawn fawn products right now, but I have such a hard time using patterned paper and coming up with card ideas. I bet your class would be helpful in both of those areas. :)

  31. Alison

    I have been inspired today by all the blogs I’m catching up on!

  32. Maureen Chandler

    Your class sounds like lots of fun! Spring is inspiring me and I have a few birthday cards to make and will be using bright happy colors – and flowers! Thanks for the chance to win!

  33. Cindy

    I was in your original D. P. Class, ‘thought it was great and learned alot from you.
    Here in Minneapolis, it has been a warm and melty 3 days with 3 more to go before it goes below freezing for only 2 days, then back to 50! YAY! So today I am inspired by the green and soft colors of Spring flowers as well as the cool blues of the puddles outside and the soon to come Spring-time rains!!

  34. Spring is inspiring me lately. Now that it has FINALLY arrived in northern Illinois! I’m looking forward to a good spring rain to wash away the last of that dirty snow :)

  35. krista d

    I am inspired by the warmer weather to create cute spring cards.

  36. Lucy Miranda

    Today I went to the mall and I noticed the spring clothes with the most beautiful materials with colorful flowers. It inspired me so much that when I came home I took out all my flower stamps. This week I will be coloring flowers after flowers with my copic markers. By the way I learned to used the copics by watching some of your videos. Thanks Britta. I will love to win your class.

  37. What’s inspiring me today is the beautiful mountains where I live!

  38. So excited for you and for this super fabby class! What am *I* inspired by? Well, I’m inspired by you. :) You touch my life daily in so many ways, and I just can’t wait to hug you. <3

  39. Loly Borda

    Spring is inspiring me, I have several birthday coming next week, and I’m making flowery cards. Thanks for the chance!

  40. Michele aka Goat Girl

    Today I got inspired by realizing things I could do with a box of plastic letters a friend gave me! Love the Mini Kit!

  41. Today was a beautiful sunny day and that inspires me to make bright sunny fun cards and a very happy attitude. (not that I don’t otherwise but the sun helps it stay longer)

  42. Vanessa H.

    My inspiration is warm and sunny weather in Portland Oregon! I know, who knew it was possible! But to go along with it, I am here waiting the arrival of a new Granddaughter! We are thinking pink! Thanks for a chance to win! Cheers!!

  43. Barb Ghigliotty

    Hi Britta…and Veda!
    How exciting!!! I can’t tell you how happy I am that you completed the self-paced class for us! I am definitely crossing my fingers on this one!

    What inspired me today was the “Vegetable Lasagne” recipe I saw on You Tube by Laura Vitale:
    I think I linked you up to her previously, but I think as a foodie, you’re gonna LOVE this one…of course, once you’re finished with school and have time!

    I can’t wait to see your post and pics from London…oh, I really want to go there! Thanks so much for sharing this incredible news with us, Britta…I’m really excited about it! Oh, I LOVE the mini kit…really great goodies!

  44. Barb Ghigliotty

    Oh, Britta…you “Have to” see this, if you haven’t already…it’s priceless!

    Scroll down to read the sweet poem and see all the beautiful pics…mwah!

  45. SandiL

    Hi Britta, Woo Hoo! This class is exactly like what I need… question: is it possible to buy this class as a gift too? What’s inspiring me today is Vicky’s (from Clips N Cuts blog) new upload for page 4 of her art journal. It’s both relaxing and inspiring to watch her create. Have a great day!

    • Awesome to hear that this sounds great to you! And you can absolutely buy a class spot as a gift. Just e-mail me with their information and then pay for two :) I’ll make sure the content gets to the right person!

  46. Gilu

    My inspiration today is my saffron scarf;p

  47. Borduurmuppet

    Hi Britta,
    I get inspired by everything around me, the colours of the spring, special occassions, you tube, in general www, and you have inspired me the most. Becaus of all the videos you have made, they are easy to follow, give me enough room to make it my own project. Keep up the good work please.
    By the way, where do YOU get your inspiration? It seems you have an endless stack of it?

  48. Monique

    My inspiration today are e few new stamp sets I just recieved! I’m sure I’ll check out some ideas from the internet too, but there’s nothing like new product to inspire me to play and create! Thanks for the chance to win a spot in this class, I’m sure that would inspire me even more!!

  49. I have friends going through lots of life changing events and that is inspiring me.

  50. Kate J

    I’m currently inspired by Easter! Loving all the color combos, and by mixing different patterns of washi tapes.. Thanks for the chance to win!

  51. Jayne K

    I’d love to win a spot in your class. I truly admire your artistic talent.

  52. Mary-Anne V.

    All the easter colours are inspiring me right now. Thanks for the chance to win.

  53. Carolyn Picken

    I am inspired by you, your youthfulness and the excitement you bring to paper crafting…I love learning new techniques and using the, in my creations. Thank you for you inspiration and enthusiasm.

  54. Inspired today by bright colors!

  55. diana

    What’s inspiring me today is the bright sunshine melting the snowbanks which are disappearing slowly but surely. Thanks for a chance to win a spot in the class – it sounds jam-packed with info. ;-)

  56. Sandy

    My granddaughter inspires me. She loves to make cards with me – she’s really good for only being 9! She and I experiment with new colors, textures and shapes. Such fun!!

  57. Peggy Wood

    I just recently found your blog. your cards are amazing. the sunsets and birds and the park where I work are inspiring me now. good luck in your classes and am signing up for your class soon, but I would like to win it all the same. thanks

  58. Melissa

    Im inspired by everything I see at my new job at Hobby Lobby.

  59. Jordan Brooks

    Today pretty paper and bright ink colors are inspiring me!
    Much Love,

  60. The sunshine! We’ve had wintery weather for so long. The sun today is making me want to create some spring time crafts :)

  61. Carlijn

    Britta, thanks for a chance to win your great class. Seems to be a must-have for every crafter! Today I’m inspired to make something with chocolate and i just love these little chocolate spook cakes. So delicious!!! :-D

  62. Louise G

    What’s inspiring me today are my boys here for the Easter weekend. I’m cooking for them and enjoy them being home. So, not much crafting here, except for my 23 year old son that was asking about those gelatos sticks in my craft room (He was the one who got them for me in Quebec last week). I made him try them. Great moment sharing giggles … he’s much more a sport guy! I’ll keep that colored card! ;)

  63. Janine

    Well, I haven’t had much time these days to even think about cards but took a patterned paper class recently and can’t wait to try out some of things I learned!

  64. Elaine

    Hi Britta. love your blog and the ideas you share. Today I’m feeling inspired to take cooking seriously again by the TV recipe videos of Rosemary Conely – a diet guru here in the UK!

  65. Jeannie L

    Would love to check out this class. Thanks for the chance.

    What’s currently inspiring me is layouts that I’ve seen on blogs I’ve subscribed to. They make me feel like getting right on with scrapping.

  66. Jackie O.

    Aside from your awesome ideas, I’ve been inspired recently by a surprise package sent by my sister that included stamping paper and embellishments. Can’t wait to use them! Thank you for all of the ideas and giveaways!

  67. What inspired me today was watching the joy on my little one’s face as she jumped around finding the easter eggs from the Easter bunny :) Thanks for the chance to win Britta!!!!!

  68. Erica Johnson

    My son inspires me everyday to live life to the fullest, to explore, to be creative. I love that!

  69. Tara D.

    I having just started planning a float for a local parade with a bunch of tweeners. Their energy and ideas are over-the-top, but I am feeding off of their joy and creative fire while I finish up some of my own projects!
    PS- If you have any thoughts about the theme of Dairy Land Circus – email me!!
    We already have cows in tutus covered!!

  70. i am doing some Simon Says and Moxie Fab Challenges so that is my inspiration, along with some Avery Elle and Hero Arts stamps and some patterned paper that I love from Dear Lizzy and My Mind’s Eye!!!

  71. Tracy Bayley

    Hi Brittany, my inspiration today is going out with my family to a reserve today for a walk..getting back to nature always makes me feel revived and happy, ready to start a fresh new day. Thank you for the opportunity hugs, Tracy from Australia.

  72. Tracy Bayley

    …..stupid spell check changed your name! Sorry Britta.

  73. The sunshine and it’s warmth! We live in the Seattle area, and it is a welcome Spring gift!

  74. Geralyn

    I’m so happy you are offering your class self paced now, I could really use it. The bright colors of spring have been inspiring me lately, now if only spring would appear.

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