Week of Celebration and Fun Day 1 – Lawn Fawn!

Hello and welcome to a week of celebration! What are we celebrating? Well, life, happiness, the fact that spring is here and the re-release of Design Principles that’s coming out on Friday. I finally had the time over my spring break to refine the class and put together an ebook that includes all of the lessons. I’m so excited to share it with you! I know some of my newer blog readers might not even be aware of Design Principles yet, and I’m so excited to introduce the class to you… But that comes on Friday!


Today (and every day this week), I’ll be sharing some new products from Lawn Fawn and even a couple from Teri Anderson that I love and then giving them away to you as a thanks for being awesome and reading my blog. You rock!

I made a card to share with you for today using some of the products, too. This one features the lovely patterns from the brand new Pink Lemonade collection from Lawn Fawn. Those flowers with the heart dies?! Swoon.

03-24-13 It's Your Birthday! New LF Giveaway Week by Britta Swiderski-1

Another thing that I absolutely love this card is one of the background strips from Sharp Backdrops stamped in Pale Tomato ink on the yellow, tone-on-tone patterned paper. That Pale Tomato ink is the stuff dreams are made of, I swear. It’s my newest favorite color of the Hero Arts inks. The sentiment is from the Year Three birthday stamp set, by the way.

03-24-13 It's Your Birthday! New LF Giveaway Week by Britta Swiderski-2


Here’s what I’ll be giving away today. A big thanks to Lawn Fawn for sponsoring this giveaway (they provided some of the items and I paid for others). Love you, LF! They sponsored Design Principles and they continue to sponsor me in life. Is that a thing? I think that should be a thing. Each day, you’ll find links to each one of the products below the giveaway picture so you can see what each item is individually.


How it works: All you have to do each day to enter is answer the question of the day. Of course, you could be fabulous and spread the word to your facebook friends, twitter followers, etc. by sending them to my blog as well. That would be really cool of you! You can leave a comment (just one comment, please – only the first one will count) until the end of March 31st, 2013. I’ll be drawing, notifying and posting the winners sometime on Tuesday, April 2nd. All winners will be randomly drawn using a number generator. International entries are welcome, but I do ask, if you’re under 18, that you have the permission of your parent/guardian(s) since you will have to give me your address so I can send you the goodies!

Here’s the question of the day:

What is your favorite color and what do you own in that color?

I’ll go first. My favorite color right now is light red-orange because of the amazing Pale Tomato ink. It’s just so spring to me, and I’m definitely craving some spring weather!

See you tomorrow for more fun and celebrating!



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167 Responses to Week of Celebration and Fun Day 1 – Lawn Fawn!

  1. elizabeth

    My favorite color is red. I think it makes everything look cheerful and bright.

  2. elizabeth

    Sorry- I didn’t answer the rest of the question- I have sweaters, inks, necklaces in red. Also, two of our living rooms walls are red.

  3. Sandra ltb

    First off – Congratulations on your new job – I have a daughter who is currently selecting a college to attend for Graphic Design – so I always love seeing what you are up to.
    I guess my favorite color today is pink – I am looking for the pink – I am looking for Spring! I have lots of pink items …. and try to create with it whenever I can!
    Sandra ltb

  4. My fave is green. And for me it’s more a case of what is NOT green that I have…! LOL :)))

  5. Right now my favorite color is a light green (but a teal or “pool” color is a close second, and I recently picked up a ceramic owl that I bought at Michaels on sale, and I store some of my favorite pens in it. Thank you for the chance to win your giveaway. Congrats sweet girl.

  6. I love dark blue in vibrant shades (not flat & boring). I have that color in my clothes, and my projects ! But, I love so many other colors, too; its hard to say which color is my fave! Now, the colors and shades in Lawn Fawn products? I just LOVE LOVE LOVE them!

  7. Valerie Gee

    My favorite color is purple, I think. I kinda love all colors. I have purple sweaters, purple scarves, purple nail polish, purple Swiss Army knife on my keys, etc etc. Oh! and purple pens. Writing in blue is boring. I almost always write in purple!

    Thanks for the chance to win! You introduced me to Lawn Fawn a number of years ago, and I now I love them so much! I am so excited to see what you have to share this week! I’ll be back every day, for sure!!!!!

  8. Elisabeth PG

    My favourite colour is red :) I have lots of red Kitchen Aid appliances, red Vitamix, red couch, red curtains, red containers for organizing my craft room, red paint and papers, red flowers! Lots of red all around!

    Thanks for this beautiful giveaway! I just discovered your blog through Kelly Purkey and everything you do is so amazing! Love all your projects and techniques. Thanks for sharing and making such great tutorials!!! You are amazing!

  9. I love your card! My favorite color is green. I have a green backpack, water bottle, laptop, purse, and many other things : )

  10. I am obsessed with mint right now. I have Dear Lizzy Lucky Charm in large part bc of the mint (and navy) and Mister Huey in Mint Julep. I also own a tank top, a pair of jeans, and a sweater all in mint!

  11. Gah! This card is just oodles of cuteness, Britta! You and Lawn Fawn are like hand/ glove….you just go together so perfectly!

    I LOVE aqua so, so much. My old bedroom was that color, my bathroom, many items in my craft studio….not to mention, I’ll use it anytime I can on my blog.

    Thanks for the change to win this uber delicious giveaway! I only have one of those paper packs, but I’ve been eying the other products so much! Can’t wait to see what else you have in store this week! :)

  12. Rose Foran

    I love just about ALL colors, but if I had to pick just one I’d have to go with pink. You name it, and there is a good chance I own it. Inks, dresses, clothes, laundry basket, paper, even two of my tattoos have pink in them :]

  13. Graviela

    I LOVE red! And I have red lipstick!

  14. Stella Paeglow

    Definitely green and I just bought a sweater from Old Navy that goes great with the navy blue print summer dress I bought there too!

  15. Hooray for your ebook!! That’s awesome, Britta! My favorite color is magenta because it’s so bright and happy! I have a few clothing items that I love and, of course, I had to have some ink pads and sprays in that color too!

  16. Cute card! I used to love yellow, but I think now my favorite color is purple. I have, of course, purple cardstock, patterned papers in purple, some clothes in purple (in fact I just wore a purple shirt and shorts the other day while I was cleaning).

  17. My favorite color is purple, and I own lots of things in it. I love making cards with purple in them, my entire bedroom is purple, and I have lots of purple clothing. I don’t write in pens that are not purple! When I buy craft products, the first thing I do is buy every shade of purple.

    I’m so excited for the re-release of the design principles class!

  18. Krista D

    My favorite color is green. That has been my favorite color since I was a young girl. My bridesmaids dresses when I got married many years ago were forsest green. I have shirts & sweaters in green that I luv to wear and of course since I am a Packers Fan I have ALOT of green when it comes to that =0)

  19. Nancy L.

    I seem to be loving pinks! I though my fave color was blue, but I guess not! LOL!
    Love me some LF!!

    • My favorite color changes on a daily basis, so this is totally understandable! I love all bright colors but buy all of my furniture in black because I never know what I’m going to like next. ;)

  20. Amie

    Hi Britta,
    I have many favourite colours. Mint green, Teal, Purple and Black. My current favourite is Yellow. When I was little I would always say “yellow like the sunshine” (my dad still reminds me of this). I don’t have a huge amount of it, But I have brightened my home up with lots of yellow tulips (my favourite flowers). It’s meant to be spring here in England. But all we have is snow, Lots of snow! So I decided to bring spring to me! ☺

  21. Laura Jane

    LOVE those PETITE paperpacks!
    Sweet card:)
    Who can ressist flower covered hearts!
    My all time favorite color is green ..any shade. It’s the color of new life and hope for me. I found a FABULOUS tapestry coat the other day at the thrift shop..GREEN of course.

  22. adetia

    Pink!! And I own just about anything I can in it ;) Even my wedding dress was mostly pink. :)

  23. Megan G

    Usually I really love purple and have everything you can think of in purple. But right now I really like gray. Everything goes with gray and any color that is paired with it just pops. I have lots of gray clothes and lots of gray cardstock!

  24. Dena Cline

    I really love blues right now, I have a few blue shirts that I like to wear.

  25. My favorite color right now is hot pink, or possibly aqua? or possibly bright orange? I can’t pick just one! Seriously, I went to look for one spesific color of embroidery floss the other day, and they had a beautiful display with a rainbow of colors that was just so refreshing and inspiring to look at. Needless to say, I ended up buying more that just that one color… =)

  26. Kathy Cline

    my favorite color is red. I love to wear red things.

  27. karen k

    GREEN, so calming and relaxing. My living room is almost completely green. With four dogs, I need somewhere to relax. Love your cards/videos, you are quickly becoming one of my favorites!

  28. Vickie Lee

    My fave color is yellow. I have a new yellow purse and several yellow tops – waiting for the snow to melt so spring arrives!

  29. I’m a sucker for lime green and tangerine. The green often brightens my wardrobe, and the color combo shows up in most of my creative projects. I think I love that they bring perpetual springtime to my world!

    Jules Q
    McKinney, TX

  30. Jeannie L

    I just LOVE Lawn Fawn…

    My fav color of all time is always blue. I have blue from clothes to shoes and even my scrap tools would be in blue if I could choose them. Thanks so much for the chance to win.

  31. Natalie Winterstein

    My favorite color is red and I have a red car, lots of red clothes, nail polish, a red family room and a beautiful red Keurig coffee maker. :) I really love red. Lol. Thanks for the chance to win!

  32. Jen McDermott

    My favorite color is purple and I own oh, so much in it. Running shoes, phone case, my hair…..super sweet giveaway, Britta! So excited to have been following your blog long enough to see all of the fun new endeavors that have been coming your way!

  33. Andrea Reynolds

    My favorite color is pink, and my closet proves it! Thanks for the fun week!

  34. Angie Hall

    I’ve been going toward deep red recently. I bought a long sleeved shrug this winter and a skirt with a red floral pattern. I have 5 red Distress Inks and 2 different red Momento inks. Thanks for this special week of inspiration.

  35. Cathy

    I love pink, and have many clothing items that are various shades of pink.

  36. Renita Y

    My favorite color is yellow and I own WAAAY too many things in that color. However, still on the lookout for the perfect yellow coat :)

  37. Diny Elders

    My favorite is blue. I own all the blue distress inks.
    I love Lawn Fawn, and I love you too.

  38. Melinda Ferraz

    My favorite color is blue, my car is blue, my bedroom is blue, my wedding ring also has blue in it. Thanks for the chance to win.

  39. Your card is so fresh and cheery, it makes me think of spring.
    My fave color is red. I have a lot of red in my wardrobe (and shoes) and I have bits of it as an accent color around the house. I don’t think I really use it a lot in my card making, not sure why.

  40. Love this card and those cute hearts! Wow, what a great prize!
    My fav color right now is tangerine-ish. I have a purse in that color. But my favorite color changes quite often. :)

  41. I love your style! My fave colour would have to be green although I probably don’t use it as much in my crafting as much as I would like!

  42. Love the card today! And that fresh backdrops set it seriously awesome! I need to start making some moola so I can buy all of LF’s release. It is AMAZE.

    My favorite color is currently Navy….more specifically, the Hero Arts Navy Mid Tone Shadow Ink. It is perfection. And I own a lot in Navy! I’m pretty sure I’m not supposed to wear horizontal stripes, but I do have a navy and white shirt that makes me feel like a pretty SAILOR, so I buck fashion trends and wear it anyway!!!

  43. Lynsey

    My favorite color right now is aqua/turquoise. In addition to a lot of my clothing being that color, I also have a couple bins in my office and a colander that I spray painted aqua, too (the colander holds things in my office – it’s not for food).

  44. Cindy

    Congrats, Britta, on your new entrapanuerial venture!
    My TWO equally favorite colors are Sage Green and Turquoise…….. I have lots of clothes in BOTH colors and seem naturally drawn to them in doing projects. I find Sage just so warm, soft, soothing and comfy; I just find Turquoise so, just plain PRETTY………it always also gets me lots of compliments on my blue eyes when I wear it! I also find BRIGHT Turquoise sa really HAPPY color!

  45. diana

    I’d have to say that my favourite colour is black . All my coats (winter, spring, fall) are black. That way I can add colour with accessories. ;-)

  46. Ann Marie

    My favorite colour is pink. I’m wearing a pink dress as I write this. My list of pink things would be quite long, but stamping related right now is the Hero Arts neon pink ink.

  47. Jen

    Right now my favorite color is aqua. I love my aqua raskog cart that holds all my crafting supplies. Hoping to be brave enough to try a pair of pants or shoes this color soon!

  48. Helen Thompson

    Hi, I have a love of all things turquoise. I have made some easter eggs to decorate an indoor tree in turquoise and also have a wonderful turquoise blue velvet cushion I ordered from India, it shimmers like peacock feathers, just beautiful.

  49. Sue D

    My favorite color is blue and I have lots of blue clothing–including my favorite blue jeans.

  50. Yellow! And coral! Several rooms in our home are painted yellow, drapes, bedspread, and several clothing items ( both mine and my husband”s! ) & shoes are yellow. Love Lawn Fawn and following you and your delightful videos, Britta! Congrats n your upcoming graduation!

  51. Kim R.

    Purple!!!! I love it….clothes, papers, inks, you name it!

  52. I super love yellow. Whenever I see it, I feel so alive. It gives me the energy and inspiration to look forward to a brighter day. I do not have many things that are yellow. But my favorite yellow thing is my bag. It is not bright yellow but it gives me confidence when I use it. I am planning to get a yellow pair of shoes for spring. :)

  53. Karen G (Cardcrazed)

    My favourite colour is pink, and I have some pink shirts, LOTS of pink paper, and some pink storage containers. Unfortunately, the apartment colour scheme doesn’t work with pink, so my options for adding some pink are limited… that, and my husband does not want pink in the house :)

  54. Patty Pearson

    I love blue. All you would have to do is walk through my house and you would know that right away. I have a lot of blue washi tape to add to my cards.

  55. Angie Ha

    Great start to Lawn Fawn week! Right now my favorite colors are pastels. Maybe because I can’t wait for spring to come or maybe just because they’re cheerful.

  56. RedGem

    my favorite color is green… one wall in my living room and the entire kitchen. Of course this favorite color doesn’t apply to my clothes… sorry!

  57. Ann K

    My son-in-law says my favorite color is blue – I have blue in our master bedroom and “beach” blue decor in a guest room. I love wearing anything blue – especially KU blue (go Jayhawks). Thanks for the chance to win some goodies!

  58. Lucy Miranda

    At the moment my favorite color is Tangerine. I have a wall in my living room in that color. Also decorative pillows and dining room drapes. I have done some cards in orange and gray. Beautiful.

  59. My favorite color is green and it is the paint color in my living room and dining room as well as the fabric on my dining room chairs.

  60. Kathy W

    What fun! My favorite color is blue. And I pretty much have everything in that color. Ask anybody what color I was wearing the last time they saw me. 100% of them will say blue. My dishes are blue. My bathroom is blue. You get the picture. Thanks to you and Lawn Fawn for the chance to win those fabulous prizes!

  61. SandiL

    My favorite colour is green… think mowed lawn distress ink green. I own so many cloths in this colour, mostly tops, dresses and scarves. My husbands always teasing when we’re shopping eveytime I see the colour I vear off in that direction and usually without any noice. I’m currently collecting every ink pad and spray bottle out there too. I love decorating my cards (& house) with green just like nature it goes with everything :) Have a wonderful day Britta your too sweet giving us all chances to win.

  62. ELaine S.

    I love this card! I find I am drawn to pastels but my favorite color would have to be pink. My craft room is full of all things pink. Congratulations on your new job!

  63. Gerry Smith

    Yellow is my favorite color. So bright and sunny. It’s funny though, my house has more blue than yellow and my cards rarely have yellow. I’d better pull out my many shades of yellow card stock and get moving!

  64. Loly Borda

    My favourite color is blue, all shades of blue. I have several pieces os clothing in that color. Thanks for the chance.

  65. charliepango

    My favorite color is red. It makes everything bright and It catches attention .I own a red convertible mustang and a red bike. I have a lots of red clothes and of course red shoes to go with my outfit, and don’t forget purses, baby. My home decor are red. Red is my color and its shows my passion in everything and I show get the prize for that.
    Britta, than you for your videos. Your distress ink videos were my inspiration to make cards. Thank you for that.

  66. Hello! I’m a pink girl for sure. I typically buy pink t-shirts, t-shirts with pink on them, I go bonkers for patterned paper with pink…thank goodness I have a daughter! She gets lots of light pink to bright pink clothes.

  67. too cute!
    i love aqua-mint. i own paper and clothes in that color, hehe. :)

  68. Linda Baker

    My favorite color is blue. Reminds me of the ocean. My craft room is painted blue. Love the colors of your card! Thanks for the giveaway.

  69. I love this card! Lawn Fawn is my favorite stamps, papers and twines.

    I love green – there are many things in my world that are green from my cell phone cover to my car.

    Thanks for the give away – LFL – Lawn Fawn Love!!!

  70. Janet Meissner

    My favourite color is yellow! It’s such a happy bright color. I painted my daughters room yellow, and you immediately get in a good mood when you go in her room. Thanks for the chance!!!!!!

  71. First of all, your card is so bright & cheery-LOVE. :) And I am also in love with that pale tomato ink from Hero Arts! My favorite colors are all things red, purple and blue green. I have plenty of those colors in my wardrobe and decorating. They just make me happy!

  72. I love a robin’s egg blue and I just got some suit-weight fabric in that color that’s so pretty! I’m sewing some of it into an apron. :)

  73. Leticia Vasquez

    My favorite color is baby blue. I have a lot of clothes in that color. My favorite thing I own in that color is a coach purse

  74. Cindy

    Green has always been my favorite color, but my favorite shades of green have changed over the years. Now it’s lime…just like it was in the Sixties when I was in high school! Most of my home is painted in shades of green. Thank you for the chance to win.

  75. Dixie

    Your card is terrific! Love that design! My favorite color is blue. Always! The Hero Arts cornflower mid-tone ink makes me happy!

  76. Kathy Mc

    Believe it or not, Britta, that is a tough question. Always thought I was a pink kind of gal, but lately lime green is tops in clothing. However, I just bought a really pretty rose-colored vest & coordinating top that I can hardly wait to wear. Is that tone on tone paper in one of those paper pads? I love it. What a sweet card you made. Thanks for the chance to win and to Lawn Fawn!

  77. Mateja

    I guess I really like purple… it’s my go to color, because I think it goes with everything :) At the moment I also love everything that reminds me of spring. I just miss it and any orange/green shiny color is the one for me at the moment :) I have a lot of purple in my crafting supplies and I’m just realizing I have a lot of purple clothes as well :)

  78. Duck egg, all my home decor is duck egg. I especially love my dinner set.

  79. Nina

    my favorite colour is pink like Bubble Gum pink. I just bought an amazing jacket in that colour on the weekend. Thanks for the chance to win. Congrats on your new job BTW. I love Kelly Purkey’s designs.

  80. Brenda

    I have always been very fond of blue and seem to heading in a purple direction. Why? A basic colour, found significantly in nature-sky, water-it’s just so elemental!
    Congrads on everything that is going so well for you.
    Thanks for the chance.

  81. Cindy

    I love red! My car, tulips, pillows in lawn chairs, coffee cups, and flip flops! Happy place!

  82. Barb Ghigliotty

    Hi Britta,
    Wow! I knew you had a surprise, but this is AMAZING! I love how the delicate pattern on these sweet papers look with your design! Absolutely lovely card!
    And, yes…life is a “thing” ~ he-he! And it’s really great to be sharing it with a sweet person like you!
    My fave color is turquoise…I have tons of cardstock, inks, and gems in this color, and of course tops and jammies, too :-)
    Thanks so much for a chance to win these fab Lawn Fawn goodies…you (and Kelly Marie) are so generous!!! Off to my FB page and Flickr Group to spread the word!

  83. Borduurmuppet

    Hi Britta,
    Because of you, I have started making cards, so thank you for that!
    My absolute favourite color is fushia/pink. While I’m a beginner I don’t have the luxury to own a lot of pink stuff for cardmaking, but I do have inktense, prisma and derwent colourpencils and it works like magic for me. Also I have a lot of pink clothing and I always feel pretty good in that colour.
    I hope that you will continue with all the tutorials, I’m loving it.
    Kind regards Marja from the Netherlands

  84. karen dale

    Hi there my favorite colour rite now is the ripe perssiminon distress inks, stains, paints, its bright summery and a long way from the dreary snow and winter feel that is our weather right now. It makes me smile and think of what is to come, we hope. Thanks for all the inspiration you are awsome.

  85. Suzanne Watanabe

    Hi Britta!
    My favorite color is pink…I have a lot of pink….bags, shoes, clothes, jewelry…I could probably go on and on (lol) :) But, I also love all of the other beautiful colors too! :) . Have a wonderful day!

  86. Terri (blindstamper)

    I have to agree with you on the Pale Tomato. That type of color has been my favorite for years. My family would say I own too many things in the color…but I only have a hoodie, running jacket, a sweater, a couple shirts, and a tie-dye t-shirt. Hardly enough! :)

  87. Bette

    Blue is my fave and beside tons of stamping pads/paper in blue, I have jackets and a bathroom and flooring with a touch of blue and blueberry dishes. :)

  88. Carolyn Picken

    I am a rainbow person, the more color the happier I am. But if I had to pick just one color, red it is. It can be found in every room of my house. Thanks for the great job you do inspiring all of us.

  89. Sandy

    Royal blue is the color! It is my color according to the color pallet and it really makes everything near it stand out! Love it, love it, love it!

  90. laura m.

    AWESOME card! Thanks for sharing & for the giveaway :D
    My fav. color is red & most of my electronic “toys” are red (or their covers, anyway) ;D

  91. Janet Mack

    Pink,pink,pink and more pink ,all shades. And I own a ton of pink things. I have to watch myself because I can walk out the door wearing all pink.

  92. Rachel K

    Such a cute card! And holy giveaway, Batman!!! Lawn Fawn is how I found you! :)
    My fave color is and has always been in between teal and turquoise…the old Crayola color “green-blue”….haha!! I have shirts, scarves, jammies, nail polish, way too much paper, a few inks, all in shades of my beloved blue! :)

  93. VikkiCH

    my favorite color is a pink coral – very similar to HA pale tomato

  94. Carrie R.

    My favorite color is pink. I have paper, ink pads, and embellishments in this color. I also have clothing, cosmetics, and some jewlery in this color. Love it almost as much as I love Lawn Fawn!

  95. jerry

    Blue is my fave according to my closet!

  96. Penny Laschanzky

    My favorite color is BLUE! and all different shades of blue…..because I’m in love with the ocean (but I live too far away from it!) and I can’t believe all the differing colors of blue it has!

  97. sandy

    I love many colors, but I would have to say that I like the intense pink colors, like fuscia, it is very deep and bold!

  98. I have go with purple – love that color – and it’s Easter-y, too! I have a purple sweater that I love and wear often. Thanks for the chance to win this great collection of crafting items.

  99. My favorite color…blue, but more specifically TEAL! Love everything in this color!! Use lots of it in my card making.

  100. I don’t even know if I HAVE a favorite color. It seems to keep changing. Although it always seems to be sort of in the pinky-orangey family. Like a coral/salmon mix. I’m actually wearing jeans that color right now! I couldn’t not buy them…even if I can really only wear 3 different shirts with them. So fun! :)

  101. Karry

    Well I would have to say my favorite color would have to be blues and greens but it does change. Right now I like colorful just because it has been such a grey winter.

  102. Right now, the Lawn Fawn colors are my faves (I’m a huge fan of navy blue, but these LF colors have switched my thinking!). I m in love with their pink/apricot tones!

  103. Pat

    Green…such a basic color so I have LOTS of stuff in green.

  104. Debra HH

    Hi Britta…right now my fave is not one color but two! I am loving hot pink and yellow together, inspired by roses my mother had in her yard. These colors just make me happy! That said, I’m very curious about the Pale Tomato.
    Sounds divine. Thanks to you & Lawn Fawn for the give-away!

  105. Carmen

    My favorite color is green and I have a pullover on that bright colors.

  106. My favorite color is green, and if I’m offered a choice of color for something, green it is!

  107. Debby M.

    Favorite color would have to be blue. It’s my go to color most of the time. I have lots of blue inks and of course lots of paper in all shades of blue.

  108. Cheri c

    My favorite color is reddish orange. It’s a happy color that looks good on paper as well as most skin tones.

  109. My favorite color right now is grey because it’s so versatile and you can pair it with so many other colors. I don’t have any grey in my closet (yet!) but I’m a sucker for grey papers, inks and letter stickers.

  110. Michele

    I never thought that I would say purple, but I’m really liking that color right now. I picked up a skirt with several shades of it & found myself buying some different shades of purple ink, too!

  111. Abbie

    Very cute card!
    My favorite color right now is a distress ink actually. Barn Door. I love the soft red… use it WAY too much ;)

  112. Kat

    At the moment I am loving all of the hero arts shadow inks, but I think my favourite is Cornflower – such a beautiful blue and great for male and female cards!

  113. thanks for doing this Britta. My fav color is purple but currently i think it’s mint green and magenta. I recently dyed my hair magenta and i love it!


  114. Shayla A McConnell

    I’d say my favorite color is purple. I own lots of yarn and sweaters in the color.

  115. What a fun giveaway!

    My favorite color has always been pink. More specifically, the kind of pink you use on your blog title-I think of it as ‘lipstick’. Anyway, I own way more than a is appropriate of the color- including a large stack of patterned papers!

  116. I’ve always loved brown. I know it’s weird, but when I was little I always wanted the brown crayon. I have tons of brown things – clothes, card stock, boots, eyeliner, nailpolish…all sorts of stuff. Also, brown goes with so many other colors.

  117. You and LF are AWESOME! Seriously, you and Kelly Marie are so sweet, humble, full of energy.. not to mention extremely talented! Thank you for the awesome week of giveaways :) My fave color several months ago was gray – I went and bought a GORGEOUS handmade ruffled pillow cover on Etsy in gray even :) Now, I’ve moved on to navy blue! I LOVE it in paper crafting. I wear a lot of dark blue and black clothes, so um.. yeah.. that’s it!

  118. Gilu

    I luv that card! Thanks for the giveaway:)
    My favorite color is purple – the deeper the prettier:) I don’t own much in that color except a shawl, nail polisu and tissue boxes:)

  119. Lovely card. And my fav are pastel shades…All my fav clothes, bags and even colors in my cardmaking,quilling are in pastel shades….it gives a soothing feel, joy in its own way….

  120. My favorite color is yellow. Our whole house interior is painted different shades of gold…. except for 2 bedrooms which I have painted my OTHER favorite color -turquoise!

  121. Jo

    My favorite color is cornflower blue. I have lots of ink and paper in that color… I just seem to be drawn to it. I also purchased a copic that was very close to that color as one of my first purchases.

  122. Simi

    My favorite color is navy blue and i have lots of clothes in that color. But, i started loving the turquoise , i do not know, maybe because it shouts spring and life?

  123. Cindy

    I’ve taken 2 online classes and really enjoyed them, especially the videos (I, too, am a “visual person”, the self-pacing, and the fact you had .pdf print-outs and permanent references you could go back too. I’d LOVE to take more………. only problem is, I love them SO much, I could easily end up taking classes, watching videos, and “playing” ALL DAY LONG and NEVER get any cards done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  124. Yvonne C.

    My absolute favorite color is purple. I have a purple accent wall in my living room (to match my purple/plum furniture). In card making my favorite color at the moment is fuschia/raspberry.

  125. Robin Howe

    My favorite color is red and I have it all over my house from the bathroom to the kitchen to the bedroom to the living room. It’s vibrate and makes me feel alive. If my house was wood rather than stucco, it would be painted barn red. Oh, and I even had a red car.

  126. My favrite color right now is mint, melon and grey.

  127. Lisa S.

    My favorite color has always been Navy. So glad it is coming back in style. I own everything in navy blue including my car.

  128. Holly Pettingill

    Thanks for the opportunity! You are such a generous sweet heart :)
    My favourite colour is grey, and as we are getting closer to winter here in Aus, I’m looking forward to pulling out my cosy grey leg warmers again.

  129. Thank you for the giveaway !!!
    My favorite color is green!!!
    And my Vancouver Canucks jersey is in that colour :)

  130. Mary-Anne V.

    Such a pretty spring like card. My fav. colour is green. I own a gorgeous sweater and shirt in that colour and am aiming to get a scarf soon.

  131. Lauren Harmer

    Great card as usual! i love all bright colours but my favourite is pink! I have loads of punk but at the moment I am collecting anything with a pink owl

  132. Anna Stone

    I am currently loving teal/aqua. It’s coming into winter and for me this kind of goes with the season but is so uplifting. I have inkpads, inksprays, paint, washi tape and pencils in this colour. I also have a lovely aqua scarf which I plan on wearing alot in the next few months.

  133. Tina Louie

    My absolute favorite colors are: picked raspberry and salty ocean

    I just love love them! I own them at distress ink pads, distress stains and am on my way to getting them in ditress paints!!! Do not fear, I also turn all my paper into a picked raspberry and salty ocean color using the stain. Obsessed!

  134. JC

    Love the sweet colors on your card. My favorite color is red although I think the “robin’s nest egg” color is giving it a run for its money…I own a bucket of paint in this color with hopes to getting around to painting one of our rooms in this lovely bluish/greenish color! Thanks.

  135. That is such a cute card..those hearts are definitely awesome!!

    Right now I’m loving the brights…brought on by salty ocean distress ink…I am going to purchase everything in that color!

    That is some seriously super giveaway!! Thanks a ton!

  136. alinsmajl

    It’s purple. I have paper, ink, eyeshadow and dresses in that colour.

  137. My favorite color is red and I own shirts and many sheets of cardstock and patterned paper in that color. ;) Thanks for the fab giveaway!!

  138. Avra

    There aren’t many colors that I don’t like, but I would have to say that just about any shade of blue is my fave.
    Thanks for doing these awesome giveaways this week!

  139. What a lovely, happy card! My favorite color is any kind of teal/aqua/turquoise type color. I own EVERYTHING in this color! Clothes, home decor stuff, paper, ink, etc! :)

  140. PaperPixie

    I have always been a black or grey girl and this spring I am totally loving navy. Like, head over heels I need to go buy a new navy striped purse but I can’t afford it because I just spent a fortune on paper products with navy in them, loving it. So… Mostly I have crafting stuff with it. Fancy Pants Trendsetter, Lucky Charm! I would really like that new HA navy ink, and pale tomato is a great match ( and in those paper collections). :)

  141. SharonP

    Hands down favourite colour is ORANGE! It is the most versatile colour that makes everything pop, grey, purple, blue, green, red, yellow! I have it all over my house wear it all the time, love orange marmalade DI and my rubber room is Orange…hey just look at your site colours:D

  142. Tricia H

    Right now I’m loving bright yellow, teal and gray. I’m in the process of painting a room with gray & yellow walls & just picked up some teal picture frames at Target. Still lots more to do!

  143. Glorie

    I love blue, any shade of blue. I have clothes, shoes, purses and a lot more in my favorite color.

  144. Kristy B

    My favourite colour is pink. I own a lot of pink paper, ink and everything else in my room too.

  145. my favorite color is purple. I have milled lavender, dusty concord, (distress ink/stain), lavender sachet (jenny bowlin), and Hero Arts Soft Lilac.
    (and an assortment of purples in COPICS!). Thanks Britta!!!
    Whoo hoo!

  146. My favorite color is purple and I own so many shirts in that color! Unfortunately, I never have purple paper! :)

  147. My favorite color right now is teal/aqua, and I seem to be hoarding everything I can get in this color: inks, papers, washi tape, ribbon, etc, etc! :-) Purple is also one of my favorites! Got lots of stuff in that color, too! :-) Thank you so much for this generous giveaway!! :-) xx

  148. Aqua! And I like it so much I live in it: I painted my room with it.

  149. Great card…I love the combo of soft and hard lines…the flowery hearts, the sharp background shapes. Awesome design. My fave color is blue…like my blue car :)

  150. Divine

    My favorite color is blue, any shades of blue. I got clothes, shoes, bags and more that are in shades of blue or has somewhat blue on it, hehe :)

  151. Carole Toppen

    My favorite color is blue. I gravitate to anything blue. What were my first TH distress stains? all of the blues. I tend to mix green shades in with all of blues as well. I have gotten a little daring this past year and have ventured into the red/ orange hues so we will have to see how that goes. Thanks so much for the giveaway.

  152. marcia m

    I would have to say peach & yellow tones. My garden inspires me but since winters been really long I also crave bright cheerful colors. Thanks for your inspiration & giveaway.

  153. Vickie M Sneed

    Purple has always been my passion. My bedroom is done in purple as well as my bath. 75% of my clothes are purple or have purple in them. My daughter’s room is done in lilac gingham. Anything I can get away with, I do in purple. Pink is my backup color.

  154. My favorite color is green, I have lots of green ink pads, papers, washi tape, ribbon, buttons, green blouses, and t-shirts and a green car.

  155. Erica Johnson

    My favorite color is pink, I have a wonderful pair of pink running shoes that I received for Christmas and they make me want to move, move, move!

  156. Jordan Brooks

    Hi Britta!!!
    Thank you for this chance to win awesome Lawn
    Fawn goodies!!! My all time fav color is PINK!!!! I own lots of paper with pretty pink flowers! And my all time fav pink item is my long comfy maxi skirt! Thanks!
    Much Love,

  157. Louise G

    My favorite color as always been blue. And I still own blue eyes!
    I love my blue jeans so much. Blue flowers are so beautifull too. I love-ove-love blueberries. But I wouldn’t do my hair in blue !

  158. Super cute! I can never get enough hearts! :)

    Green is my favorite color and has been as long as I can remember. I have a lot of green things, but mostly any electronic case or cover I get, it always has to be green.

    Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  159. Lynda

    My current favorite color is the peachy-pink in Webster’s Pages lines. I just received 3 of their collections & that color is in each of the lines. It’s so soothing & springtime to me!

  160. nicolaC

    As a rule i love anything blue and most of my wardrobe is some share of blue, but i love the distress ink colour shaded lilac which has made me re-think purple,

  161. Jackie O.

    My favorite color is Blue! I just used a variety of blue inks to sponge a sky background for my Blissful Botanicals Lawn Fawn card.

  162. Tara D.

    I am going through an earth tone phase now, but I love how colors like a fresh, spring green; a vibrant, peacock blue; and a rich raspberry all pop against the warm neutral colors. It is hard for me to be specific about what I have in each of those colors because I have so much stuff!!

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