Distress Ink Stenciling (with Misting!) Video Tutorial

Ready for another video tutorial? I might be busy, but making a video tutorial this week was a great time to actually create something and relax a bit. My big project due yesterday went off without a hitch, and now I just have one more full day before I fly off to Ohio for a weekend with crafty friends. Yay! Without further adieu  here’s the video for today:

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Here’s a look at the finished card. See how the Distress Inks and Pure Sunshine spray ink interact to create that fun explosion of color? I like it. A lot. And the Mini Kaleidoscope stencil from The Crafter’s Companion is definitely a keeper. That pattern rocks!

04-02-13 Distress Ink Stenciling by Britta Swiderski-1

I also tried out the Hero Arts Letterpress paper – it’s a really good mix of the absorbency of watercolor paper with a much smoother texture. This makes it really good for stenciling and blending techniques like this. I’m looking forward to doing some more playing with it! I’m also really loving the Envelope Liner background stamp that I used to add a little more texture to the background. It’s such a great texture!

04-02-13 Distress Ink Stenciling by Britta Swiderski-2


Thanks so much for stopping by today and for all of your sweet comments about my vlog yesterday! The new one for the day 2 is up here so go check it out if you want to. :)



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8 Responses to Distress Ink Stenciling (with Misting!) Video Tutorial

  1. Hi Britta! Love the colors and texture of this card. Thanks to your other card done with the embossing paste, I bought several carter’s workshop mini templates too. I am LOVING them! Also ordered the Dylusions sprays to play along with them. I like how they are helping me use other supplies I have on hand and lots of mediums. Feel like a kindergartener again playing with all these colors and getting messy. Thanks for your inspirations and lessons!

  2. Another great tutorial! You make everything seem so simple!

  3. elizabeth

    This card is so beautiful. Thank you for the tutorial and for making the process of making these beautiful cards easier to understand.

  4. Dixie

    Thanks for the scoop on the letterpress paper. Your card is fabulous!

  5. Jeannie L

    Lovely card. Love the vibrant colors of the mist. I’m not sure if you’ve mentioned it but what’s the difference between Dylusions and Mister Hueys? Thanks for sharing yet another technique with stencils.

    • Thanks for your sweet comment! The basic difference between the Dylusions and Mister Hueys is that the Hueys are opaque or semi-opaque, fully covering whatever is underneath them. In the Dylusions sprays, only the white is semi-opaque. Another big difference is the way the colors are released. Mister Hueys are released with paper collections and then discontinued when the paper collections are (in other words, most of the sprays are limited edition), while the Dylusions sprays are their own line from Ranger and are not produced in limited editions. Hope this helps!

      Otherwise, a spray ink is a spray ink. Some get clogged, but it’s usually the ones with glitter or completely opaque ones that do that. I’ve only had one Dylusions spray clog up on me, and I think that was just a dud. I just replaced the nozzle with one from another mister bottle (these kind here). Have a great day!

  6. Nadege

    Very nice card!! Smells like sun, summer and warm days!

  7. Great video and love the colors. Really a nice non gender card. Thanks for all you do.

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