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Hey there! I’ve had a fabulous weekend away in Ohio and can’t wait to share some of the creations I made with you! This one for today is one of my favorites. Consequently, it took the longest to make. Ha! I finally had the chance to sit down and play with the Kelly Purkey line for Simon Says Stamp, and OH BOY! There are so many possibilities.

This one started out as me wanting to use a ton of sequins, so I chose this multicolored set from Kelly Purkey.

04-08-13 You Rock So Much KP Products by Britta Swiderski-1

I cut out the Falling Stars background die from some kraft cardstock  and used that as a template to put little pencil dots where all the stars are. Then, I glued a sequin on top of each pencil dot using these tweezers and Matte Multi Medium. That part took a while, but I was able to chat with friends and cause general mayhem with the other ladies while I worked. And I still have SOOO many sequins left over; I barely made a dent in the bag!

04-08-13 You Rock So Much KP Products by Britta Swiderski-2

Then I used glue dots to adhere the stars over the sequins in just the right position and then got to work on my sentiment. I used this Life Bubble Vertical Die 2 for the white border (out of white cardstock) and then hand-traced and cut a piece, this time in thick vellum, just about the same size as the white outline. I used this glue pen to adhere the white paper to the vellum. Then I placed the KP white letter stickers (using my favorite ruler to line them up) and pressed them into place on the bubble. I used rolled glue dots around the frame and behind the letters to adhere the bubble to the card.

04-08-13 You Rock So Much KP Products by Britta Swiderski-3

Check out that sequin sparkle! It’s fabulous!


If you want to get a little behind-the-scenes look at this card in the making (as well as the rest of the weekend of fun) check out my vlog from last Friday to see a peek! I couldn’t edit while away, so I’m upload two per day for the next couple of days to my vlog channel until I’m caught up. :)

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I was super productive over the weekend, so I have lots to share with you over the coming weeks. Yay! See you soon. :)



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6 Responses to You Rock So Much – KP Products!

  1. yay!! love the behind the scenes! :) I can’t wait to get the KP stamps! :)

  2. Linda Baker

    The card is fabulous Britta! Enjoyed seeing it in progress and love seeing the final product. Very creative and you have a lot of patience to glue all of those sequins!

  3. WOW! I didn’t think there was a retreat weekend with more food at it than the one I go to, but I guess I was wrong. We’ve met our match! :)

  4. This was such a fun look behind the scenes, loved seeing all the crafting rock stars (and Jennifer’s baby is too adorable!!). I so admire your tenacity Britta – 3 hrs on sequins!!??!!!!!!! You ROCK! Was this a private retreat for Simon Says peeps? Thanks for sharing!

    • It is just a retreat for some friends in Ohio. Heidi and Kristina were there, but no specific Simon Says affiliation. ;) And don’t worry, I wasn’t too crazy about the sequins – that three hours included lots of talking and giggling and maybe a glass of wine as well! I find repetitive tasks like gluing small objects down and sewing to be really therapeutic while concentrating on other things (like conversation or tv). Also, I’m crazy. ;)

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