National Stationery Show! (Part 1)

I had the amazing and wonderful opportunity to go to NYC for the National Stationery Show (NSS) last week (thanks to the wonderful Kelly Purkey and my fantastic friends at Simon Says Stamp). I was in heaven. So much paper, fun gadgets and pretty colors. Everywhere. Admittedly  I was totally overwhelmed the first time I walked the floor because of all the goodness. Thankfully, I got a handle on that by day two. ;) Here are my favorite 5 trends I spotted on the show floor:

one – beer love

You may know that I have an obsession with beer. I love to try new ones, and I would probably have two every night if alcohol didn’t make me so darn sleepy. Ha! The beer-inspired designs at the show were so great, not only featuring things like “let’s grab a drink,” but adding an extra level of creativity by adding in great new sayings to the beer look and feel.

05-28-13 NSS and NYC by Britta Swiderski-15

Ladyfingers Letterpress

05-28-13 NSS and NYC by Britta Swiderski-29

L2 Design Collective

two – sassy!

From long-winded letterpress explanations and rants to old-school designs redesigned with saucy language and type, there was no shortage of sass at the show… and I love it! This a trend you can customize to fit you (or the recipent’s) desired level of sass.

05-28-13 NSS and NYC by Britta Swiderski-14

Ladyfingers Letterpress

05-28-13 NSS and NYC by Britta Swiderski-34


05-28-13 NSS and NYC by Britta Swiderski-40

Emily McDowell (with Igloo Letterpress)

three – spanish-inspired flair

This is a trend that has been on my mind since I started taking Spanish classes 10 years ago, but it’s finally a thing! From fantastic representations of piñatas to an “hola” greeting to pure inspiration from traditional Hispanic decorations, Español has definitely arrived as a trend power in the design world.

05-28-13 NSS and NYC by Britta Swiderski-33

Sass & Peril

05-28-13 NSS and NYC by Britta Swiderski-48

Viva Greetings

four – bright colors

This comes as no surprise after the rise of popularity for the entirety of the neon spectrum, but neon and bright brights are here and even more fashionable. We’re now seeing neons incorporated into traditional color schemes and used for their color value rather than their visibility value. It’s great to see this trend maturing in such a fun way!

05-28-13 NSS and NYC by Britta Swiderski-27

Fine Day Press

05-28-13 NSS and NYC by Britta Swiderski-10

Yellow Owl Workshop

05-28-13 NSS and NYC by Britta Swiderski-20

An Open Sketchbook

five – oh, the cuteness!

Puppies and kittens and teddy bears, oh my! My obsession with dachshunds continues to be well-founded, and you can now find cute creatures (both real and imaginary) in every type of design, color and style imaginable. Whether watercolored, wearing hats or holding signs, you’re sure to find your favorite animal making an appearance in a collection in the near future.

05-28-13 NSS and NYC by Britta Swiderski-18

Rifle Paper Co.

05-28-13 NSS and NYC by Britta Swiderski-17

Sycamore Street Press

Thanks for stopping by today to take a peak at some of my favorites from NSS this year. I have so many favorites that I couldn’t reasonably fit them into one post, so be sure to stop by later this week for another look at some of my favorites! If you would like to see more about what I saw + what I ate in NYC, check out my daily vlogs here. Or, start watching my trip below. Enjoy!

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  1. loved watching your vlog. and omg those purses you showed the blue colorful flower one and the ones after that so stinkin’ cute!! I want!


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