Project Life Weeks 4 + 5 + 6 + 25

Stopping by today to share some more weeks of my Project Life with you. This week, I completed weeks four, five, six and twenty-five.

Week Four:

06-29-13 Project Life Weeks 4-5-6-25 by Britta Swiderski-5

This week was all about getting ready for a new semester. I really like how some of the journaling cards from the Midnight Edition Core kit let you journal and then fold them in half. This way, I could write my deeper feelings and not feel the need to display all of the writing. I like it that way. I’m also obsessed with the KP Alpha stickers on photos and stamping on KP Label stickers. So. Much. Awesome.

06-29-13 Project Life Weeks 4-5-6-25 by Britta Swiderski-1

Week Five:

06-29-13 Project Life Weeks 4-5-6-25 by Britta Swiderski-6

I did a little experimenting on this layout with incorporating a tweet from each day. I printed it on vellum using my printer, and it worked like a dream! (I have the Epson Workforce 845, if you’re curious. It’s a great all-around office printer, and text dries instantly on vellum.) I also incorporated another calendar card from findingnana and started using grid cards everywhere to help my journaling stay straight.

06-29-13 Project Life Weeks 4-5-6-25 by Britta Swiderski-2

Week Six:
06-29-13 Project Life Weeks 4-5-6-25 by Britta Swiderski-7

This was a rough week, so I put the KP YOLO stamp set to work with it’s “Blerg.” “OOPS!” and “take one for the team.” These all worked so well to create funny venting while still making light of the rough week. Inks used: StazOn Jet Black on anything the least bit glossy, and Hero Arts Tide Pool for accent stamping.

06-29-13 Project Life Weeks 4-5-6-25 by Britta Swiderski-3

Week Twenty-Five:

06-29-13 Project Life Weeks 4-5-6-25 by Britta Swiderski-8

It’s so interesting working off of twitter, instagram and blog posts to remember what happened at the beginning of the year and then switching over to working on memories still fresh in my brain. Haha! This week was all about Jake and I apartment planning, shopping for furniture and getting back into the swing of things. That gorgeous letterpressed card is from the KP April/May Project kit. That’s sold out now, but the new one for August/September will be released soon! (I’ll make sure to let you know the second that happens.) Also, KP Gold Sequins are my favorite ever. I use glossy accents + super amazing tweezers to stick them in the right place every time.

06-29-13 Project Life Weeks 4-5-6-25 by Britta Swiderski-4

Thanks for stopping by to take a peak at my progress! This past week has been a little battle with my health, but I’m feeling much better now as I’ve gotten back to work but have still been taking it easy the last couple of days. No worries! Now I’m heading out for a night with friends to see Monsters University and have a few drinks. Time with friends is always good for the soul. :) See you bright and early Monday for the beginning of a week of celebration and fun!




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  1. Mary-Anne V.

    Your pages are great and very motivating…I need to start with my own version of this kind of scrapbooking.

    • It’s so easy if you dedicate a couple hours a week to it. An hour or so to print pictures, and an hour or so to do about four weeks by sticking the pictures in, journaling and embellishing as you see fit. You can do as much or as little as you feel like for that week. I feel like having so many things decided for me takes the pressure up to just scrapbook a pile of photos. :)

  2. If I were to do PL, this is how I’d do it :) Love those pages!

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