Giveaway Winners!

I picked some giveaway winners this afternoon, and I wanted to share the excitement with you!


Winner of giveaway package #1 is ZhanTao Yang, #2 is Ann-Sofie Sjostrom and #3 is Kathy Stacy. I’ve emailed the three of you – make sure to check your emails so you can respond!

Thank you all SO MUCH for your support, and I can’t wait to do more giveaways like this in the future. Even though the giveaway is done for now, you can still purchase Misty Crafty Happy here for only $18.

Now that this class is in the books and ready for purchase, I’m already starting to plan out my next LIVE class. I’ve mentioned it in passing over the past few months, but I’ll have an official announcement after I’m done moving into a new apartment over the month of August. A girl can never have too much planning!

Speaking of moving, I’m filming a video of my current workspace setup TODAY to post this next week. It’s been requested a lot, and my small space planning might help others who live with limited space but still can have their own designated area. My new space will have a room all of its own (well, a general office), and so with change comes new ways of looking at storage solutions and space planning. I want to be sure to document this for myself as much as to share with you!

See you tomorrow (Sunday, the 28th) for my first in a series of posts about CHA.


P.S. I got this bracelet in the mail from BaubleBar yesterday, and I’m in love. Check out the store here and you get 15% off your first order. Tip: check out the “Burried Bauble” sales on Mondays and Fridays where a piece of jewelry is only $10. That’s how I scored this awesome bracelet! {Use the invitation code 22637384 when signing up if you’d like to give me referral credit towards more jewelry!}

07-27-13 BaubleBar Bracelet-1

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