Introducing: Misty Crafty Happy!

Thanks so much for all of your enthusiasm and joy this week. I’ve enjoyed reading your comments all week and can’t wait to see what the winners do with the prizes! (Winners will be drawn on Tuesday, July 9th.) Now it’s time for me to share my next big project. I’m nervous but so very excited to introduce you to Misty Crafty Happy:


I’ve been working away on this new class for you over the last few months, and it will finally be ready on Friday, July 19th, 2013. Because I couldn’t wait to announce it any longer and because I want to offer a special deal to my blog readers, I’m offering a pre-order of the class from now until the release date in two weeks. Order now and you’ll save more than 16% off the price of the class! The release price will be $18, but you can pre-order now for $15.

Here’s what the class is about:

Learn about and play with misting like you never have misted before! Whether you’re a beginning crafter or a seasoned pro, this class will show you a new way to look at misting through a fun classroom-like atmosphere with a helpful e-book companion. The class consists of 5 lessons made of three videos each. By the end of the course, we’ll create a tag book full of techniques together and explore basic, intermediate, advanced and mixed media techniques. Each self-paced class download consist of completely class-exclusive content: an e-book (complete with hyperlinks to class supplies and detailed photographs of each project) and access to 15 exclusive videos (including at least 8 cards start-to-finish).

I hope you’ll join me on this fun, creative adventure! Thank you so much for your support. I love you. :) Go to my shop here to pre-order the class now, or click right here:

Pre-orders will be emailed out the 19th to your paypal email unless otherwise noted at checkout. Let me know if you have questions about the pre-order process in the comments below!

And of course, today’s giveaway is some class seat action! I’ll be giving away TWO sets of classes for you and a friend. (I will draw two names, and each one of them can pick a friend to win the class as well!)


How it works: All you have to do each day to enter is answer the question of the day. Of course, you could be fabulous and spread the word to your facebook friends, twitter followers, etc. by sending them to my blog as well. That would be really cool of you! You can leave a comment (just one comment, please – only the first one will count) until the end of July 7th, 2013. I’ll be drawing, notifying and posting the winners sometime on Tuesday, July 9th. All winners will be randomly drawn using a number generator. International entries are welcome. If you’re under 18, please be sure to have the permission to enter from your parent/guardian(s) since you will have to give me your address so I can send you the goodies!

Oh, and if you (and/or your friend) preorder the class and then win the giveaway, I will refund your money. :)

Here’s the question of the day:

What’s the favorite thing you’ve learned lately? (Random fact, a new technique, new activity, etc!)

My answer: Leia actually doesn’t mind having her teeth brushed. We went to the vet the other day for a check-up, so of course I wanted to *ehem* try to improve her dental hygene. Her teeth are good now, but brushing is a good habit to get into! It’s awesome that she doesn’t totally hate me for wanting to brush her teeth. Ha! Also, I’ve made it a weekly goal to educate myself on something new each week. I really enjoy learning with about the Adobe products, because it helps keep my designer muscles fresh. That website is one of my favorite design resources I’ve ever been given.

Thank you. For everything! I’m so glad to finally tell you about my latest project. I can’t wait to share more sneaks over the next couple weeks. Let’s do this again sometime. ;)



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84 Responses to Introducing: Misty Crafty Happy!

  1. Moid

    I would love to win a spot in this class! I don’t own any mist and would love to learn how to use them to their full advantage. ( first comment luck :D)

  2. I am obsessed with mists and always look for new ways to use them.

  3. Nikki

    Using a white pen to cover little mishaps on a white card front! I had never thought of it, but it’s such an awesome tip!

  4. Melissa maxwell Doherty

    I have learned about the power of words. Take for example the sentence ” I am happy.” Then consider the phrase “My heart, on a swing, sweeps the sky”. Both are about joy but the second sentence causes me to smile and breathe and feel ecstasy.

  5. Lisa

    Using the same color marker or ink to go around the edges of an image that I cut out. It is so simple, but hides any of the cutting imperfections!

  6. karen k

    I would love to win a seat in your class. You are very talented. Thanks for the chance.

  7. Valerie Gee

    The class sounds great! Can’t wait to take it! I love learning new things, but lately I have been playing a bit with water color pencils, using them in lots of different ways. Thanks for the chance to win some seats! If I win, I’m totally going to pick my mom to take the class with me, we love scrapping together! XXOO from CO!

  8. Teresa

    Your new class sounds terrific Britta! Love my mists, but they seem to sit here and need to be used more often – or at least I need to use what I have before I am tempted to buy more!! I have recently made some ATCs and altered art projects and been swapping these with other ladies and through this I am learning many tips and tricks, some of which can be applied to my card making. I love that it expands my repertoire! :) I hope Leia is smelling a bit more sweetly for you now. ;)

  9. Your class sounds so neat! I actually really enjoyed your recent post on using distress paints on background stamps. You completely sold me on getting a bunch and trying them out — love them!!

  10. Andrea Reynolds

    I have been learning to love my stash of supplies instead of always wanting more. It’s hard, but I’m loving it!

  11. conil

    would be cool to win a spot…I know it sounds silly but, I just learned how to color stamp on black cardstock effectively. Now I’m obsessed.

  12. Maureen Chandler

    It would be so much fun to win a spot in your class – and for my good friend too! I have been watching lots of videos about making a canvas and I really want to try that technique and make myself some ART!!! Thanks Britta!

  13. diana

    Thanks for the chance to win a spot in your new class!
    With a heat wave and no AC at the moment, I’m ‘learning’ to relax with some good books. ;-)

  14. Mary-Anne V.

    This class sounds fun! Right now my fav. thing I’ve learned is to just not stress about meals… just do what I feel sounds good and hey you can’t please every child’s tastes!

  15. Cindy m

    over the 4th I’ve learned it’s MUCH more fun & less stressful to STOP being such a perfectionist, relax & go with the flow! (unfortunately, a life-long challenge for me!)

  16. LauraZ

    I have learned a bunch of new workout routines. I just joined this bootcamp and I have discovered new ways to make me sore…in a good and healthy way though.

  17. Craftyfield

    Terrific giveaway, would love to learn about misting from you… Random fact: the bananas in the supermarket are shipped green and kept “asleep” in low temperature only to be awakened at the right moment in specialist warehouses with the chemical ethylene, which bananas normally produce, so they arrive on the shelves at the right maturity. Fancy that!

  18. I have let my mists gather dust on the shelf, need to start using them again. I have been learning about using video for my business! Hurrah!

  19. Micah

    I love using studio calico woodvineers now and experimenting what I can do with them. The good thing is that u can spray them and emboss them and do all kinds of things to them.

  20. Natalie Winterstein

    This isn’t really a technique but over the last year I have really come to realize I had to get organized and find systems that worked for me. As a crafter I would encourage everyone to invest some time and money into getting organized and they will find their mojo and creativity will soar! :)

  21. Mary

    I love using embossing paste and I’m fascinated by how it looks once its dry! Such a cool medium!

  22. Mary Ellen Davis

    I love using embossing paste and I’m fascinated with the results!

  23. Kim T

    I just learned a new faux embossing technique from the Simon Says Stamp blog! ;o)

  24. Mary M.

    This class sounds really fun, and I would love to win a spot and take it with a friend! I’ve been on a knitting kick lately, and I’m trying to learn how to knit socks by the end of the year. On my journey I have learned a lot of new knitting techniques that I will need for my final goal! =)

  25. Shaughn

    Hi Britta! I’m so excited for your class! So, I just learned the technique of removing the embossing powder off the image with an iron! I can’t remember the name of it though! It’s so cool looking! I watched several tutorials and then tried it myself…and again and again..finally I got the results I was hoping for! I’m in awe of how much stuff one can learn just from following multiple blogs! Thanks so much for sharing!

  26. Heather I.

    The coolest things I’ve learned lately has to do with art journaling techniques. Mixing and combining different mediums to end up with a great result.

  27. My favorite thing I learned lately is the only mammal that can’t jump is the elephant. Lol.

  28. Jen Rzasa

    I’m in grad school, and today I learned an awesome new song that I can teach my students in the fall!

  29. Dena Cline

    I would love to learn more about using Mists, I haven’t ever used them much before, so I need to learn stuff about using them.

  30. Kathy Cline

    I learned a new folded/braiding technique for card making a few days ago. Thanks for a great week of inspiration.

  31. Richard Cline

    I would love to learn more ab0ut misting techniques. Thanks for a good week of learning new things.

  32. Kathy Cline

    thanks for a week of fun prizes and lots of inspiration and learning new things.

  33. Kathleen

    What a great class this should be! And what a fun week you hosted!

    We have trouble grilling steaks, they turn out too well done. I learned that the meat needs to sit about for about an hour and a half before cooking. We’re testing the theory tonight to see if the technique corrects our problem!

  34. Danielle Near

    I didn’t realize how much I like crafting. Coming up with new ideas for things. Then people say ,” Hey that looks pretty cool”. It makes me feel good.

  35. Janet Mack

    I learned how to make my own spray mist. I made one with white paint and one with Perfect Pearls. Love them and I have to get some more spray bottles.

  36. Lynda

    My favorite thing that I’ve learned lately is how to use my Cuttlebug. It’s so amazingly easy to die cut & dry emboss & end up with such professional end products!

  37. The class sounds fantastic! I am in the process of learning more about Adobe Photoshop Elements. I am interested to check out the website you mention.

  38. Yay for the new class, hope to win a spot.
    Recently I have learned more things about tripods, I just want to record my craft table so I was searching for ways to do it and tripods. If any have more tips I will love to listen to them.

  39. Class looks great, thanks for the chance to win! I’ve recently learned how to selectively cut or emboss w/ my die cutting machine. And I LOVE it. :)

  40. Moid

    My favorite technique is coloring with distress markers on images ( especially Paper Smooches party pals)

  41. Deana McMann

    My favorite technique to use lately is hombre coloring with inks or paints.

  42. Loly Borda

    This class is right for me! I only used mists twice as it didn’t look good at all on my project (big splotches). Thanks for the chance! I try to learn something every day, so now as we are on vacation from my French class, I try to learn 5 words chosen randomly from a dictionary every day, next step would be to use them in a sentence. Gracias por la oportunidad de ganar!

  43. Barb k

    The class sounds great. I’d love to learn misting techniques!

  44. A really cool new technique for me that I found is when printing digital images on your printer to color, print them in a light grey tone; then when you color them, all you see is your coloring, no black lines!

    Thank for the chance to win a seat in your new class, Britta; I would LOVE to take the class!

  45. Marian Pennino

    I just learned FINALLY how very important it is to be organized…..avoiding crafting at times because everything in a million different places. Almost done organizing and learning also how to use Dylusions sprays on cards and scrapbooking. Such a great addition!

  46. sounds like a fun class. I learned a new technique using rubbing alcohol today and silks so cool!

  47. Joan S

    Nothing earth shattering, but new for me. I have recently watched various video techniques using watercolor pencils. I invested in a good set (w/Michaels coupon), and have been practicing coloring and shading and have been pleased with the results–combo of direct coloring and using a water brush or blender pen to pick up color directly from pencil lead and blending.

  48. Marla H.

    I have tried my hand at altering items and the other day I learned how to use paper napkins and mod podge to add them to altered things to make them beautiful!!!

  49. kristyscraps

    I have learned to play with my goodies and enjoy the playtime without expectations of perfection! Made my watercolor painting at the beach on the 4th–not an artist but thoroughly enjoyed myself and being creative.

  50. Your class sounds wonderful and sure it would be a lot of fun.
    My favorite technique right now is water coloring either using ranger ink and spritz and lay water color paper in it, or emboss clear and use water color pencils and color. Great results.

  51. Barb Ghigliotty

    I’ve always enjoyed your videos, so I would love to win a spot in this class :-)

    My fave technique is called “Double Stamping” (I think)…where you stamp on a card base and a tag/label while matching it up (Julie Ebersole did a tutorial for Ellen Hutson a few weeks ago). It’s harder than it looks, but I’m having a lot of fun learning to get it just right.

    Thank you so much for a chance to win…you are so generous!

  52. Pippa67

    I would love to learn more about misting. And my technique is coloring on water paper. Much better than normal paper. Sounds pretty easy, but was a eye opener for me.

  53. I would love to learn misting as I love colors. I can color good but not misting :). The newest thing I learnt recently is that there is inspiration everywhere, we just have to know how to interpret it.

  54. The class sounds fantastic. The latest thing I learned was all about word and letter spacing in Photoshop! Having great fun with it now!

  55. Mateja

    It’s not really a new thing but I’m working on it more lately. I learned to go with it… Trusting my guts is the best thing I can do. Usually I don’t do that and I end up dissapointed. I’m learning to do what I think is right and stick with it :)

  56. WOW!! such a fantastic class!! Thank you for such a generous giveaway…I’ve been obsessed with learning everything I can about Lindy stamp gang’s glimmer mists. I just found them and can’t get enough of them…so its a load of research and fun stuff to do!! :D

  57. Carolyn Picken

    I am using bling on cards….adds just the right sparkle. Using different mediums to,achieve the looks I want. Would,love to win a spot in your class.

  58. I’ve learned to make chewy cookies instead of my usual flat hard ones :)

  59. Genevieve

    This class is for me i have the supplies but then i am fearful :)

    Crossing my fingers

  60. Terri (blindstamper)

    How to use PanPastels, VivaDecor Inka Gold and 3-D stemple paint. Fun, fun, fun!

  61. Lauren Harmer

    Very excited about the class, I would live to learn more about misting! I learnt today that fighting fish are happy to live in small containers .

  62. Judy Hodges

    I’ve learned how to stamp with gelatos. Lots of fun.

  63. Zoli

    I’ve just learnt some distress tehniques with my Tim Holtz inks. I’m getting obsessed with them. Have a nice day Britta! :)

  64. Avra

    I’ve been trying to watch new card making videos/techniques and actually make the time to try them! But first, I am working on the finishing touches of trying to reorganize my cling and clear stamps – a huge undertaking!

    • Shelley

      would love to hear how you are approaching it. I’ve tried several ways, and still haven’t found the one that works for me!

  65. looks like a fun class! this has been a fun celebration week, thanks for all the inspiration and giveaways, you’re always so generous! I learned that getting 5 hours of sleep a night is nowhere near enough for this sleepy head!

  66. Valerie

    I learned a new technique using foil. Love the results. Would love to take your class and get back to using sprays.

  67. Anso

    Class sounds great! Today I have learned that it’s REALLY hard to find sun chairs for tall people in the UK :(

  68. Dena

    The best thing that I have learned lately is how to make really cool backgrounds with distress inks, thanks in part to your videos from several months go. Thanks for the chance to win a spot in the class.

  69. Abbie

    I learned how to use Feedly as a blog reader! I never really had heard of blog readers until Google Reader was stopped. So glad I heard of them!!!! Makes finding inspiration so quick, and leaves more time for creating! Thanks for the chance to win :) your class looks great!

  70. Shelley

    I just recently learned how to take a piece of braided rope, fray it( for lack of a better word!), mist it, and use it as an embellishment! I love my local scrapbook store, and I love the power of the internet. It teaches me so much! Sounds like a great class you have coming up.

  71. Barbara Escalante

    I recently learned how to make braided bracelets similar to those called friendship bracelets and I’ m making them for my family members. Each one has a different style. I’m trying to learn as many different types of crafts techniques for many different craft arts as I can. I am trying to broaden my horizons in arts and crafts.

  72. Sandi Leask-Grylls

    Hi britta that’s so exciting, your latest project sounds like so much fun! Thank you so much for your week of giveaways, you’re so good to us :-D
    the thing that i learnt this past week is that you need to take care of yourself and working long hours and getting stressed at work and helping coworkers before your own work load doesn’t pay off. It’s OK to be selfish at times because the person who cares most about you is you.
    Sorry to digress it’s a life lesson i’ve learnt the hard way. Thank you for being my shining moment everyday this week

  73. sandy mruk

    Copics. trying to master the technique.

  74. Erica Johnson

    I recently learned how to use Ranger alcohol based inks. It’s been a fun and creative way to achieve a wonderful look on a variety of palettes. Never thought I’d get into a medium like that but having tried them I now want to see what else I can do and use to be creative. This must class sounds perfect!

  75. I recently watched a video on using Gelatos in a gel medium to create texture. I will definitely be trying this out.

  76. Anso

    That sometimes it’s better not to look for the most obvious solution!

    Thanks for a great giveaway :)

  77. Finally got around to it…using instagram and understanding how to use hashtags.

  78. Karen G

    What have I learned lately? I’ve learned that I really DID donate all my smarts to my kids, and learned a better way for me to use unmounted stamps, especially sentiments.

  79. Sandra ltb

    I visited my sister in Rochester NY, and they have longer daylight hours in the summer there … never had any idea it could look like day time at 9 pm!
    Sandra ltb

  80. sandy mruk

    I go back and forth between copics and colored pencils using gamsol. Wish i could master one

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  82. Bonnie Skjonsberg

    I have bought the spray mist before and every time I use it I get “globs” of ink on my project. I have tried holding project furthest away and it still does not work. What am I doing wrong? Thank you. I love your articles.

    • It’s possible your sprayer is clogged or that you are not pressing down all the way. If you press halfway, it tends to create more of splatter than even mist. Try cleaning out your mist sprayer (or replacing it if possible) and spraying by pressing the pump down all the way. Hope this helps and practice makes perfect!

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