Favorite New Collections – My Picks from CHA Vegas

Hello friends! Today I wanted to share my 5 favorite collections from CHA. Well, it kind of morphed into my five favorite paper-related releases from the show, but you’ll see what I mean. There were so many great lines at the show, but these five really stuck out to me. (I have some more paper-related things in the post tomorrow, too.) Sit back, grab a cup of coffee or your favorite beverage and enjoy: there are about thirty photos in this post. Ha! I promise they’re sure to bring you some inspiration and excitement.

Side note – packing is going well and we get our keys to the new place today. Woohoo! It turns out that packing a crafting space is really pretty easy when it’s already so compact. Who knew?! Glad for that.

Peace Joy Love – Lawn Fawn

This line prevailed as my favorite holiday-oriented collection at the show. The color choices totally got me – the perfect selection of a more traditional red and green with enough of a twist that it really feels fresh. That red is out of this world! The new Lawn Fawn release ships towards the end of August.

  1. Collection overview: great balance of red, green, blue, white and black + traditional holiday and year-round pattern motifs. {preorder this collection here}
    CHA Vegas Favorite Collections by Britta Swiderski-19
  2. Favorite pattern: these hearts and stars on the “Rudolph” paper with a perfect ledger on back. If this isn’t year-round cuteness and versatility, I don’t know what is.
    CHA Vegas Favorite Collections by Britta Swiderski-21
  3. Favorite embellishment: the mixed sequins for this collection include half a dozen colors, shapes and sizes to perfectly coordinate with the collection. These will be HOT. {preorder mixed sequins} {preorder snowflake sequins}
    CHA Vegas Favorite Collections by Britta Swiderski-20
  4. Bonus picks: Lawn Fawn’s Into the Woods line is also happy and on-trend as usual. I particularly love the B-side of the “Pine” pattern. Those staggered parallelograms in shades of green are quite zesty. {preorder the Into the Woods collection here}
    CHA Vegas Favorite Collections by Britta Swiderski-22
  5. Bonus item: more mixed sequins that are right up my favorite-color-alley and how about that adorable flair?! {preorder into the woods flair} {preorder mixed sequins} {preorder fall leaf sequins}
    CHA Vegas Favorite Collections by Britta Swiderski-23
  6. Bonus item: Lawn Trimmings bakers style hemp cord in metallic gold (EEEK!) and brown. I’ll take three of each, please. {preorder hot cocoa hemp cord} {preorder gold metallic hemp cord}
    CHA Vegas Favorite Collections by Britta Swiderski-24

It’s Christmas! – Allison Kreft Designs for Webster’s Pages

Allison Kreft, the former designer for Hambly Studios before their sad departure from the crafting scene last year, made big waves with her new line debuted at CHA Winter earlier this year in collaboration with Webster’s Pages. Her two new collections deliver once more with her signature graphic style and bold pattern choices.

  1. Collection overview: this is a full-featured collection with patterned paper, overlays and tons of yummy embellishments. I heard lots of whispers of this line being perfect for the very popular December Daily project throughout the show.
    CHA Vegas Favorite Collections by Britta Swiderski-5
  2. Favorite pattern: “Dear Santa” is a juicy collection of some well-designed 3″ x 4″ cards and a perfectly trendy triangle b-side.
    CHA Vegas Favorite Collections by Britta Swiderski-6
  3. Favorite embellishment: Allison’s overlays are NOT to be missed. They hold true as a strong homage to her Hambly days and are perfect for tons of different projects. Her “Numbers” (red) overlay is simply meant for December Daily. I’m into it.
    CHA Vegas Favorite Collections by Britta Swiderski-7
  4. More embellishments: like I said before, her lines are brimming with fantastic embellishments. In this photo, I love the Mini Trim Pack with thosefab silver discs. See how Allison used them on the card on the right side of the picture? Her mini bags (very popular in her last release) are also very adorable.
    CHA Vegas Favorite Collections by Britta Swiderski-10
  5. Even more embellishments: Aqua Bubble & Gold Star paperclips. YES!
    CHA Vegas Favorite Collections by Britta Swiderski-9
  6. Bonus item: “Rewind” patterned paper from her Recorded line. I love this color scheme, and the cassette tapes make me yearn for my childhood.
    CHA Vegas Favorite Collections by Britta Swiderski-2
  7. Also from the Recorded line: more. awesome. overlays. (Black Polaroid, White Cards, Coral Graph and Teal Arrows… all fantastic.)
    CHA Vegas Favorite Collections by Britta Swiderski-4
  8. More from the Recorded line: those charms are absolutely irresistible. (Mini Tapedeck and Mini Camera)
    CHA Vegas Favorite Collections by Britta Swiderski-8

Penelope – Elle’s Studio

Elle’s Studio had some of my favorite booth samples of the entire show (her DT rocks), and they totally sold me on the cute and peppy Penelope line. Penelope is the girly companion to the already-released Cameron collection.

  1. Collection overview: Sweet, peppy and girly. The motifs in this collection are fresh and scaled differently from design to design for some delicious variation.
    CHA Vegas Favorite Collections by Britta Swiderski-26
  2. Favorite paper: “Bows” because I don’t think we’ve seen enough bows yet, and I like the scale of this paper. Plus, that b-side rocks!
    CHA Vegas Favorite Collections by Britta Swiderski-28
  3. Fantastic staple pattern: the “Happy Note” journaling cards naturally would be perfect for Project Life, but I also think they would make a great layout. I love the combination on light grey and kraft in this line!
    CHA Vegas Favorite Collections by Britta Swiderski-29
  4. Favorite embellishment: the Penelope Bits and Pieces are fun and not too over-the-top girly.
    CHA Vegas Favorite Collections by Britta Swiderski-27
  5. Bonus item: the “Countdown” paper from the Noel line is another great choice for December Daily and shows off something that Elle’s Studio does very well: printed kraft pattern. Plus, the “Deck The Halls” pattern below is another winner with those rich greens.
    CHA Vegas Favorite Collections by Britta Swiderski-30
  6. More from the Noel collection: this printed vellum is new for Elle’s Studio, and they’ve done it very well with this “White Snowflakes” pattern. Yummy!
    CHA Vegas Favorite Collections by Britta Swiderski-31

Cut & Paste – Amy Tangerine for American Crafts

I’ll be honest: there is very little Amy Tan can do wrong in my book. She shares my love of intense, vibrant colors and continues to come out with innovations in every release. I’m a fan.

  1. Collection overview: a trendy scrapbooker’s line for scrapbookers in a very good way. It’s a “collage-inspired vintage collection” done Amy Tangerine style: bright, happy colors and unique embellishments. What’s not to love?
    CHA Vegas Favorite Collections by Britta Swiderski-15
  2. Favorite embellishment: the Cut Out rubber Thickers in Charcoal and Begonia. They’re so thin but still will speak loudly on a layout. The rubber material should mean that they maintain their shape when you’re placing them.
    CHA Vegas Favorite Collections by Britta Swiderski-14
  3. Another edition of a favorite: new stitching templates in a lowercase handwritten alphabet (“Right Now”) and more fantastic graphic symbols like a cross-stitched heart and a journaling card (“Hello”).
    CHA Vegas Favorite Collections by Britta Swiderski-17
  4. New to the line-up: these sweet Adhesive Resin Bows and Stitched Vellum Pockets are great for a variety of crafters, and the patterns and colors make me happy.
    CHA Vegas Favorite Collections by Britta Swiderski-18
  5. A must-have: the Cut & Paste mini edition of Project Life is certainly not to be missed. I can’t wait to see my favorite Project Lifers incorporate this one into their pages!
    CHA Vegas Favorite Collections by Britta Swiderski-13

Hello Again – Carta Bella

Carta Bella is a newer company in the industry; their first release was just a year ago, but it seems like they found their foothold in the marketplace with this release. This line in particular in collaboration with Kaitlin Sheaffer (the mastermind behind Ormolu) is very on-trend with many of the things I’ve been seeing and loving in the stationery industry, and I’m excited to see some of my favorite things cross over into the papercrafting world.

  1. Collection overview: crisp but soft watercolor, vintage-inspired floral prints and hand-drawn embellishments rule this collection. The color palette is nice and soft but still packs a punch.
    CHA Vegas Favorite Collections by Britta Swiderski-11
  2. Favorite paper: I’m a sucker for any floral print on a navy background. This one in particular conjures up feelings I associate with Rifle Paper Co., and that makes me insanely happy. I want to cover my walls in this “Hello Floral” pattern.
    CHA Vegas Favorite Collections by Britta Swiderski-12
  3. Another favorite: “Journaling Cards” embodies so many things I love about this line. Plus, journaling cards. I like those right now. That pattern in the upper righthand corner is excellent!
    CHA Vegas Favorite Collections by Britta Swiderski-25

Whew! I hope you enjoyed a look into some of the lines that caught my eye at the show last week in Vegas. But wait, there’s more! (My absolute favorite saying in infomercials; remind me to tell you more about my love of them some day.) I’ll be sharing my favorite bits and pieces that I found throughout the show tomorrow. Thanks so much for stopping by today!



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  1. conil

    Gotta say…it’s like you read my mind. I’ve seen other CHA postings of the new collections and, what did you do…compiled my faves in one post. All of these were on my list of MUSTS for one reason or another. Thanks for putting them all in one place.

  2. Victoria h

    Love the hello again papers. A must have!

  3. Mary M.

    Thank you for your fabulous coverage. I’m having a heck of a time finding a Christmas collection I like this year….everyone seems to have gone the light blue and mint green this year, and as much as I want to love these collections, I guess I’m too much of a traditionalist when it comes to Christmas colors. =P That Elle’s Studio line looks promising…I’ll have to check it out. =)

  4. Thanks for sharing and keeping us in the loop! Love reading about all the new stuff coming out soon! eek

  5. Ok I’m drooling here. How can I pick just a few things?! I will say, tho, I’ll end up with all the latest & greatest from my favorite lines: Lawn Fawn and Paper Smooches; I’m a SUCKER for those two! Thanks for all the info and yummy photos! Know what I liked the most from this post?: your writing; it’s so cute and fun. And your great use of adjectives is awesome! {hugs} and good luck with the move!

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