On Moving…

Excited, exhausted, grateful and sometimes flustered. I have been feeling so many emotions since we started moving our belongings over to the new apartment. The new place is beautiful. It was SO clean when we moved in, and it swallows up every round of boxes like the apartment is secretly three times the size we think it is. Four times the amount of cabinet space. Three times the amount of counter space. Four large closets. Tons of space for little paws to pitter-patter around.

Last Saturday after a successful garage sale day (more on that in a second), I laid out some blankets in the middle of the living room, opened all the windows and lay on the floor listening to a book (A Storm of Swords: A Song of Ice and Fire – so so so good!) and thought this is my happy place. This will be the happiest of places, where more memories and pretty things are made. Delicious meals will be eaten and many hours of sports will be watched. This will be such a great, little home.

08-13-13 Moving by Britta Swiderski-13

Still, change and moving is pretty exhausting. I have bruises all over my legs from moving heavy boxes and odd-shaped furniture. I lay down every day and ice my back or my head, and I fall asleep so quickly at night. Being in the state of “moving” for 25 days straight is also pretty bizarre. I have two mailboxes, two litter boxes for Leia (we bring her with us some days so she can get used to the new space) and a car that is capable of holding far more than I expected. Today marked carload #6 of things moved, and we have just about everything over there that we won’t need for the next week and a half. Our big moving day with a big trailer for all the furniture is the 25th, and I can’t wait to have everything in one place again.

08-13-13 Moving by Britta Swiderski-14

I’m also vlogging about the adventure and will be posting a look at the first two weeks at the apartment soon. Stay tuned for that!

08-13-13 Moving by Britta Swiderski-10

It turns out, all of those garage sales that my mom and Mormor (mom’s mom) dragged me to when I was younger are serving me well. I mapped out a course last Saturday, got up early and scored some serious finds.

08-13-13 Moving by Britta Swiderski-11

First, a dining table. I’m going to eat meals at a real table, you guys! It’s gorgeous and so delightfully heavy. My mom’s going to help me refinish it when they come to visit at the end of the month, but it’s pretty amazing as it is right now. Plus, it can seat up to ten. Awesome and just what I wanted. $50 for table and two leaves. 

08-13-13 Moving by Britta Swiderski-12

Next, I scored this shelf that will function as our TV stand. Jake’s been eyeing up a new TV, and this should fit it perfectly. It’s a heavy, well-made guy with hidden wheels on the bottom. It was $15.

08-13-13 Moving by Britta Swiderski-15

I also scored a step stool (the exact one I was planning on picking up at Ikea but for $5) and a nice-looking file cabinet for my office for $25. I’m still not sure how the office is going to look, but I do know that it’s going to be awesome. Leia’s just excited that there’s more room to run around here at the old apartment.

This Friday, it’s Mission: Cute but Mismatched Dining Chairs and Headboard. This idea from Pinterest has been stuck in my head. I want to do this same thing, but different.

08-13-13 Mixed Color Chairs from Pinterest

I’m dreaming of three pairs of wooden chairs, each stained a different color or painted white. Not sure yet. I’ll let you know how my next garage sale adventure goes!

I’ve been deep into the world of home decor inspiration, so here are some other things I just HAVE to share with you.

08-13-13 Furniture Makeovers by Barb Blair

Furniture Makeovers by Barb Blair. I’ve been pouring over her blog, and everything she does is my favorite. I’m saving my extra pennies so I can buy her book, too. I would love to be able to refinish like her someday! My mom, an interior designer by trade, has some serious refinishing skills. I will try to absorb as much as possible from her! {See more of my Decor pins here.}

08-13-13 Kitchen Garden from Pinterest

Also, I have been researching and prepping to make a simple herb garden and to decorate our little patio with a bird feeder and a few planters. I started a Gardening pinterest board and ordered organic herb seeds from here. Now, I just need to find the right planter and I can get started. Eek! I’m so excited to nest and create and make the space ours.

Thanks for stopping by today. I’ve been feeling like such a bad blogger lately, but I hope you understand! I’ve been exerting so much of my energy each day into packing & carrying heavy boxes up and down stairs. Ha! I have my CHA wrap-up post sitting in the drafts folder in my blog dashboard and will get to it when the crafty feelings come back. Maybe a little break for a baseball game today will help. ;) See you soon!



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11 Responses to On Moving…

  1. Enjoy your new home! Can’t wait to see how things turn out.

  2. Elaine

    One suggestion on herb garden: Start with plants rather than seeds. The plants will offer more rewards than trying to grow from seeds. Congrats on your new home. I know how great a new space can make one feel!!

  3. Kathy W

    Wow! What a great table! It’s just like the little plastic one I had in my dollhouse when I was little – only big and wooden. Ha! Good luck on your next shopping expedition and the rest of the move!

  4. BarbGhig

    Hi Britta,
    So good to hear from you! I love your new table…can’t wait to see what you and your mom do with it!
    Good luck with the rest of your move…we’ll be here when you settle in, so just enjoy yourself, ok? Take care, sweetie and thanks for the links!

  5. marcia m

    I’m so happy for you Britta! You got some great finds already & bI look forward to seeing your follow up! Love your energy – its catchy! Take care.
    marcia m

  6. It’s so fun to see that you call your grandma mormor =) Must be from your scandinavian heritage, right? Enjoy the rest of building your new home =)

  7. Sue L.

    Congratulations on your move, Britta! Sounds like the new place is going to be wonderful. Looking forward to more updates…!

  8. This has to be a fun and stressful time. I love the table and know you’ll find the perfect chairs and colors. Sounds like it’s going to be a fun home. looking forward to all of your crafty ideas for your new place. Remember to breathe. Don’t do it all at once. Let each room talk to you and take time. Hugs.

  9. Best of luck with your move, Britta! It’s exhausting work, but I’m sure you’ll find it to be worth it :) Keep us posted!

  10. Robin B.

    Been missing your posts. Everything OK with you? Keep checking to see how you’re getting along in your new place and you’ve been MIA. Hope that all is well.

  11. Hermalyn

    It is tiresome moving, but its exciting!! There’s just something about moving into a bigger place. I love good garage sales.

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