Filofax love – Essentials and Printables!

It’s Monday and I’m so ready for this week to begin! I’ve been on an organizing kick lately, and today I wanted to share all about something very near and dear to my heart these days – my Filofax.

***I now have even more awesome inserts available in the Filofax sizes and American sizes! Click here to see the Fall 2014 release AND a video tutorial on how to cut these printables out and prepare them for your Filofax. Check out a size comparison between Filofax and American sizes hereVisit the store here. ***

This is my planner, and it goes with me everywhere. I’m getting the hang of organizing, decorating and recording my weeks and am excited to see what else I can come up with for this little beauty. In fact, I’ve even designed my own inserts to go into my Filofax. Yay! Without further ado, here are my Filofax essentials.

10-07-13 Filofax Essentials by Britta Swiderski

  1. My Filofax Personal Metropol in black [FilofaxUSA] – I went with this one because it’s sensible (and a lower-budget model) and it works like a dream. Of course, now I’m googley-eyed over the Fluoro Pink Original in the personal size as well. It’s so bright and happy! Someday I will upgrade. :)
  2. A 12″ Steel Cork-backed ruler [Blick] – This is my go-to for any straight edges and cutting, and when making or printing your own inserts, this plus an exacto knife is the way to go.
  3. Stablio Fine Liner Marker Pens [Blick] – These are some of my very favorite colored pens, and they don’t really seep through paper. Awesome! I use these as a way to organize my days – pink for blog, purples for projects, orange for work, blue for medical and green for fun. I’m a pen NERD, though, so I’m sure I will have more recommendations for you on this front in the future. :)
  4. American Crafts Slick Writer [Simon Says] – This is perfect for writing on washi tape. It writes like a dream and comes in multiple tip sizes. This is an essential!
  5. Sharpie Pen Fine Point [Blick] [Amazon] – I can’t get enough of these pens. They’re my go-to pen on a daily basis, and that means that I always have one on hand when making notes or writing reminders into my Filofax.
  6. Olfa Snap-Off Art Craft Knife [Amazon] – I’m a big fan of the snap-off craft knife because it’s easy to keep the blade nice and sharp. This Olfa one has been with me since the first days of design school, and it’s still perfect with a steel ruler for straight, precise lines.
  7. Washi tape – do I need to encourage you on this one? I didn’t think so. ;) I will say that I’m loving the new Scotch washi tapes. They’re fun and have a great texture.
  8. A hole punch – A handheld one is fine if you’re doing one set of inserts (and also good for adding holes to index cards, notes, and anything else you want to stuff into your life binder), but I picked up this one pictured below and found it really great for testing out my printable inserts. It’s also adjustable! It punches holes in the Personal and Pocket size.

10-07-13 Filofax Basics by Britta Swiderski-5

So maybe I’m a little bit obsessed. That’s fine with me. :) What are your organizing must-haves? If you’re a fellow planner addict, I would love to hear about your favorite supplies!

Now introducing my printable planner pages. I started out just making these for myself, but I knew I had to share them when I was done. I just love the graph paper too much!

10-07-13 Filofax Printables by Britta Swiderski

Now up in the shop, I have a 2014 Week on Two Pages Personal set, and undated sets in A5, Personal and Pocket sizes: week on two pages, month on two pages and food diary week on two pages. Go check them out and let me know what you think about them!

I have a couple more in the works, but please do leave a comment if you have a request for another size or type. I’d love to see what you’d find helpful! They’re simple, straightforward and really let your organization and week be the point of focus on each page. I <3 them.

Thanks so much for stopping by today. I’m having fun over here organizing away and hope you have a great start to your week! See you again soon with more lovely things.



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8 Responses to Filofax love – Essentials and Printables!

  1. Kate J

    Told you on IG that I am obsessed with graph/grid papers too!! Haha… I have the same Stabilo pens cos the have the funnest colors, but I also love the Zig Millennium in 0.4 cos they write equally smooth, and they don’t bleed! Off to look in your shop!

  2. BarbGhig

    WOW! You really are getting organized! Thanks for all the info and ideas about how you use your Filofax! I hope all is well with you!

  3. Amanda Insulan

    Love your work! I have a pale pink leather Filofax in personal size, now I finally have new inspiration to use it!

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  5. Enjoyed stopping by your site! Loved your pages!


  6. Why am I just NOW finding out you offer printables!!!!!? off to check them out so I can join the Filofax crazies ;)

  7. Hannah

    OMG, I am a new Filofax convert after finding your printable graph paper on Pintrest! I am now also the proud new owner of a Personal Filofax in black lol. Love the food diary/menu planning, is there a financial and maybe a year planer in the works? Just a suggestion. love, love love, the blog x

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