October Favorite Things

I wanted to stop by today and celebrate the arrival of my very favorite month by sharing some of my current very favorite things. Life around here has been good but a little stressful. I’m working on figuring out which career path to take and am still knee-deep in projects for the apartment. I would really like to see the floor of my office again. Ha!

October Favorites by Britta Swiderski

  1. Filofax Metropol Personal [filofax] – I’ve been loving and obsessing over everything Filofax for about a month now, and I finally picked up my first one. It’s simple, black and personal sized – perfect for fitting in my purse. I bring it everywhere with me and even have started to design my own inserts for it. I have a post in the works sharing my favorite tools and will make the inserts I made available for you to download soon!
  2. Lush Lemony Flutter cuticle butter [Lush] – this cuticle cream is a little pricey but lasts for a really long time. (I’ve been using the same jar for about 6 months and still have about half a jar left.) You dab this baby on your cuticles and rub it in and BAM! No more hang nails or dry nail beds. It’s fabulous.
  3. Tarte LipSurgence matte tint in Hope [Sephora] – This whole line from Tarte feels magical on my lips – a lot like chapstick (my favorite is Burt’s Bees) with a bit of mint but has really fantastic color. This one matches my lip color perfectly and makes me look a little more awake each day. They have a holiday value pack out right now where you can try a whole bunch of fab colors if you’re interested.
  4. DIY ribbon hair ties – these are all the rage right now for creaseless ponytails and sell for up to $3 a piece, but they’re really easy to make. They also look good around your wrist if you want to have one just in case you need to pull your hair back on the fly. DIY video tutorial about these coming soon (filmed it yesterday).
  5. Elf Brow Kit in Medium [ELF] [Target] – I have naturally blonde hair and dye it dark (we can talk about that another day – ha!), so my eyebrows need to be tended to every day. Plus, brows are the frames for your eyes! All the makeup artists preach about the importance of a good brow. This $3 kit from ELF (available at Target or online) does a great job for me and has been compared to the one from Benefit as far as quality goes. I’m all for higher quality brands when it comes to make up, but this is a great place to save some cash without sacrificing your face.
  6. Ultra Repair Cream from First Aid Beauty [Sephora] [QVC] – I have naturally dehydrated and sensitive skin. This is hands-down the best moisturizer I’ve ever tried. It’s unscented, thick and WORKS. I rub it on all of my dry places (elbows, knees and hands) and use it as a face moisturizer in the colder months. If you’re looking for some serious moisturizer, this is worth every penny. If you’re new to First Aid Beauty (aka FAB), I recommend this holiday kit from them – it has some of my favorites in it for a value price.
  7. Amber Woodchuck Hard Cider – This has been my go-to beverage for leisure times for a while now, and I can’t get enough of it’s mild-but-crisp apple flavor. So yummy!
  8. They’re Real mascara by Benefit Cosmetics [Sephora] – I love this stuff. I pick it up in kits and as samples when I can, but it’s worth full price for the amazing look. The wand is so much fun, too, it has a special tip that allows you to “curl” your lashes up. Awesome! This holiday kit has some of my other Benefit favorites in it at a fantastic price.
  9. Benefit Sugarbomb blush [Sephora] – This totally embodies the reason why I switched to higher-end makeup products on my face. They last, they’re good for your skin and they smell good (this one smells faintly of peaches). Also, the packaging is awesome! I tried to go back to drugstore blush and immediately realized the Benefit blush was wayyy worth the money.
  10. Lights, Camera, Flashes Inner Rim Liner in black [QVC] – I recently picked up this Tarte kit from QVC, and this eyeliner was included. I expected it to work, but I didn’t expect to fall in LOVE. Well, I did. It goes on ridiculously smoothly and the color payoff is awesome. If you to line your inner rim with black, this is on par with the best out there.
  11. Clinique Superbalanced Makeup in Alabaster [Sephora] – I recently was matched at my local Sephora store using their Pantone Skin ID system. Not only was the technology awesome and nerdy, but this foundation is great as well. I had a variety of options with my color match (1R04), but they recommended this Clinique foundation based on my dry and sensitive skin. Bonus – it was only $23. It matches amazingly and is free of a lot of the things I’ve been trying to get away from (parabens, oil, fragrances, etc.). I highly recommend going in and getting matched using this really cool system!

10-01-13 October Favorite Things by Britta Swiderski

What are you loving right now? I’ve been on a makeup kick lately, and with all the holiday value packs making appearances now, my Sephora cart is quite happy with me at the moment. Oops! Can’t wait to share more with my Filofax + other DIYs that I’ve been working on. Thanks so much for stopping by today!


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  1. YES! They’re Real is awesome…I blame you! Have you tried the POREfessional. I should have let you try some of mine, it makes your face feel silky smooth when you put it on. :)

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