CHA Day Three

I am happy; my heart is full. You see, the thing about shows isn’t seeing the latest and greatest products, spotting crafting celebs or even being on the show floor; it’s about being under the same roof with about of 100 of your closest friends. Some you haven’t met yet or have only talked to online. Some you have had heart-to-hearts with or always share encouraging words with. Some you love with all your heart. I am so blessed, and hanging out with my far-away friends in the same place overwhelms me with joy.


Gush fest over, but I wanted you to know that there’s a bigger picture here. We (and I!) get caught up in the fun of new releases and the latest and greatest. It’s days like today that remind me why we’re here in the first place: we get to play, de-stress and form a community around this fantastic hobby. The show may be over for me – I’m heading home on Tuesday morning – but the fun is never over. And we’re only getting started here on my blog as I put together my thoughts on everything I’ve seen over the past few days. Trends, hot items and new things await you in the future. :)

Here, again, are my pictures from the show today. I felt like I wasn’t taking a lot of pictures today but then got home and realized that I had taken over 700. Haha! This is the largely unedited collection of what I saw today. (If you’re wondering why that big number is reduced by half, it’s because I take two pictures of every shot I take: one almost always turns out blurry. Ha!) Without any further ado, view the pictures from day three in the widget below or click here to view them on flickr.

Thank you so much for joining me on this journey. I’ll see you again soon when I’m home back in Minnesota with my kitty on my lap and a cup of black tea in hand.


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  1. Gosh, I really, really hope we can meet each other some day, Britta; I have “met” so many wonderful people on-line and to meet them in person would be absolutely amazing! OK, I’m off to enjoy your slide show now!

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