ThingsCrafted Grand Opening Blog Hop!

Hey there! You should be arriving here from Mary Dawn’s blog. If you’re just joining us on the blog hop, you can head over here to the ThingsCrafted blog to start from the beginning!


If you’ve been wondering where I’ve disappeared to over the past six weeks or so, I hope this helps to clarify things. ;) Not only have I started a new mostly full-time job (and I love it – but more on that later), but I’ve also launched ThingsCrafted, a new business that allows me to do what I love – designing for this awesome community that I’m already so lucky to be a part of. Here’s a little bit more information about ThingsCrafted: 

ThingsCrafted is a place where handmade design and customization come together to create a wonderful company who creates and encourages color, personality and community. ThingsCrafted was founded by Britta Swiderski, a designer with a background in the world of papercrafting and a history of working with awesome graphic design clients. ThingsCrafted provides custom products – starting with stamps – to suit your lifestyle all starting with handwritten designs. They all go from pencil to computer to your doorstep! We love to create stamps and designs for addresses, “made by”s for the projects you send to others, favorite phrases or shapes for project life and planner organization and so much more. 

Today we’re celebrating this new beginning with a blog hop. I’m so excited to introduce this concept to you, and I hope you’ve enjoyed what everyone else put together for this hop. I have some truly amazing friends, and I can’t wait to get even more of them involved as ThingsCrafted grows!

On my blog today, I wanted to show off one of my very favorite hand-designed stamps that is available for purchase in the ThingsCrafted store, Happy Birthday To You. I really wanted the bubble letters of Mille text to shine, so I stuck close to one of my favorite techniques – watercolor pencils and white embossing.

Happy Birthday watercolor by Britta Swiderski - ThingsCrafted Grand Opening Blog Hop

I focused most of the color on the inside of the letters, but I wanted to have a painterly effect with the watercolor, so I scribbled a little outside the lines as well. I then went over everything with a waterbrush, adding more color directly from pencil to brush as needed within the letters. To hold up to this amount of water, I was happy to have my favorite watercolor cardstock as a base. It stands up to a lot of watercolor.

To keep it simple, I embellished it only with some white sequins from Lawn Fawn’s Peace Love Joy sequins assortment and added some small gemstones on top to finish them off.

Happy Birthday watercolor by Britta Swiderski - ThingsCrafted Grand Opening Blog Hop

Here’s a closer look at the embossing and watercolor. Man, I love those bright, vibrant colors!

Supplies used on this project: Click below to see where you can buy the products used on this project. Click on “SS” for the product at Simon Says Stamp and “EH” for the product at Ellen Hutson. I also will link to products from my own store, ThingsCrafted. I only link to products and shops that I know and love. Thank you for your support!


Thank you for stopping by today. Before you go – make sure to leave a comment on this post and each one along the hop to enter to win a custom stamp! One will be given away at each stop along the hop. We’ll be getting in touch with you via email, so make sure you add your email to your comment! We’ll be drawing winners at the end of Tuesday, the 25th of November, so be sure to leave a comment by then.

There’s also a special treat for everyone in the blog hop – 15% off your order until the end of the day Tuesday, November 25th using the code GRAND15OFF as part of the Grand Opening event! This is the last stop on the blog hop, so please hop back to the beginning at the ThingsCrafted blog if you’d like to see more projects or start the hop over again. Thanks for hopping with us!

See you soon with more love and more craftiness,


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183 Responses to ThingsCrafted Grand Opening Blog Hop!

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  2. What a great thing to have a resource for personalized stamps by a person who really “GETS IT”. Congratulations on your new venture, and I look forward to placing my order!

  3. Jannette Davis

    Love the card. The water coloring looks great.

  4. Super huge congrats, Little One! Just hopped and boy am I impressed with all the ThingsCrafted stamps!

  5. Kari V.

    This is so exciting! Congrats! Love your bright card!!

  6. Jennifer S.

    Congratulations on the launch of this great venture!

  7. Such a great thing to have! Love it and good luck!

  8. This is so wonderful Britta. I am so happy for you with your new company. I have been following you via you tube & your blog for quite awhile. Happy dance coming your way for this new adventure=0)

  9. Sweet card. Love the design of the greeting… you can color it in and customize it even more…

    Your card REALLY FEATURES the lettering!!!! Your technique REALLY WORKS WELL for this!!!!!!! SUPER JOB, OF COURSE! LOL
    MANY BLESSINGS FOR YOUR NEW ADVENTURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  11. Gorgeous card!! The background looks awesome and the custom stamp is so cute!! :)

  12. Debbie Lou

    Great idea and congrats on your new adventure in the craft business world! Looks like a winner to me!

  13. Ann K

    Simple and cute – good luck, Britta. And congrats on all the good things happening to you!

  14. Congratulations and good luck on this new endeavor. Took a peek at your handwritten text styles and I love the Betty script. Your birthday card is very cute. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity.

  15. Susan R

    Wow, Best wishes for a great successful venture!

  16. Beth Holt

    Congratulations Britta! This is really exciting stuff coming out of Minnesota (I live in Rochester, MN). Thanks for the opportunity to win. Love the font that you are using on these stamps. Lots of fun!

  17. Jeanie Gregory

    Love the big design stamp and you card is very pretty! Congratulations on your new adventure! Thank you

  18. Beverly Hill

    Congrats on your new endeavor. How awesome. Thanks for the chance to win.

  19. Debs

    Just finished the blog hop. I absolutely adore your script style. I can’t wait to go back to the website and place an order.

  20. Diana Newman

    I love the coloring you used on the Happy Birthday stamp! Good luck with your new business!

  21. Dee Ann Matthews

    Great shading of the background to highlight your message.

  22. Marty H

    After visiting your friends on this bloghop, I’m eager to plan my own stamp. Good luck with your new venture, Britta!

  23. Sheri K

    Congrats on your business–your stamps are great! I have no idea how you have a full time job and run this company, wishing you the best!

  24. CONGRATULATIONS, Britta! I’m so happy to see your new venture and all the wonderful projects on the hop! I wish you much success!
    Love your card so much…such a fun design and fab color combo!

    Thank you so much for the fun hop, the coupon code and for a chance win one of these new stamps!

  25. Tiffany O'Grady

    Congratulations! What an exciting venture. And I love the watercolor pencil on this card. :)

  26. Anso

    Love the blues and greens you have used. :)

  27. Amy C.

    I love the size of this stamp. It fills up the front of the card and doesn’t need much else!

  28. Sharon Hayes

    Britta, I have followed you through your blog and YouTube loving and learning with your videos. Your work and ideas were always amazing to me. I know this adventure will be a success.

  29. Bette

    Fabulous Job Britta on all the ladies that you designed for. I love the handstamped for Kelly the best. Though the Dachshund had me thinking about what can you do with a poodle? lol, dreaming becomes reality!

  30. Michelle Simone

    Playful card. Thanks for sharing!

  31. Love this large stamp. Makes a great fun birthday card and so much you can do with it. Lovely example.

  32. Andrea D.

    Out of all of the pre-designed stamps, I think this Happy Birthday one is my favorite. I just love the concept of your new company and wish you the best!

  33. Elizabeth S.

    Fabulous card and stamp you created. Also, congratulations on your new venture! Sounds like you will be busy.

  34. teri

    You did amazing! I’m looking at everyone’s stamps, and I am in such admiration of how much they reflect each person’s personality. You did such a good job capturing that!
    Congrats on your new venture.
    I am so very happy for you!

  35. Whitney Meynberg

    I can’t wait to make my order! these stamps are amazing! Thanks for sharing!

  36. Vicki

    Good luck with your new company, I think you’ll do well. I like the happy stamp and the stamps for backs of card.

  37. Ana C

    Congratulations! Good luck and more power to your endeavor.
    The stamps are cute and from the blogs that I’ve visited, I’ve found inspiration. They are all beautiful. Thank you.

  38. Ann B

    Congratulations Britta and all good wishes for you new venture! Your customized stamps are just amazing,thanks so much for the opportunity to win one for myself!

  39. Gwen

    Congrats on your new adventure! Your stamps are wonderful, love the script!

  40. Congratulations!!! And your card is absolutely amazing, love the colors and the fun background :)

  41. Lenora

    Your card is beautiful. I can’t wait to hop over to shop!

  42. Lindarub

    Love your card.

  43. maria langston

    beautiful new stamp company i wish you all the best and also all the blessing to have a successful adventure dear lovely stamps and designs

  44. I was going to congratulate you on your new shop and wish you luck, but then I got side-tracked by your cat on the wall. Leia looks just like my first cat and it souds as if she is just as shy too.

  45. I am seeing endless possibilities! May God bless you in your new endeavor!

  46. Congratulations on your new adventure! Your stamps are gorgeous!

  47. Judy Gudeman

    How cute! Thanks for introducing me to personalized stamps!

  48. Linda Tupper

    Congradulations on you’re Grand opening. I sure have enjoyed the wonderful blog hop. What beautiful stamps. What a great concept to be able to have you’re own stamps made. Love it!

  49. Kerry

    Congratulations on your new company. Love the stamps created.

  50. Jeanie Lai

    Congratulations on your new endeavour and thanks for offering the giveaway and discount! I love your style :)

  51. Congratulations! It’s good to hear you are well.
    Your card is beautiful!

  52. Rubeena

    thanks for the chance to win!!!

  53. Suzanne Albanese

    You are such a talent. Thanks for the chance to win.

  54. Vicky

    Thanks,mBritta and good luck.

  55. marylouh

    Best of luck with your new endeavor. It sounds like a great idea.
    the stamps are wonderful.

  56. Iris Soscia

    Great card – love the big stamp and the colors.
    isoscia at aol dot com

  57. Kathy Krug

    Love your happy birthday stamp and the white embossing with the water color.

  58. Love the big sentiment!! Thanks for the chance and best of luck in your new
    crafty journey that I am sure will be an adventure!!

  59. Patt H.

    Love this card! A quick & easy one with lots of gorgeous color!

  60. Colleen K.

    What a bright and cheerful card. It will definitely bring the person that is celebrating a b-day a big smile on their face.

  61. Teresa

    Congratulations Britta on your Grand Opening! I am so excited to find you TODAY of all days. I have subscribed and can’t wait to follow ThingsCrafted and watch your business grow. I really think you have something here and I am happy to be here at the beginning to see it happen!

  62. Laurie Black

    Simply beautiful card. Congratulations and best of luck in your new venture!

  63. Linda F

    Congratulations on your new venture. I wish you great success. I have seen other custom stamp sites, but they just produce boring addressing stamps. Yours are so unique and fabulous.

  64. Judy B

    Congratulations on your new company Britta. You have some really amazing stamps. Thanks for sharing these with us and thanks for the chance to win.

  65. Well to start off with I would like to say… I am praying your new business to take off!!! What an awesome idea. Every one has a personality and the way they talk. Thanks for creating something to let that shine. For instance when my friends text or email me for prayer and I can’t talk to them right then I always say ” Consider it done ” , which is taken from one of Jan Karen’s characters in her books the Midford series about a pastor and his Great Dane who can only be calmed by scripture. That is what he says when they ask for prayer. I love this idea.. got to get me one.

  66. Lisa Smith

    Congratulations Miss Britta! This is genius and oh so fun!

  67. Amante del Papel

    So pretty and beautiful colors!!!!

  68. Laura S.

    Neat technique! Congrats on your new venture!

  69. Congratulations on your grand opening. I wish you much success with your stamps. I will be placing an order. Just have to figure out what I want. All of the stops on the hop today was totally amazing. You picked a great group of talented women. They really did your stamps justice. Your card is amazing as well. Can’t wait to see what you come up with in the future.

  70. Sheri S

    Thank you for making a clean and simple, or as I like to think of them, even I can do this, card. I am always blown away by the talented people out there and sure wish I could produce some original artwork. You make it seem possible with simple beauty. Thanks!

  71. Patti J.

    Good luck to you with your wonderful new endeavor! Love your projects, and all of the stamps I’ve seen are wonderful! I will be placing an order! Thanks for sharing :-)

  72. Definitely going to check out the store… congratulations and best wishes on this new adventure! =) Thanks for having such a fun hop! =)

  73. So thrilled for you, Britta, and have just loved all the gorgeous stamps along the hop! Can’t wait to order something! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  74. Stephanie P.

    This is just the most fabulous, wonderful idea ever! Congrats on your new venture, wishing you much success in the days to come!

  75. Becky Sorensen

    Congratulations on your new company. I came here because of Lawn Fawn. Glad I did, had a great blog hop.

  76. Megan

    It has been so fun seeing examples of your fabulous work!! And thanks so much for the giveaway opportunities!

  77. Queen Mary

    Wonderful card, wonderful hop, wonderful company!

  78. Kathy b

    Cool concept!

  79. Kris in Alaska

    Fabulous card… and stamp!

  80. irene grau

    Congrats!! It’s so exciting to see that we’ll not just get to benefit of your talent in seeing your projects, but that now we can own a piece of that talent! Looking forward to your great success!

  81. cyndybr7

    Congratulations, Britta, on your new business. I especially love your handwritten stamps – wonderful handwriting.

  82. julie m

    enjoyed the hop. wishing you the best on your new endeavor.

  83. Robin Buchholz

    Pretty card! I love the watercolors and embossing. Thanks for sharing.

  84. Congrats on your new endeavor! This has beenan inspiring blog hop!

  85. Di W

    Cute card and great font!
    Good luck with your grand opening!

  86. Barb Schmidt

    Best of luck with your new shop…. All of the stamps and ideas I’ve seen so far are awesome…

  87. Sue

    I wish you success on this new journey. Thanks for the opportunity to win one of your stamps!

  88. Angelina M

    what a fun cards and love the stamps!!!

  89. Best of luck to you and great job on your awesome products!

  90. Kathy W

    Great card! Love all those colors together. Best wishes in your new venture!

  91. laura mm

    Lovely card & stamp! Congrats on the new venture! Best of luck & thanks for the giveaway/hop ;)

  92. Marsha

    Best wishes on your new endeavor!!

  93. Rita C Jackson

    Everything I’ve seen so far lets me know your business will be a great success. Congratulations!

  94. Laura Strack

    Wishing you great success on your darling stamp business. Congratulations!
    lstrack2012 at gmail dot com

  95. Carla Hundley

    Such a lovely card,
    great design!
    Carla from Utah

  96. Amy Fillmore

    Great card! Congrats on your grand opening!!

  97. Lori McConlogue-O'Shaughnessy

    What a great idea- I love that you can design your own, but there’s the option to use one designed by the super talented you!

  98. Fabulous card! I wish you every success and loads of fun along the way.

  99. Patricia B

    Love your card!! Thanks for sharing. Love ya’

  100. Kathy Jo Creps

    Love the watercolor card and font!

  101. Fiona

    I really want to use this comment to wish you the very best in your new business venture, and to thank you for the chance to win a stamp of my own!

  102. Denise Gebalski

    Big Congratulations on your new company. So exciting for you. I’m off to look at your stamps. It was a fun hop. TFS .

  103. Lisa Shireman

    Congrats on your new stamp company! I can’t wait to go check it out and make a custom stamp for the back of my cards. It will be very helpful when I’m sending off a box of cards to Operation Write Home. I bet you could get a bunch of orders from the card makers there if you give them a little discount. Give them a call! :)

  104. Jean Bullock

    Congratulations on your new company. I wish you much success. I haven’t seen anything like this available and I am thrilled to see it.

    Love your card. Although I have used heat embossing and Prismacolor pencils, I have yet to try it with water color pencils. I have enjoyed the hop and seeing some of the many possibilities a custom stamp can offer.

  105. Clelie

    Thanks for the fun hop!

  106. stephanie contreras

    adorable card! congrats on the business!

  107. Linda Hyden

    So glad you joined the blog hop as this is a fabulous card.

  108. Carmen

    congratulations! Love the idea and can’t wait to customize my own!

  109. Shirley

    Love your card…water color is awesome

  110. Judy Hodges

    Congratulations! Love your stamps.

  111. Cindy H

    All of the featured stamps are so awesome. What a great asset for crafters you have made available.

  112. Maureen Chandler

    Great card and congrats to you Britta!

  113. Congratulations Britta on your new business! What a great idea to have custom stamps! You card is wonderful and I really like the Happy Birthday sentiment.

  114. Grace

    Love your card. The stamp and watercolor is amazing. Congratulations and best wishes on your new business.

  115. Charlotte C

    Best of luck on your new venture. Loving the stamps.

  116. Bobbie Lathrop

    Too cool going to have to do this myself. Was just telling my hubby that I needed a stamp made for me for the back of my cards and now my day has come. Thanks so very much.

  117. Congratulations on one creative idea!!! I love them all, and have many ideas in my head already!

  118. Congratulations on your new venture! I’ve loved seeing all the different stamps you’ve created. I wish you much success.

  119. Carol

    Congratulations on your new company. The stamps are so unique.

  120. Lori B

    So happy for you, Britta! Love the hand written look your stamps have, makes a project look more warm & personal feeling. Good luck to you & your new company!

  121. Congrats to the grand opening. Great card sample and handwriting in the stamps. So pretty

  122. jeannie

    And a whole page stamp too. Wow. Best of luck with your company. Really great idea and products. Thanks for the ‘hop’ it was wonderful to see everyone’s ideas and creativity.

  123. Congratulations Britta both on your new company and your new job. I really enjoyed the hop. I can’t wait to hear about your new job, Best wishes:)

  124. Christine R

    The coloring on this card is fabulous!

  125. Angie Hall

    So excited for you and your company. I wish you lots of success. You have the support of some of the best in the business. I love the designs we saw in the hop. Thanks for giving us a chance to win a stamp. Good luck , girl.

  126. Pai

    congrats on this new venture! i like what i’ve seen so far!

  127. Chris Baker Cox

    I love the simplicity of this card, but it is so fun at the same time! Nicely done!

  128. AJ

    Awesome stamp! I love anything watercolor so your card is a definite winner!. Congrats and best wishes on your new adventure..

  129. Tasha F

    Congrats on your new company! My mind is swirling with possibilities for custom stamps!

  130. Dani Miranda

    great card!

  131. jan metcalf

    Congrats on your designing role!

  132. Patricia H

    Thank you for such great ideas. Love that can get a personalize stamp. Congratulations on your new endeavor!

  133. Janine

    Great stamp and card! Thanks for sharing

  134. Miriam Prantner

    Love how big that stamp is and how you used it! Congratulations on a great new venture!

  135. Jo Ann F.

    Britta, good luck with your new business. Your stamps are wonderful and I especially like the script you use. Thanks for the explanation of how you did the Happy Birthday card – it is lovely.

  136. BettyB

    I have enjoyed the Crafty Things blog hop and am really impressed with all of the stamps shown.

  137. sherry butcher

    This is a wonderful hop, love your card & stamps. So many stamps and so little money. TFS.

  138. September Whisenant

    Best of luck on your new endeavor! I hope it really takes off. Thanks for sharing your beautiful card and the technique you used to make it!

  139. What a wonderful card. Large has won me over initially I wasn’t too sure what to do with the Larger print Ha, make it the focal. Thanks .

  140. Congratulations and the very best of luck to you :)
    LOVE all the stamps I’ve seen, and your Happy Birthday stamp is fab, I love that it covers the whole card :)

  141. deneen

    Congrats on your new venture. Love your stamps!

  142. Darci Powers

    whats even better than awesome stamps…awesome personalized stamps! So excited for you’re new store!

  143. Sue D

    Great birthday stamp and love the watercolor technique you used.
    slrdowney at hotmail dot com

  144. Michele Clay

    I’ve missed you, Britta! Especially your cardmaking videos! Congrats on Things Crafted! Is love to have a personalized stamp by you!

  145. Jen D

    What a cute card and awesome give away

  146. Lucy Schmidt

    Wow! I’m so impressed with your new venture. I’m sure it will be successful. I’ve started a list of stamps I’d like to have after seeing them “in action” on the hop. It speaks volumes to have the guest bloggers you chose showcase your new products. They are some of the best and many of us looks to the experts for advice and suggestions. Continued success. More, please!
    lucyschmidt1402 (at) gmail (dot) com

  147. Dottie J

    Congratulations on your new venture. From what I have seen so far, you will be very successful. Great stamps!

  148. Natasha Rendon

    Congratulations! I had a great time on this hop, I went to some blogs I had never been to before! I can’t wait to get a stamp like my dog, just like Chari Moss’s! Sooooo cute!!!

  149. Love the card!!!! Thanks for the chance!!!!

  150. nancy faith

    Cute card… Love these personalized stamps… thanks for the chance!

  151. Lynda

    Fantastic card!!

  152. TracyM #6773

    CONGRATULATIONS on your new job Britta and CONGRATULATIONS on the GRAND Grand Opening of ThingsCrafted too!!!
    The custom stamps you have designed look ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS and the pre-designed ones already available in your store are great too!!!
    LOVE your CHEERY card!!!
    THANK YOU for the chance to win and wishing you EVERY SUCCESS with this EXCITING venture that I am sure will be welcomed by crafters ALL OVER THE WORLD!!!
    moloneyat {{{at}}} bigpond {{{dot}}} com

  153. Nena Mićinovac

    It would be so so nice to finally have a custom stamp in my native language! Thank you!

  154. Karen Louder

    thanks for sharing your idea and love the watercolor effect

  155. Sarah

    Best of luck to your new business! I love the idea!

  156. Barbara G

    Congrats on your new business venture and thanks for the grand opening. discount. I’ve been wanting a “made by” stamp for awhile

  157. Tammy Joyce

    Congratulations on your new opening and I love the idea I can get a stamp with anything I want on it. That is awesome. I have really enjoyed the hope and getting to see how everyone use the stamps and show what they ordered. Good job and thanks for sharing.

  158. Denise Bryant

    awesome news, Britta! huge congrats! very fun stamps!

  159. Julie Pike

    Good luck on your new venture! A great concept!
    jpike11 (at) gmail (dot) com

  160. Diana Russell

    This has been a fun blog hop! Love your scripty stamps!

  161. Hi Britta :-D First I want to congratulate you for your new business and wish you all the best in future :-D Your stamps are AMAZING! I´ll sure get me one :-D Card you have made is gorgeous. :-D And thank you for this amazing blog hop and opportunity to win your AWESOME stamp :-D

  162. What a great card and stamp – thanks for the chance to win.

  163. Lee

    Love the watercolor effect! Great card!

  164. Mary-Anne V.

    Congrats on you awesome new adventure! So glad you’ve found a way to use your talents and education in such a positive way! All the best!

  165. Key

    Congratulations on your new company! Love your “Happy Birthday” stamp

  166. Lynda

    Congratulations on the new job AND business. Custom stamps is a brilliant idea. Wishing you the best of luck in both endeavors.

  167. Bethany

    Cute card! I love the custom stamp.

  168. Flo

    Congrats on the new job and the new company. May you have great success in both.

  169. Kathy Mc

    Congratulations, Britta, on your new venture! Your handwritten stamps are perfect, and knowing we can order custom stamps is even better. Have been wondering where you’ve been and hoped you weren’t sick. What a fun Blog Hop this was!

  170. Carol K

    what fun stamps. . . and such creative examples. . .

  171. Penny Laschanzky

    So happy for you, Britta, to have this new line going! Bravo….they’re so fun and unique and I love them all!

  172. Kathy

    Britta, Congratulations on your new adventure! Good luck, I can’t wait to order some custom stamps. Your blog hop creators had some great ideas and super samples to share!

  173. Sandy Rieder

    Congrats! And thanks for the chance to win.

  174. WOW! Congrats Britta!! How wonderful! I love all the stamps I’ve seen so far – SUCH AWESOMENESS!!!! I wish you nothing but amazing success!!!

  175. Such cool stamps! Such wonderful ideas!

  176. Well, good luck Britta! Starting a company is a big undertaking, but you are young and now is the time to take a chance.

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