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Every designer’s worst nightmare:

Feeling burnt out. Wanting to never design anything ever again.

From my conversations with others, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s totally normal to fear being burnt out, and, even more terrifying, to be burnt out.

And we all know it’s going to be okay, but it’s like when you got the chicken pox when you were 10 and you never thought the itching would go away. My anxiety tells me repeatedly, every 3 seconds, that the itching will never stop. Or now, that my want to design and to make will never come back.

As soon as I calmed down from the wake of my final projects and graduations, I fell down a very deep, dark hole of Quarter-Life Crisis.

What do you mean? You’ve spent 5 years of college preparing for this exact moment and you don’t want to do anything?

Yep, that sounds about right.

And it’s not just that my brain doesn’t want to design anything, or I can’t evaluate one more typeface, or even that I’m tired from the added pressure that the end of a semester brings. It’s that I, quite suddenly, have no idea what I want to do with my life. Nothing. Blank, terrifying canvas.

So today I start the rest of my life. I’m going back to work. I’m starting by making myself a smoothie, finding design inspiration on twitter, making a non-committal to do list and uploading a few vlogs from a week and a half ago. If I finish one project, maybe I’ll feel inclined to start another.

I’ll put on makeup even though I probably won’t leave the house. I’ll take a few pictures. I’ll write a blog post about how I’m feeling.

And then maybe I can be ready to start something. Something to start today, to start tomorrow, to start this week.

Thanks for everything. I’ll see you soon.


P.S. If I owe you an email, tweet or whatever else, I’m getting to it. Promise.

P.P.S. Proof :)

06-04-13 Cheers by Britta Swiderski-1


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