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Where have I been?

I have a video for you that updates you on where I’ve been and what I’ve been up to. Watch that first, and then I’ll go into detail on how I ended up there. But what’s really important is that you watch the video and then go over and check out the Pop-Up for a Cause for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, where you can buy amazing LuLaRoe clothes and, for every single item, a certain dollar amount ($3-6) is donated to the cause on the sale on Tuesday, August 30th starting at 8PM central and going for about 48 hours. Or just check out the charity here. Or just check out my business here.

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Thanks for watching the video. Here are the links as promised:


Now here’s how I got here:

I sit here, more than 13 months since writing my previous post and almost start to laugh at how much life has thrown my way in this past year. Well, really, past two years since I blogged regularly. Some of life has been incredibly, breath-takingly amazing: getting engaged to a man that is the best partner in crime, cheerleader and alarm clock a person could ask for (yes – it’s Jake! We’ve been together for five years now, and we’ll be getting married in October.), seeing my friends and family grow and prosper with new people and loved ones, learning intense lessons on the fly or when I least expected it working with kids and truly knowing that I make a difference in their lives. Some of life has been side-swiping, throw-me-for-a-loop, I-wish-I-could-re-do-all-of-this awful: dealing with death and grief from people in my life passing away far too young, experiencing what it feels like to lose someone to cancer for the first time, coming to the stark realization of my own mortality and those around me that I care so much about.

But it all comes full circle. Life isn’t black or white. It’s not amazing or terrible. It’s not yes or no. It’s a rainbow, a rollercoaster, a yes-no-maybe-okay-letsgo-letstry. There have been twists and turns in the road. I’ve done blind-landing backflips, and sometimes I didn’t land on my feet. I scuffed my knees up a few times, and I have a few more scars to show for it on my knees and on my heart. But at the end of the day, love is the answer. Love brought me to not just like working with kids but LOVING working with kids, especially when I chose to change schools before last school year to be at an elementary school that specialized in Dual-Language Immersion (half the classes speak Spanish most of the day) and is a level 3 setting for students with Autism Spectrum Disorder. It all clicked. I had a team that, together, we were able to solve any problem. I learned from them. The kids learned from me. The kids taught me more lessons each week than I have enough space for in a book. I realized that I was channeling my creative energy into problem solving with this kids, about these kids and working with these kids, and I loved it. The days I got to do art projects were the best. Some days, I couldn’t even believe they were paying me to do art with kids – something I feel like was sometimes more rewarding for me than even the kids that were the most excited about it.

Then I discovered LuLaRoe, and my world changed course again. I saw how these colorful, comfortable clothes made women look amazing and feel confident. I saw the beautiful patterns and fell in love. I saw how much people cherished their LuLaRoe and their experience with the people who sold it, and I decided that I wanted to be a person who brought that kind of joy into a person’s life, too. I signed up to be a LuLaRoe Fashion Consultant. As you guys know from years of blogging, I never ever back products unless I truly stand behind them, and I would not sell them if I didn’t love them. Well, I love them. And because of LuLaRoe, I’ve already been able to start doing part of my WHY – stop living paycheck to paycheck. I started in May, and my goal is still the same: to provide a better life for my family (make ends meet for our wedding, buy better groceries, be able to grow our family on our terms) and to eventually start a non-profit where I can, again, work with kids doing what I love to do the most – art. I want to create a place where people who deal with THINGS – depression, anxiety (two things that I have and want everyone to feel comfortable talking about!), PTSD, the trauma of the loss of a loved one to suicide, Autism Spectrum Disorder, EBD and so many more things – can come learn one more way – art – to cope with the chemical imbalance, the grief, the feelings… the need to express themselves.

A month ago, I was making enough money with LuLaRoe that I was able to quit my day job in order to do LuLaRoe full time. I’m going to miss those kids so much, but that doesn’t change the fact that I’ve impacted hundreds of kids’ lives. Going forward, LuLaRoe will give me the momentum I need to impact THOUSANDS of people through giving back to charity, doing volunteer work and opening my own non-profit.

So, like I said in the video, if the past two years has taught me anything, it’s that life is chalked full of twists, turns and loop-de-loops, but I’m ready for some more adventure, and I hope you’ll join me. Come check out my Online Sale to benefit the AFSP on August 3oth HERE (running until September 1st), or come on over and join my VIP Shopping Group HERE where you can check out my inventory every time I have an online party. I can’t wait to see you over there and catch up. <3

Love forever and always,

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