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Giveaway Winners!

I picked some giveaway winners this afternoon, and I wanted to share the excitement with you!


Winner of giveaway package #1 is ZhanTao Yang, #2 is Ann-Sofie Sjostrom and #3 is Kathy Stacy. I’ve emailed the three of you – make sure to check your emails so you can respond!

Thank you all SO MUCH for your support, and I can’t wait to do more giveaways like this in the future. Even though the giveaway is done for now, you can still purchase Misty Crafty Happy here for only $18.

Now that this class is in the books and ready for purchase, I’m already starting to plan out my next LIVE class. I’ve mentioned it in passing over the past few months, but I’ll have an official announcement after I’m done moving into a new apartment over the month of August. A girl can never have too much planning!

Speaking of moving, I’m filming a video of my current workspace setup TODAY to post this next week. It’s been requested a lot, and my small space planning might help others who live with limited space but still can have their own designated area. My new space will have a room all of its own (well, a general office), and so with change comes new ways of looking at storage solutions and space planning. I want to be sure to document this for myself as much as to share with you!

See you tomorrow (Sunday, the 28th) for my first in a series of posts about CHA.


P.S. I got this bracelet in the mail from BaubleBar yesterday, and I’m in love. Check out the store here and you get 15% off your first order. Tip: check out the “Burried Bauble” sales on Mondays and Fridays where a piece of jewelry is only $10. That’s how I scored this awesome bracelet! {Use the invitation code 22637384 when signing up if you’d like to give me referral credit towards more jewelry!}

07-27-13 BaubleBar Bracelet-1

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CHA Create & Connect Days 2 and 3

Hey! I’m back from Vegas. Man, it was a whirlwind of fun and awesomeness. I got to see so many of my best friends, eat some great food, lose some money and gather TONS of inspiration from all of the booths at the show. I’ll be sharing my favorite picks from the show throughout next week, so make sure to stop by and see more of my coverage of that!

CHA coverage by Britta Swiderski at brittaswiderski.com!

Here are my pictures from the show floor on flickr – enjoy them! I’ll be explaining more about them in the coming days, so hold on if you have questions about the new products. I’m putting together my lists of favorites and trends right now and am so excited to gush about them with you!

Also, don’t forget that the Misty Happy Crafty class registration is only available with the special promotion for the next few hours! Sign up now to be entered to win one of these fabulous prize sets. Your odds are SO GOOD of winning more than $50 of product just for signing up!


Thanks for coming with me to Vegas. Now I’m off to edit the vlogs from the trip, go through and pick out my favorites from my stack of catalogs and sleep for like 12 hours tonight. Man, I’m exhausted from all the fun!

Love you all. Seriously, so much.


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Presenting Misty Crafty Happy (and some giveaways!)

I’m so excited – the day is finally here! I present to you Misty Crafty Happy:

Misty Crafty Happy: A Self-Paced Class About Misting from Britta Swiderski

Add to Cart View Cart

What is Misty Crafty Happy?

This is a self-paced class consisting of an ebook guide and 16 video lessons about misting. Learn about and play with misting like you never have misted before! Whether you’re a beginning crafter or a seasoned pro, this class will show you a new way to look at misting through a fun classroom-like atmosphere with a helpful e-book companion. The class consists of 5 lessons made of three videos each. By the end of the course, we’ll create a tag book full of techniques together and explore basic, intermediate, advanced and mixed media techniques. Each self-paced class download consist of completely class-exclusive content: an e-book (complete with hyperlinks to class supplies and detailed photographs of each project) and access to 16 exclusive videos (including 8+ cards and 20 tags start-to-finish).

Class Benefits

  • 27-page clickable (and printable) ebook to guide you through all the lessons.
  • Exclusive access to all lessons, videos and cards.
  • 16 exclusive videos – 3 for each lesson plus a wrap-up video. That’s over two hours of video!
  • Tag video per lesson; we make an awesome tag booklet to look back on when you need a refresher!
  • Each lesson includes at least 2 exclusive card examples plus an in-depth look at two extra cards in the wrap-up lesson.
  • Lifetime access to all course material.

Registration Information

You’ll get two e-mails from me at the start of this class to finalize your registration.

1. The ebook download link (automatically sent). Then, within 48 hours (but usually much sooner):
2. Permission to the Google Drive folder that contains all of the videos for each lesson.

Then you’ll be all set and ready to go! If you have any questions or feel like you’re missing a piece, please contact me at britta.swiderski@gmail.com or tweet me @brittaswiderski.

The Price

The self-paced class will be available for purchase for $18. This is an incredible deal for all of the content you have access to!

Add to Cart View Cart

See you in class. Bring some paper towel and wet wipes – this is going to be amazingly misty. ;)

The Giveaways

Sign up for class now (before July 26th, 2013) and you’re automatically entered to win one of the three amazing prize packages. Winners will be notified via email on Saturday, July 27th. Here’s a look at the fabulous prize packages:


All prizes being given away are used throughout the class, so you’re sure to get a ton of use out of them! 

A Sneak Peek

I couldn’t leave without sharing one of my favorite cards from the course. This uses a technique I’m calling Dry Versamark + Mist. As you can see here, using Versamark without embossing powder produces this amazing watermark effect. Want to see more with this technique and more than 20 others? Check out the class. ;)

07-19-13 Misty Crafty Happy Dry Versamark and Mist Card Example by Britta Swiderski-1

Here’s a close-up of more of that misty goodness. Have I mentioned that I love misting? I think I have.

07-19-13 Misty Crafty Happy Dry Versamark and Mist Card Example by Britta Swiderski-2


Thanks for joining me today and for all of your excitement. I love you! And now I’m going to sleep for 24 hours and then hop on a plane to Vegas for CHA. Let’s do this!


P.S. Class participants! Make sure to tag posts on facebook, instagram or twitter with the hashtag #mistycraftyhappy. This way, it’s easy for me (and you!) to see and be inspired by the work AND I can pull some posts together to blog about them at a future date. Thanks for rocking!


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