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A Cozy for My Mason Jar

I’m feeling bloggy, crafty and happy. Taking a little break from blogging was refreshing, but now I’m ready to get back down to business. There are so many things that I’ve been doing over the past few months that I want to share! Here’s the first one of them: knitting.

Knit Quart Mason Jar Cozy by Britta Swiderski

First of all, I love the idea of drinking out of mason jars… especially in the summer. They’re glass, they work for cold and warm beverages and they constantly remind me how much water I’ve been drinking throughout the day with their clever-but-not-antagonizing ounce markings. (I see your game, mason jar, trying to keep me all hydrated and stuff.)

06-29-15 Knit Quart Mason Jar Cozy-2

But I wanted to make a cozy for my beloved jar for two main reasons: it’s humid here in the summers in Minnesota, and my glass jar collects condensation like nobody’s business, and I work at a school and got really sick of everyone always asking me what I was drinking (usually flavored water). I also plan to use it more often for iced tea, and, let’s be honest, tea isn’t the prettiest thing to have just sitting out on a table (especially from a kid’s point of view).

06-29-15 Knit Quart Mason Jar Cozy-3

I began the search for a pattern. I came across this one by Briney Deep Designs and liked the concept, but when I followed the gauge and yarn suggestions, and it wasn’t really turning out for me. Then I came across this cozy by Sario Hill that is  crocheted and decided switched up the needle size and yarn to go more for that feel.

06-29-15 Knit Quart Mason Jar Cozy-4

Below is the pattern I came up with if you’re interested! It’s my first go at writing a pattern, so please do share if you follow it and let me know about any alterations you found to your liking.

– about 1/2 skein of Medium Weight yarn (I used Vanna’s Choice Lion Brand in Radiant Lime, Sapphire and Dark Grey Heather)
– US Size 7 circular needles with 32″ cable

19 stitches and 28 rows = 4 inches in stockinette (I’m a tight knitter, so you may have to go down in needle size)

Cast-on 44 stitches. Following the magic loop method, divide stitches evenly over two sides of the loop (22 stitches each size).
Join to work in the round, bring careful not to twist.

Work in [K1, P1] rib for 2 inches.

Work in stockinette (all knit) for 5 inches. (I switched colors after 5 rows – about 3/4″ of stockinette and then again after another 4 inches to complete the cozy with a colorblocked look.)

Decrease for bottom as follows:
Work [K9, K2tog] a total of 4 times. Continue decreasing in this manner until 8 stitches in total remain. (Tip: divide number of stitches on one needle by two, then subtract two to determine how many to knit before K2tog.)

Cut end of yarn and weave through 8 remaining stitches.
Finish piece by weaving in ends.

One very cool aspect of this project was the chance to play with my new knitting needles! If you’ve been following my #MakeIntentionally project on instagram, you’ve probably noticed that I’ve been pretty into knitting lately. I decided to take the leap and invest in an awesome set of interchangeable cable needles.

My new knitting needle set! Click the picture to go to the set on Amazon, or, even better, find them at your local knitting store!

Reasons why I chose these needles:

  • They’re a good “in-between” material. Having worked with needles made of bamboo, metal, plastic and one tiny set of Knit Picks laminate wood circulars (I picked the one set of laminate wood needles I have purely because they came in the size I needed and looked pretty – the Caspian colors are so dreammmy!). I knew that, as I tight knitter, bamboo is a little too “grippy” and metal is wayyy to “slippery” for my taste. Also, I end up knitting in a lot of quiet places, so the “click” that metal needles provide is a little too much for me. The laminated wood provides a nice balance of grip, smoothness and a softer sound than metal needles.
  • My cat, Leia, enjoys chewing on the ends of bamboo needles. The bamboo circulars that I used for my Western Hills blanket look like they’ve been through war – they have teeth marks all over them and have been sanded down and oiled at least four times so that the yarn wouldn’t catch on the tips. Bamboo needles would mean capping the tips every time I left them sitting alone, and that’s not practical.
  • I love that this set is color-coded. This mades the OCD size of me very happy. And although I doubt I would be able to tell, people seem to prefer Knitter’s Pride cables over Knit Picks cables.
  • I did the math. I would much rather decide the deluxe set (I bought mine for about $58) wasn’t for me and return it than end up loving the basic set ($25) and going back to buy other needle sizes individually for 8 to 10 dollars each. Plus, I’m always adjusting needle sizes for my tight knitting style – I wanted the luxury of having all the sizes right in front of me!

 Supplies used on this project: Click below to see where you can buy the products used on this project.  I only link to products and shops that I know and love. These links may be affiliate links, which help support my site by earning a small, monetary percentage of your order at no extra cost to you. Thank you for your support!

What’s your favorite thing to use mason jars for? I’m excited to share lots more fun things with you soon!



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