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Hey there! Just wanted to stop by super quickly to share a deal that’s only happening today on Amazon. It’s their Prime Membership celebration day, and I LOVE being an Amazon Prime member (I’ve been one for almost 4 years), and think some of the deals are really awesome. They have flash deals that go up throughout the day that you can see here, but there are also some really cool ones that are available for a longer period of time. I’ve listed some of my favorites below!

***Note that because I live in Minnesota, I do not get affiliate commissions on Amazon sales (it’s a legislation thing). I would still never link you to anything I don’t love or recommend, but just know that this post comes from me just sincerely showing you some cool stuff. :)

Fitbit Charge HR – regular price at about $150, but you get a $25 amazon gift card with purchase

I have this one in Plum, and I love it SO MUCH. Seriously, it’s absolutely worth it at full price, and I would buy it again in a heartbeat. (See what I did there? Ha.) I had the Fitbit Force before it was recalled, and as soon as the HR came out, I saved up the money to get one. It has such a positive influence on my drive to move more, be more active and drink more water. I can’t say that it’s helped me lose ALL of the weight I’ve lost over the past year and a half (I’ve lost about 40 pounds of college weight), but it has had a significant impact on my drive to be more healthy, and that’s always a good thing. By the way, I’ve also had several encounters (first-hand and through friends) with AWESOME customer service from Fitbit, and they really stand behind their products. I like buying things from companies like that.

RubberMaid 42-piece Easy-Find Lid Storage Set – List: $24.99 Sale $14.99

This is the only plastic containers we use in my house because the lids are SO EASY to store, and all the similar sizes stack together. I have found that they’re not the greatest for heating up sauces in (the plastic tends to get cloudy around the top of the liquid), but they’re so awesome for storage that my parents give me a set pretty much every year for Christmas. Ha!

$30 off the Kindle (and $60 off the Fire HD)

If I were to buy a reader, it would be this one. It’s super simple, and it has that paper-like quality that I really enjoy in books. I don’t like reading on my iPad because screen time tends to bring on headaches for me, so this is an awesome way to go. My grandma has this version, and he LOVES it. My mom has so much fun showing him new things to do with it every times he comes to visit.

Get a $10 Amazon Gift Card with a 3-Pack Gift Card purchase ($15, $25+ denominations)

I don’t know about you, but I am always wanting extra little tokens of appreciation to give to friends and family members. This is a good deal on a gift card, so you can stock up for all of those fall birthdays coming up soon! For $45, you get a $10 credit to your account. That’s awesome! (And I won’t tell anyone if you gift your gift cards to yourself. ;))

So Happy Prime Day, and I hope you scoop up a few deals for yourself. I myself am a crazy person who got up at 2 AM to pick up a new yoga towel, workout shorts, workout pants, a new stock of Steripods and MLB The Show for Jake (not sure if he will remember that I asked him if he wanted it for that price, but we’ll figure that out later. Haha!).

Thanks for stopping by. Happy shopping! Please do share what you picked up if you shopped #amazonprimeday in the comments below!



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Distress Ink Blending Foam Storage – Update + Video Tutorial!

Hello friends! Today I’m here with a video (as promised!) showing something I get emails weekly about –  an update for that awesome Distress Blending Foam Storage chart that I released several years ago with the No-Stress Distress Inks course. Since that time, Tim Holtz has come out with 12 more colors. The were originally deemed seasonal and limited edition colors, but the colors were so beloved that they became a permanent part of the Distress Inks line. That’s a good thing, too, because the seasonal colors are some of my very favorites of all time. First, here’s a look at the finished product:

Distress Ink Blending Foam Organization Chart by Britta Swiderski with video tutorial! (08-10-14) brittaswiderski.com

For a full supply list, please scroll down a little bit towards the bottom of the blog post. There you will find a full supply list and the link to download the free PDF. Enjoy the video!

watch here | watch on youtube | subscribe to my channel

Here’s another look at the chart in all its colorful glory. It’s seriously so inspiring to see all of these colors right in front of my workspace. I highly recommend hanging this somewhere where you can see it!

08-10-14 Distress Ink Foam Organization Chart by Britta Swiderski-3

Here’s an up-close look at the back. I used a stapler to secure small pieces of velcro to the front around the edges and used a craft pick + brads + brad setter to attach the velcro in the middle of the board. This extra security will keep your velcro (and blending foams!) on through many projects and crafty adventures.

08-10-14 Distress Ink Foam Organization Chart by Britta Swiderski-4

Supplies used on this project: Click below to see where you can buy the products used on this project. Click on “SS” for the product at Simon Says Stamp and “EH” for the product at Ellen Hutson. I only link to products and shops that I know and love. Thank you for your support!

If you’re really wanting to dive more into distress inks, I can’t think of a better way than my No-Stress Distress Inks E-Course. And guess what? It’s discounted right now from $15 to $10. Would you like to know why? Well there just might be a No-Stress Distress Inks 2 class in the works… but you didn’t hear that from me. ;)

No-Stress Distress Inks E-Class by Britta Swiderski

Here’s where you can download the chart for yourself. It’s absolutely free, but please tweet (@brittaswiderski), instagram (@brittaswiderski) or facebook (BrittaSwiderskiCreative) a picture of yours when your done. I would LOVE to see it!


Thanks so much for stopping by today. It’s an exciting time in my life, and I’m so glad I get to share it with you. :) Coming up next: more filofax inserts!



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Studio Tour!

Well, you know I’m moving in a few days… so it’s now or never when it comes to a tour of my workspace. Even though everything’s not perfectly in order and absolutely beautiful, I thought it would be really great to share different storage solutions that have worked for me in this space. Maybe they’ll work for you for a particular type of item or a particular space problem you have. In this space, I have more square footage than I’m used to but roughly 5 feet of wall space (which is what my old stamp storage depended on). I had to get a little creative with my desk and using the space within my arm span to make my space work for me. That being said, enjoy the video! All things mentioned in the video are listen below in a nice, orderly list.

watch here | watch on YouTube | subscribe to my channel

Storage solutions:

  • Desk Top: Linnmon table top, black-brown, 78 3/4″ x 23 5/8″ (link)
  • Desk Legs: Vika Kaj legs, adjustable (to max height) (link)
  • Desk Chair: Boss Multifunctional Fabric Drafting Stool (link)
  • Paper Trimmer: Tonic 12 x 12 Guillotine Trimmer (link)
  • Clear and Black Bins throughout room: ITSO Tapered Bins (link)
  • Hanging Stamp Storage from previous space: (link)
  • Desk Work Surface: 24 x 18 Self-Healing Mat by Alvin (link)
  • Desk Work Surface: Large Non-Stick cutting mat by Ranger (link)
  • Blending Tool Craft Spinner: (link)
  • Craft Spinner Extension Kit: (link)
  • Righthand Drawers: Algot Frame, Mesh Baskets and Spinner Wheels (link)
  • In-drawer Organizers: Skubb Boxes in Lilac (link)
  • Ink Storage: 23 x 4 Shallow Picture Ledges from Target (Reviews on the website are terrible; you can buy better ones at Ikea)
  • Stickle Storage idea from Chari Moss: (link)
  • Stacking Bins: Iris Medium Stacking Bins (Purchased from OfficeMax) (link)
  • Corner Rounder/Twine/Spray Ink Storage: Tiered Fruit Basket from Target
  • Lefthand Drawers: Sterilite Medium 5-drawer Rolling Cart 
  • Shelves to Left of Desk: Lerberg Shelf Unit, Dark Grey, 13 3/4″ (link)
  • Distress Ink Blending Foam Storage: No-Stress Distress Inks Lesson 1 (link)
  • Copic Storage: Copic Sketch Empty Marker Cases for 72 Markers (link)
  • Mini Green and Clear Boxes for little bits & pieces: Sterilite Small Clipboxes in Green (link) 
  • Large Shelving Unit: Expedit 32 x 59 Shelving Unit in Black-Brown (link)
  • Wafer Thin Die Storage: Magnetic Storage Folders by Lifestyle Crafts (link)
  • Wire Shelving: 3-Tier Black Wire Shelving by Room Essentials (link)
  • Stamp and other Hobby Storage: ITSO Storage System from Target
  • How I film videos – a telescoping mic stand: Musician’s Gear Tripod Mic Stand with Telescoping Boom Black (link)
  • Plus a camera adapter: On Stage Video Camera/Digital Recorder Adapter (link)

I’m happy to report that my meeting went really well with my career counselor yesterday. I think it’ll be really good for me to have “homework” again and to have an outside source to help guide me through the job market. Thanks for all of your fantastic comments on yesterday’s post. Seriously, I have the best blog friends. It’s reassuring to know that so many of you have gone through (or are going though) similar situations and feelings; things really do work out on the other side.

Okay now seriously, I promise more CHA coverage tomorrow. As you can tell by my list above, this video got a little more *ehem* complicated than I originally anticipated. This seemed like my last good moment to share this space with you. Tomorrow I pick up the keys for our new, bigger place. Yippee!

Thanks for stopping by. I’ll see you tomorrow! Same time, same place. ;)



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