Cards for Charlie.

I just saw this post on My Pink Stamper’s blog, read the CaringBridge page, and I knew I had to share.

This is Charlie.

He’s 4 years old and has a rare skin condition that causes his skin to blister and be damaged very easily. The family is originally from Northeast Wisconsin (just like me!) and researchers and doctors at the University of Minnesota (that’s my school!) are helping Charlie go through a risky, new type of procedure that will hopefully give him new, healthy skin. When I read the story, I knew I had to share. These people have a house within 10 minutes of mine back in Wisconsin and are staying at the Ronald McDonald house and getting treatment at the University Medical center that is literally a mile from where I live on campus. This is calling to me, and I want to do something.

(You can view Charlie’s CaringBridge page here.)

I e-mailed Trisha, Charlie’s mom, asking if I could hand-deliver a bunch of cards to her sometime in the near future. I would love to meet her and send her some love.

This is where I need your help. Can you recruit yourself, your friends, and even your kids to make a card for Charlie? Even if Trisha is too busy or tired to meet up with me (which I would completely understand!), I will still drop them off at the Ronald McDonald house for the family.

Are you in? I’ll update you when I know more specifics about what day would be good to drop them off and if I hear back from Charlie’s mom, but please go ahead and start creating. When you are ready to send your card(s), e-mail me at (link also in the side bar), and I’ll e-mail you back with the address to send them to. If more than just a few people want to send in cards, I’ll get a P.O. Box so that I can post my address right here on my website.

Please feel free to spread the word, link back to this post, or even copy and paste what I’ve written above. Every card will be seen and treasured by this family.

Happy for the health I have and wanting to spread that love to others,



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6 Responses to Cards for Charlie.

  1. Hi Britta! As a mom to two young ones it breaks my heart so see him in so much pain. I will try to whip up a card for him tonight or tomorrow and do a post for it. :>

  2. I will absolutely be sending some cards! I will email you now for the address! Good job, hearing the ‘call’ and doing something about it! I’d love to help make Charlie (and his mommy) smile!

  3. Oh Britta, this has touched my heart! I will absolutely make some cards.

  4. Britta,

    Thanks for helping get the word out about cards for Charlie! Ever since the first day I saw him on the news my heart broke & I didn’t know what I could do. Until it clicked in my head that I’m a crafter and I can make him & the family cards so I started “Cards for Charlie”. Of course with the help of my fellow crafters(like The Pink Stamper)! If you get the chance to meet Trisha in person tell her we have a whole craft community that is rooting for Charlie!

    Angela from Green Bay

  5. Yes Yes Yes! Let’s do this! I will make a card sometime this week or weekend, and I will absolutely blog and tweet about it and hopefully spread the word a little more. What a wonderful idea! This family is amazing!

  6. I would love to participate! However, I live in Norway, and so it will take some time for the card I send to get to you. Will that be okay?

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